Master of the Stars - Chapter 109.2

Published at 6th of November 2017 07:01:39 AM
Chapter 109.2

Chapter 109: Destruction (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

"Doctors have professional ethics . Proper ethics!"

Bai Xinyan's lips curved into a teasing smile as she stopped following her current train of thoughts . She had already obtained many gains today . Right now, she needed to do something else—to play the role of a qualified doctor . As such, she placed her attention into acting with the appropriate conduct .

She replayed the video from Cat Eyes' shared perspective several times . Cat Eyes had her eyes fixed on Luo Nan for quite a period of time . From the video, Bai Xinyan could see the minute twitching of Luo Nan's cheeks and forehead, regions concentrated with nerves . She could also see the dilation and contraction of his pupils . She could not see below his neck and shoulders but things should be similar there . These were signs of his nervous system being intensely stimulated .

And at the same time, a faint aura that was quite eye-catching burst from inside Luo Nan's body to the outside . Its power filled and supported the concentration of his neurons . This aura eliminated as much of the destructive power possible . It was able to eliminate the destructive power caused by the intense stimulation of soul strength .  

Thinking about it, this was the fundamental reason behind Luo Nan’s capacity to  use his soul strength without any worries . . . For the time being, it stopped the destructive path he trod and allowed him to make it past .


Bai Xinyan used a doctor's insight to make this judgment . Soon, she spoke in the encrypted channel . "Student Luo Nan, your current state is fine . Is it due to that punch by Fairchild?"

"Yep, it was because of his punch just now . " Luo Nan did not want people to haphazardly guess around like it was a game show, so he borrowed this opportunity given by Bai Xinyan to make a clear response .

Bai Xinyan evaluated, "Your current indications are quite similar to Fairchild's Shield of Truth . He must have blessed you . Near Los Angeles, I've encountered high ranking squad leaders of the Order of Justice open up territory in the Wilderness . All of their cultists in a hundred meter radius received the Shield of Truth blessing . With it, most of them could take on the first attack of a mutant ranked C or below . It is an extremely effective blessing . " 

"That's right . . . One of the effects of the order's Paladin Aura is an increase to defense . " Zhang Yingying's mute time was not that long . As an experienced gamer, she soon spoke in gaming terms . "However, these buffs are only temporary . "

"Yes, it is temporary . " Luo Nan responded plainly but the facts were not that simple .  

He Yueyin felt a bit of an incoming headache on when she faced the lack of urgency from these idle chatters . She asked Bai Xinyan directly, "White Salt, report your current location . "

"I'm forty meters away from them . Yup, I see people already . It’s as if Student Luo Nan's face is glowing . He looks like he's doing great . "

Bai Xinyan came to a stop as she gazed past the soundproof wall . The room was on the verge of collapse . The lighting was dusky and a large difference in luminosity was formed with her current location . However, this did not really affect her .

She waved her hand in greeting toward the few people within the room .

He Yueyin gave another order . "Everyone in the room, rendezvous with White Salt . Retreat according to the designated route . "

A clear evacuation route immediately appeared within the encrypted channel . At the same time, the route map also appeared in Officer Xue's command data link . He was stunned for a moment but he still issued the route map to his subordinates and asked them to act in accordance with the provided directions .

"Move move move!"

Bamboo Pole was now the one who urged everyone on . He continued to be responsible and diligent and refreshed the encrypted channel with new information . "They're just about to finish calibrating their sniper artillery cannon . Its range covers the entirety of Frost River Reality . Who knows? The gunner might have a mental hiccup, ignore Fairchild, deviate the muzzle ever so slightly, and provide corpses which only mops can collect!"

"Screw off! . . . I'm talking to you!" Cat Eyes was in a horrible mood . She resisted the malicious impulse to tear Luo Nan's throat to shreds and pushed him hard, indicating that he should leave first .

Right now, Luo Nan could sense the intentions behind Cat Eyes's mood . He was not superfluous . He ran a few steps and jumped through the broken soundproof wall and made it outside .  

He turned back to see Xue Weilun's subordinates, the special police officers . They were well trained and experienced . They soon flung away their meaningless state of confusion and followed their training . They withdrew in an orderly fashion and used the available cover, performing their standard tactical maneuvers . . . Though their actions might not be effective .

"This is an example of professional ethics . " expressed Bai Xinyan in understanding towards the special police officers .  

Luo Nan's gaze flitted across the face of this beautiful and laid-back woman . He looked down and murmured in greeting . "Ms . Bai, hello . This is the first time we've met . "

"I have somewhat of an understanding of you, Student Luo Nan . " Bai Xinyan winked at him in a very cordial manner . She looked easy to get along with .

However, Luo Nan could not forget the 2-Hour Assignment in Frost River Waterway she had assigned him earlier today . Needless to say, there was also the Burner Simulator, the hidden secret of Frost River Waterway .

So Luo Nan was wary toward this beautiful lady .  

It was because of these thoughts that Luo Nan switched his gaze over to the several special police officer's bodies . Each of them still had a ‘projection’ of the visualization diagram on the chest regions of their exoskeleton armor . It had yet to dissipate .

It had to be stated that the visualization diagram was very high profile . If Luo Nan did not revoke it and news of this scene got out, then some people—at least those on Yan Yongbo's side—may take negative actions against him .

Luo Nan had already considered whether or not to revoke these diagrams but then a deafening explosion pierced his ears . The battle between Fairchild and Baze had entered an extremely intense state . Frost River Reality's high-end immersive experience region rapidly turned into a sheet of ruins .

Fairchild had held an unshakable advantage on the material plane so far but the range of the Words of Krait continued to endlessly expand .

The Words of Krait was far too overpowered; it kept on searching for people to drain from . Even Cat Eyes had been targeted by it . After some thought, Luo Nan did not revoke his buffs—the visualization diagrams . Instead, he added one more for Xue Weilun as a precaution .

Bai Xinyan observed all of this with great interest and asked, "This skill of yours is like our family's Old Bai's Bestowed Awakening technique . It doesn't just wake the target up; it seems like there’s the scent of something high-end integrated in there . This power seems rigorous . Is this a skill from Formatting Theory?" 

Your family's Old Bai?

Luo Nan was stupefied for a moment, before he realized that Bai Xinyan referred to her father, Mr . Bai . The way she addressed him gave off the impression that this father and daughter pair did not get along .

At the same time, Luo Nan very much admired Bai Xinyan's power of insight . Indeed, Luo Nan had utilized the visualization diagram and the tempo of soul breathing to bestow buffs into everyone's bodies . Bai Xinyan had given an extremely appropriate description of his skill .

This kind of woman really gave off quite the pressure .

As Luo Nan grew unwilling to converse too much with Bai Xinyan, a shriek came out from within the crowd of congregated people . The shriek was sharp and shivery . It was simply a cry that seemed to be from the pain of having one's heart dug out from the chest . . . Oh, this might not be an exaggeration .

The several special police officers who had just evacuated from the room rushed to place down the body they carried . That person had injured his back and was curled up in a ball . His face was warped and his mouth gaped wide but he was unable to let out any sounds whatsoever . Only tears, snivel, and cold sweat could flow across his face .

It was Huang Bingzhen . It was unknown whether this guy was lucky or unfortunate but in the end, he had been carried out by the special police officers due to their professional ethics . Although Huang Bingzhen was alive, his current appearance made it look like he was better off dead .

Bai Xinyan was the only one of the bunch with medical qualifications . She just gave him a quick scan with her eyes and shook her head . "The Words of Krait . . . He's already a 'snake hive' now and could be said to be a kind of 'human weapon' . Who knows . . . That First Oblatum might be sizing us up right now by using him as a medium . "