Master of the Stars - Chapter 103.1

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Chapter 103.1

Chapter 103: Giant Vortex (1/2)

Translator: Strivon

It was already 8 o'clock in the evening . The drizzling sky rain was unending . Bamboo Pole opened his umbrella and walked briskly yet calmy onto the street .

An enchanting and beautiful woman quickly walked past him on the roadside . She complained to her companion in front of her in a low voice . Besides this irksome autumn rain, there had also been a light earthquake recently .

Bamboo Pole continued looking all the way until the enchanting and beautiful women had faded into the stream of people . If he did not have a mission tonight, he would not mind having "a chance encounter" with this beautiful woman .

As for how he would start hitting on her, there was no harm in saying: Actually, it wasn't an earthquake just now . Just two brothers with mental illnesses having a fervent conversation…

Fairchild's voice came sounding over through the HexaEar, "Your order is reflected upon your soul . My order is reflected upon my body . Each of us has only perfected one side of the problem while trying to fix our flaw on the other side . "

"The difference lies in the fact that I can continue to seek a resolution . For instance, your chains… But you need to go through a challenging procedure in order to perform a systematic revision . The error lies in either the theory or in the choice, but neither will change the end result . "

This was the longest Fairchild had spoken tonight . He gave off the feeling that he was being drawn in due to being on the same path . It was seriously funny and strange to Bamboo Pole when he heard Fairchild’s words… Wait a minute . Fairchild was implying that he was extremely interested in Luo Nan's ‘My heart's a prison’ format?

If nothing else, if these words were spread, it would make this Mr . Psychic and his Formatting Theory become greatly known, resounding in Xia City .  

However, would things be that easy?

Bamboo Pole had his doubts . He walked into Yulan Hotel and took the elevator straight to the 89th floor . There was a restaurant on this floor and sitting at a desk facing the window was a young man wearing a red jacket . This young man waved to him .

"Hello mate . This is the best location and it only costs 20 credits . "

Bamboo Pole's lips twitched as he walked over and sat down . "The best location is a block away . Kitty will be glad to swap with you . "

With that said, he was able to clearly see the triangular amusement center two kilometers away by looking through the glass window wet from the rain .

Red Fox’s lips split into a grin; his expression was strange . "It felt great just now when the three buildings shook… The spaceship's about to take off . "

Frost River Reality had a very interesting layout . As a whole, its structure spanned three individual buildings, with each occupying several stories . They were painted in two interweaving colors, space black and silver white . They looked like a giant triangular spaceship stuck within the city, it looked like it would be able to fly into space at any time .

Several minutes ago, Fairchild had released his Shield of Truth . It was an exaggeration to say that the buildings were shaking . Nonetheless, the intense stress radiating into the surrounding area had spanned across the material and mental planes to cover a wide space .

Bamboo Pole encountered several people who thought that it was an earthquake while walking over here . A rough estimation would yield a range with a radius exceeding three kilometers . Fairchild's monstrous aura seriously overflowed the skies .

However, Luo Nan and Cat Eyes were not really affected even though they were right in front of Fairchild . Perhaps, Fairchild was really treating them favorably .

Bamboo Pole was one of the technical staff; he wasn't like Red Fox . Once Red Fox was on call, he had nothing to do . As soon as Bamboo Pole sat down, he took out a folded screen, which he always kept always by his side . He then began to work .

He performed two or three operations and entered into the monitoring system of Frost River Reality and its surrounding buildings . Logically speaking, this was very hard to do even if he was proficient with electronics . However, the Society had always possessed a share of Frost River Reality . They had quite a few of the relevant privileges . He relied on the temporary privileges provided by He Yueyin in order to do this, which made things a bit easier for him .

Over 1000 monitoring feeds were switching back and forth on the flexible screen . Only an ability user with super dynamic eyesight like Bamboo Pole would be able to grasp the crucial information within .

Red Fox took a few glances at the flexible screen and he was completely lost . "What is the point of doing these things now? Fairchild is abnormal . That radius of three kilometers means that he has thirty square kilometers of area control . On the contrary, he might be the ones monitoring us . "

Bamboo Pole did not lift his head . He continued to filter the images with his eyes . "That is way too exaggerated . The Shield of Truth’s resonance range and control range are different . It has a proportion of ten to one, so it is very difficult to deal with . After all, it is a cultivation that fuses the body and soul . How can it be the same as mental senses?"

"Oh, I actually forgot . You are an expert on Secret Orders . " Red Fox let out a relaxed breath . The ‘earthquake’ just now really caused him a dramatic increase in stress . He felt a lot better now .

"Do not relax too early . Fairchild was never the type of person to keep a high profile . He actually let out the Shield of Truth without the slightest hesitation just now, covering thirty kilometers . He must have another objective . "

"And what is that objective?"

"I do not know for now . Oh, there's an opening…tsk, there's trouble!"

After endlessly cleaning up the monitoring feed, some people's images grew more and more distinct . Bamboo Pole took these images and uploaded them to the Psychic Wave Network . He copied the marking and pasted it into the encrypted channel, letting all those who were part of the operation see .

"Kitty pay attention! The Order of Justice's secular side can't endure any longer . The Knights of Equity has already sent at least two small squads of ten people total . At least half of them have entered the scene…"

Red Fox stared at the screen in astonishment . "Wow, do you see that guitar case? I'll use some points from this operation to make a bet . That is absolutely a large-caliber sniper weapon . Otherwise, it wouldn't pose a threat to Fairchild . They've already started to hold sniper positions . I'm running out of patience!"

An explosion of information flooded the encrypted channel once more .

"Strange, previously, the secular side would stick their heads in the sand like ostriches when they were discontent . Why the difference now?"

"Are they starting a religious war?"

"The Order of Justice is splitting? Now that is good news!"

"The problem is that we are caught in the crossfire!"

He Yueyin's order cut through the hubbub . "Bamboo Pole, Yulan Hotel is the best sniper point of the surrounding blocks . It has to be brought under our monitoring . Avoid direct conflict with the people of the Order by all means . "

"Understood… However, I am not a combatant . " This was not a situation where temporary privileges could be used . Bamboo Pole would inevitably have to run on to the control room .

He stood up and just when he was about to move, Red Fox slapped his thigh . "Look, who is that?… Zhang Yingying! That girl is participating in the operation? The heck is she going in for?"

Bamboo Pole, after a moment of being stunned, adjusted the monitoring screen . He saw Zhang Yingying and a tall, beautiful women wearing a jacket walk shoulder to shoulder into Frost River Reality . The two had their arms hooked together . They chatted and laughed as they walked . They appeared very intimate and were very eye-catching .

However, the jacket wearing women's extrasensory perception was sharp . Her gaze suddenly faced the monitoring cam, meeting face to face with those observing her .

Her hazel pupils were bright, beautiful, and moving . But that expression and her empty smile brought some indescribably deep meanings .

Bamboo Pole inexplicably felt that this woman was very familiar but he was unable to think of who she was in this short while .

Before this thought could finish, Red Fox gave him another push . "Look!"

From their perspective, they just so happened to see a low altitude flying shuttle pass in the skies above Frost River Reality . With the fuzzy rain as a backdrop, He Yueyin's slender and tall figure fell in freefall .

"…she even made us go on standby!"

"This isn't the main point . The main point is, will Frost River Reality still exist when this is all over?"