Master of the Stars - Chapter 105.1

Published at 24th of October 2017 06:57:28 AM
Chapter 105.1

Chapter 105: Sniper Power (1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Cat Eyes was like a giant cat with puffed up fur the instant Fairchild unleashed his fist . She pounced forth .

A powerful jolt was transmitted from Luo Nan's body the moment she supported him by the shoulder with her hand . She felt like she had been electrocuted and her hand was flung off . Her entire body then took the attack .

However, her touching Luo Nan was not the most key factor for her intense response .

In this instant, it did not matter whether it was within the encrypted channel or her intrinsic senses . Intense warning signals were sent shooting everywhere . What was troublesome was that the warning signals and stimulation had many firing points going off in different directions, different intensities, and different distances . Together, they built a giant net of danger that made one's scalp go numb . Cat Eyes' split second decision skills were now tested to their limits .

However, Fairchild's single fist wiped out at least ninety percent of her options off the table . Only a single viable path was laid bare before her eyes .

Luo Nan's unconscious body was flung even faster than Cat Eyes' hand . His body flew into the air and smashed into the wall behind with a loud bang . A quicksilver-like radiating glow permeated Luo Nan's entire body with its illumination the instant he collided . The glow then faded without a trace .

Luo Nan's body lost all strength and fell, sticking to the base of the wall and sitting on the ground .

Cat Eyes moved backward to arrive at Luo Nan's side . However, she did not bring him up . Instead, she pressed against his neck, pushed him down, and got down beside him .

The instant she completed these series of actions, two thuds sounded out from the sound-proof wall of the room . Several adults were blown away by the explosion of wall-insulation, drywall, and other particles of building materials through the wall . A cloud of turbid smoke and dust hung in the air, covering more than half of the room .

However, the dark red curves of ballistic trajectories soon cut this cloud of dust into bits and pieces . Special rounds bombarded one after another against the ground and walls to explode in sequence . They broke apart the smokescreen as the sound of powerful lightning interweaved together . The interior of the room was transformed into a sheet of ruins in an instant .

As one could imagine, if Luo Nan had remained in his previous position, he would have turned into swiss cheese in the blink of an eye .

Someone else was also within the scope of danger, Xue Weilun, or Officer Xue . He had taken Fairchild's mental storm attack earlier on and had sat dazed on the ground . He was in the middle of recovering with all his might when the torrent of bullets came pelting down . Fragments and dust had flown through the air, enveloping him within .

When the wave of attacks arrived upon Xue Weilun, he did not receive any fatal damage due to the exoskeleton armor he was wearing . Instead, he was completely awakened from the dazed state of his soul . He performed a few tactical movements by instinct and ducked into the corner at breakneck speed . In the end, he managed to avoid the brunt of the attack .

The others in the room were not as fortunate . The two police officers, who had tried to drag Luo Nan and Cat Eyes earlier on, had been background characters for quite some time . However, this wave of attacks caused them to fall instantly . It was unknown whether they were dead or alive .

Guo Ju, who had been kneeling unconscious all this time, was the worst of the bunch to be hit by the wave of attacks . Large caliber sniper rounds had struck his back and the upper half of his body had been smashed to smithereens . Flesh and blood sprayed everywhere . He could not be more dead than he was now .

The astringent smell of blood assailed them, combined with a boiling killing intent that was like an invisible roasting flame . The sensations assaulted Cat Eyes's perception, forcing her to shear them endlessly layer by layer . Only in doing so was she able to eliminate these interferences and grasp the crucial information .

But the problem was that the enemy knew very well the absolute power and unparalleled defenses of Fairchild's Shield of Truth . Long ranged firepower may have low effectiveness but it was still the only option . No one would want to get near within a hundred meters of Fairchild .

This left Cat Eyes with no chance to display her long-range perception ability .

The original target of the hail of fire was the Ears of Truth, Fairchild . He withdrew his fist upon striking Luo Nan and blasting him away . He did not adopt any particular combat stance . Instead, the aura with a luster like quicksilver enveloped his body, circulating him and looking very thick . No matter the projectile, all the rounds lost their kinetic energy right before this inconceivable aura . The powerful sounds and lightning of the rounds were also blocked by the aura .

It was a marvel that defied the laws of physics . Cat Eyes could feel a slight chill seep through the cracks of her teeth . She felt a deep sense of unfathomness .

Fairchild's display was of high luminosity and thus attracted most of the firepower . Cat Eyes and Officer Xue now had a chance to catch their breaths .

The sounds of miserable shrieking, crying, and moaning was endlessly heard . Though several of the players of Frost River Reality had left the site after the series of incidents, there were still a few people remaining . They might have fainted or they were just onlookers but these people did not evacuate immediately .  

Two snipers of the Knights of Equity had opened fire and two ballistic trajectories of bullets had cut through the area, turning the region into hell on earth .

The degree the room was ruined far exceeded the chaotic and miserable outside . Aside from the shock bullets from the very beginning, with their explosions reaching 170 decibels, no one had uttered a sound from beginning to end .

For some people, it was too late . For some people, the situation made no sense . There was also Cat Eyes . She caught two big breaths, took all her emotions, and poured it into the encrypted channel .

"How can you all make it so easy for the Order of Justice to deploy two sniper positions!?"

Bamboo Pole revealed a helpless expression . "We didn't even know if we were going to make a move . What could we have done? Also, who could have possibly imagined that the Order of Justice would cause this big of a mess? Internal strife should be handled in a special manner . " 

He sighed and continued providing information on the immediate situation . "Right now, the Order of Justice is sending people inside without end . Aside from going inside Frost River Reality, a portion of their people have gone to the top floors of the surrounding three buildings . My ability to monitor those regions have been blocked . I don't know what they're doing . I just sent a request to the Society for commandeering a satellite or an atmospheric monitoring balloon . However, it may be too slow to meet our pressing needs . "

The wavering Red Fox had been by Bamboo Pole's side all this time . He supplemented with his own complaints . "The Order of Justice already has people stationed where we are at right now . I don't know when but they're coming to take over the control room! Damn! Everything's going downhill . Where are the negotiators of the Society?"

He Yueyin's response was simple . "The three First Oblatums of the Order of Justice have cut off communications . We are unable to contact them . "

Zhang Yingying tsked twice . "From my recollection, those First Oblatums are all of the secular side . What a coincidence . There are three buildings surrounding us . One First Oblatum for each building . . . "

A strange silence suddenly emerged within the encrypted channel . A full two seconds passed before Zhang Yingying whistled . "Yep . Secret Orders are filled with lunatics . We shouldn't need to pick a side in their civil war right?"

He Yueyin skipped over this topic . "Verify Mr . Luo's state . "

"He's still not dead yet," replied Cat Eyes unhappily . She looked over Luo Nan's face a few times and added, "His eyelids are moving . If he's not pretending to be asleep, his brain is in a state of low-conscious activity . Perhaps he is trying to understand that iron fist of love from Fairchild? Damnit, I'm just guessing over here!" 

Cat Eyes's answer represented the views of nearly everyone in the encrypted channel . They might have been surprised by Fairchild's fist strike, but they were not worried about Luo Nan's safety . This was probably the power of a dialogue between a nutjob and a mad believer . Their means of conversation could not be held to common sense, so those in the encrypted channel should not engage in further absurd speculations, less they also became infected by mental illnesses . . .

Cat Eyes's brows shot up at this time . She keenly sensed a change in the outside world . "The attack is over . Did you guys make a move?"

"Not at all . " Zhang Yingying expressed her innocence .  

However, He Yueyin did not reply . In the end, it was Bamboo Pole who made a confirmation . "Secretary He got rid of one . For the other sniper, a buff lad has rushed in the fray . He looks very familiar . Oh, I remember now . It was the little fellow who held off Black Wolf at the Limestone Water Village . It seems that Mr . Luo's classmate has arrived . Is he really not an ability user?"