Master of the Stars - Chapter 103.2

Published at 19th of October 2017 07:55:50 AM
Chapter 103.2

Chapter 103: Giant Vortex (2/2)

Translator: Strivon

There were some differences between Frost River Reality now and in ordinary times .

The most popular time in Frost River Reality was normally around 8 PM at night . At first glance, there was a hoard of people in the reception hall . However, most of these people were departing or were loitering around to take looks .

There had been a brawl, an earthquake, police intervention, and the arrival of a few batches of special forces . In addition, there was an ambulance sending people off . No matter how bold the players were, they all had some concerns .

The employees of the amusement center did not really do anything towards this . A group of supervisors followed the police's request for cooperation, as discussed between Xue Weilun and Frost River Reality’s manager, Yin Le . They did not hold any expectations towards tonight's profits . They just let the police rummage around .

This was precisely the scene that Zhang Yingying encountered when she entered Frost River Reality . She could not help but sigh . "If that earthquake monster makes an attack here, everyone in the reception hall will be exterminated . This flock of ignorant and lamentable people… So what does it matter if we break the law on purpose?"

Bai Xinyan shrugged . "One must take into account trustworthiness and moral values . For instance, doctors have a responsibility towards their patients till the very end . "

Zhang Yingying reached out her hand to touch Bai Xinyan's face . "Los Angeles sure has amazing plastic surgery techniques . Your skin must be ten times thicker than before?"

Bai Xinyan's eyes rolled . Her mouth turned as she sought to bite Zhang Yingying's finger .

Zhang Yingying backed off while giggling . Just when she was about to speak some more, her eardrums slightly vibrated . The HexaEar transmitted . "Hello, don't waste too much time . How can you make us great masters wait?"

"Bamboo Pole you peeping Tom!" Zhang Yingying hissed . "You must be the one who was controlling the surveillance cams just now . "

"I'm monitoring! Besides executing my task, I also need to avoid capturing you guys on camera . Anyways, that hostile aura is super distinct . Don't you guys feel it?"

"Are you talking about the earthquake monster? Of course, we know . However, right now, I'm keeping a guest company and bringing her to meet a person . White Salt has a patient here . "

"White Salt?"

Bamboo Pole's voice suddenly spiked up an octave . "Are you sure? Is she the one wearing the tan jacket next to you? Tsk tsk . It's been several years and her style has suddenly changed . I still have an impression of her wearing a white researchers gown in my heart… Does she have a boyfriend yet?"

Zhang Yingying rolled her eyes and another message cut through their communications . "Hello, Mrs . Zhang . "

"Secretary He, Vice President He!" Zhang Yingying clearly elongated her tone when she saw the communications number displayed . Zhang Yingying did not have the least bit of a good impression towards this new acquaintance who had exposed her weak nature and pressured her to go training at the bottom of the sea .

Zhang Yingying noticed that Bamboo Pole had disconnected the instant the new communications cut through . She had a rough idea towards why—one does not visit a temple without a cause; there was always an ulterior motive . This contact was probably related to the mission that Bamboo Pole had just mentioned . Humph, He Yueyin was really putting on airs .

However, He Yueyin had no intentions of trying to regain friendly relations . She directly informed Zhang Yingying of the current situation . Since time was of the essence, she did not include too many details . She just introduced the important points . Only now did Zhang Yingying learn the identity of the earthquake monster just now .

"Luo Nan is in direct confrontation with Fairchild? Is he seeking his own death?"

"It looks likes Fairchild won't harm him for now, but what will happen next? It is very likely that he will be drawn into the conflict between the truth side and the secular side of the Order of Justice . We need a few reinforcement points right now, to be prepared for accidents… Can you join?"

Zhang Yingying was speechless for some time . She had introduced this kid with great potential into the Society . Why was it that now it seemed that Luo Nan had become a troublemaker that specialized in getting involved with matters over and over?

She did not think it over too long . She glanced at Bai Xinyan . "It's no problem for me to join but I have a friend…"

"Bai Xinyan?"

"Huh, you know her?"

Bai Xinyan raised an eyebrow when she saw Zhang Yingying cast her gaze at her . In the next moment, her wristband vibrated . She saw who it was and immediately burst into a smile .

"Hello, sis . It's been a long time . How are you doing?"

Zhang Yingying's eyes bulged open . She wanted to open her mouth and ask but she saw that Bai Xinyan and He Yueyin were chatting enjoyably and freely . Zhang Yingying could only gesture repeatedly with her hands for some time . She was trying to convey .

"How do you know her?"

Bai Xinyan just blinked her eyes toward Zhang Yingying . Then she gave He Yueyin a definite reply: "…Not a problem . No matter what, I'm at least half part of the society . And it has been a long time since I've come back to Xia City . I don't know what's the level of the people here . It is good for me to have a chance of close observation . "

However, she did not completely comply with He Yueyin's plans . She hesitated for a moment and said, "Do you have any tactics that are more proactive? Right now, the situation is very messy . The most important issue is to clarify just who is our friend and who is our enemy . "

This dialogue was not kept hidden from people . The participating members of the operation, such as Bamboo Pole, were able to hear it through He Yueyin's channel . They had the same feeling .

This operation was a hunting operation with a Human-Faced Arachnid as their target but it had changed into a battle encounter with Fairchild, the Ears of Truth . Immediately after, it had turned into an inner conflict of the Order of Justice .

The continuous shifts of conflicts made people at a loss for what to do… They really only came here to surround and hunt a Human-Faced Arachnid .

Unfortunately, strong characters appeared one after another with continuously increasing might . The situation had turned into a giant vortex . The momentum grew more and more ferocious . It looked like the situation was headed in no direction at all . They only acted as support and reinforcements, yet the pressure was enormous .

In fact, right now there were already people who had completely given up and turned tail . Red Fox never had a strong desire to fight . "Right now, the Order of Justice is having an internal catfight . It isn't appropriate for us to participate, right? Secret Orders are composed mostly of madmen . If a full-blown war is ignited between the Society and this order, who will take responsibility?"

When there's one, there are two . Immediately, there was someone named Metal Box giving Red Box a ‘like’ . This Metal Box had yet to arrive at Yulan Hotel, but he did not want to come anyway . "The Society's mission briefing talked about a Human-Faced Arachnid . Where the hell is this damn Human-Faced Arachnid? I just see Fairchild . How will the points be divided and calculated when the mission is over? This mission is far too unreasonable…"

The Wilderness Explorers Society was never an organization that possessed powerful binding clauses . Additionally, it was hard to truly expect strict obedience from a group of ability users . For example, in the last operation that targeted a Human-Faced Arachnid, Black Beetle did not follow a single one of He Yueyin’s words . He just withdrew and experienced no repercussions afterwards .

Moreover, this operation was turning more and more chaotic . People had an excuse to quit and get away from it .

With these words from Red Fox and Metal Box, even Bamboo Pole was emotionally affected for a moment . This was despite the fact that he had a bit of a friendship with Luo Nan through joint combat . Now, what about the others?

Zhang Yingying just entered the encrypted channel and saw this scene that seemed to be on the edge of collapse . She was stupefied for a moment . She turned to look at Bai Xinyan, not knowing what to say .

Bai Xinyan still had a sweet smile just as before .

That is about right . She was not a member of the society . She did not have a HexaEar . She was unable to see the changes within the encrypted channel . Right now, she was even waiting for He Yueyin's reply .

However, before He Yueyin could reply, a surging wave was conducted outwards from Frost River Reality's internal activity area . "Attack! Terrorist attack! Area A's special forces were ambushed in the room . The bunch of them died…"

The information that was transmitted was not particularly clear . However, a young man and a young woman had just met up in front of Frost River Reality's entrance . The pair found it hard to talk to each other and they were particularly susceptible to this information . After a moment of shock, the young man rushed inside the reception hall without saying any words . The young woman was unable to stop him . She shrieked .

"Xue Lei!"

This shriek was like a fuse suddenly set aflame . In addition, the young man's powerful figure burst through the crowd, bringing chaos . The crowd in the reception hall exploded a second later .