Master of the Stars - Chapter 106.1

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Chapter 106.1

Chapter 106: Words of Krait (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Fairchild stood in front of the three piles of scrap, sweeping his gaze across them . The partially warped metal structures, then seemed to be sliced by an incorporeal blade . They split one by one .

When the three piles of scraps crumbled apart, the figure of a person was unexpectedly shown .

It was Huang Bingzhen . While this brother was unconscious, he had been pressed down by the stretcher and blocked by the robots . There had been absolutely no trace of his existence . He had actually survived the hail-fire of bullets just now; he was just injured by the shrapnel . He just so happened to wake up from the pain at this time and he started to moan for help .  

Fairchild reached out his hand . Of course, this action had nothing to do with Huang Bingzhen . In the next moment, a metal box shot up noiselessly among the pile of metal components and fell into Fairchild's hand .

"Is that the storage unit containing the Human-Faced Arachnid?" Cat Eyes's gaze scanned the metal box . It was hard for her to correlate the image of that arachnid with this box .  

The dead and damned Guo Ju had been quite detailed in describing the course of events during his confession to Fairchild . Cat Eyes, with her long-range perception, naturally did not miss it .

Stowed away in that metal box was the barest core of the object that sparked today's events . . . It was the raw source and key information that could construct the Human-Faced Arachnid . All one needed was to use a special method of reconstruction with this box and a Human-Faced Arachnid would pop out of it in minutes . Even if this arachnid was an imitation, it could pass as the genuine article and possessed formidable might and capabilities .  

The display before Fairchild had been like a farce because the pilot of this Human-Faced Arachnid had been Huang Bingzhen . Huang Bingzhen was moaning in agony on the ground right now in a very clumsy manner .

Fairchild quietly sized up the metal box with extreme and serious attention . He was so intense that everyone else present was subconsciously holding their breaths . They feared disturbing this person . They feared causing a situation .

A voice then suddenly rang out at this time, "Fairchild, don't you even feel an ounce of regret when facing this masterpiece?"

Everyone else in the room ate a sudden shock . Cat Eyes was worse off; she felt a shiver run down her spine .

The voice had been transmitted into the room in a very bizarre manner . It emerged out of nothing within this ramshackled room . The voice was low, feeble, and tapered . The words came out in a low hiss, as if spat out by a snake . Though the voice carried this special characteristic, Cat Eyes was unable to sense anything about it at all . The voice had rung clearly within her ear but she was unable to grasp any clues from it . Her so-called long-range perception had turned into a mere decoration .

Within the encrypted channel, He Yueyin then uploaded some information .

"The Secretbound First Oblatum . The Words of Krait . "

In this moment, all those with an understanding of the organizational structure of the Order of Justice in the encrypted channel shivered with fear .

The Order of Justice was a world-scale secret order . They took equivalent exchange as their core doctrine and made oaths upon it . They—especially their secular side faction—valued their doctrine to a degree impossible to imagine for ordinary people . Many core secrets and esoterica relied on strict, callous oaths to be maintained .  

The witnesses to these oaths, ranked from low to high, were the Clearsworn, the Secretbound, and the Mindseer . They were also executors and punishers . They were the axis of power of this entire order's system .

Though the Secretbound First Oblatum was ranked in the middle of the First Oblatums, this priest had a status that was higher than the other duties in the Order of Justice by an entire level . The Secretbound was a high ranking member, a diplomatic officer of secrets . The Order of Justice may be a secret order on a world-scale but there were only a hundred or so Secretbounds in total . On average, each metropolis only contained one or two of them .

As such, every Secretbound First Oblatum oversaw a region . They were in charge of enormous power . In terms of political status, the Society would need to take the leader of their Xia City Branch, Ouyang Chen, to match in reciprocity .

But further thought proved the emergence of a Secretbound to be no surprise; this was a wrestling of power between high levels of the Order of Justice . The Ears of Truth Fairchild had an impressive reputation for his strength on the world level . He was infinitely close to the realm of an Extraordinary .  

Looking at the situation from this perspective, the events so far in Frost River Reality were nothing more than a show of extravagance . Those that would come to suffer would be the innocent civilians in the bloodbath and the misfortunate tiny ability users of the Society .

"Damn it! I'm done here!"

Red Fox could not hold back from expressing his discontent within the encrypted channel . "This isn't a problem on the level of a city fire . It's a battle between gods! Normally, it would be too late to hide but we actually bumped into this with eyes wide open . . !"

No one in the Society responded for a time but that was because Fairchild spoke in response to the Secretbound, "Though this piece of work is quite refined, it is still a toy that satisfies the blasphemer's sinful desires . I don't see the qualifications for it to be called a 'masterpiece' . " 

The Secretbound First Oblatum used the mystic technique of the Words of Krait to laugh softly . As for his whereabouts, not a single person knew .

"Oh Fairchild, I need to remind you of something once again . Your logic can be placed upon the two sides of the Scales of Truth in a perfect exchange . Is this your reasoning? This holy object, this sacrificial vessel, can sustain our Order, but it is also a giant toy that satisfies the sinful desires of our believers?" 

Fairchild's expression did not change . This was not the first time that such debates had occurred . He understood extremely well that it was meaningless to use words to retort . "An Weng, you just need to understand one thing; this object won't return to your hands . Your laughable 'holy exchange' will ultimately be reduced to a senseless dream . "

"So, you have chosen to cooperate with the ability user society?"

The moment An Weng uttered these words, all the members of the Society sharing Cat Eyes' perspective felt a shock run through their mind . Despite this, Fairchild did not really react . These kind of words were tantamount to the most serious of accusations . One misstep would spark a clash between these two world-scale organizations, the Order of Justice and the ability user society .

Unfortunately, Fairchild was disinclined to explain anything . "I'm just cleaning up the believers that desecrate the truth . "

A subtle jolt ran through the room when these words were let loose . The quicksilver-like aura upon Fairchild's body rippled and all information circulating within the channel were shredded to pieces as the Words of Krait were blocked .

Fairchild then lowered his arm to take the metal box with the white sleeves of his robe . No one knew what he was going to do with it later on .

However, this series of dialog caused an uproar to occur within the encrypted channel .

Red Fox was the most emotional . He directly let out a shriek . "We've been done in good this time! Fairchild is too heartless, taking advantage of the situation for his own benefit . Screw your 'cleaning up'! Screw your cooperation! Can't you talk clearly!?"

Zhang Yingying had entered the channel a bit late and she had not really paid much detail to the chat history . She was ignorant of the situation and watched the chaotic scene with enjoyment . "That metal box must be very crucial . Hopefully, we won't have to fight for it with a lot of effort . . . "

"The Human-Faced Arachnid is stored within this box and Guo Ju was supposed to retrieve it . Though I listened to his explanation, he said something about downloading?"

Bamboo Pole was a technical member, so he was more concerned with the technical issues . He asked Cat Eyes, "What did Guo Ju say earlier?"

Cat Eyes had begun sharing her perspective in the middle of Fairchild's and Guo Ju's dialog exchange . Most of the people within the encrypted channel did not receive the complete information . Naturally, they were still confused .