Master of the Stars - Chapter 111.1

Published at 10th of November 2017 01:54:19 AM
Chapter 111.1

Chapter 111: Inquisitor (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

When An Weng gave this command, it did not matter whether it was An Chengli or Zheng Xiao . They both drew their minds back and returned to their respective positions . Installation of the equipment atop the three buildings had been completed at this time . They began to start up simultaneously .  

A special three-dimensional projector held the necessary core functions . A rainbow colored light was instantly cast and it interweaved to form a structure of countless changing layers . Such a complicated spell formation would normally require a couple hours to be deployed but it was able to appear instantly through projection .

The scattered rays all went through a special process to carry a fixed amount of energy . If an ordinary person were to be irradiated by the light, they would probably be burned on the spot . However, with the control of the three First Oblatums, not a single bit of these rays' energy was wasted . They all converged into every foundational structure of the spell formation and fused all sorts of flavors of light together .

It was as if each of these First Oblatums was wrapped in a cocoon of light . Fundamental magic runes were arranged in order in the inner layer of the light-cocoon . They formed a single chain-like structure that revolved and spiraled . This was the foundation for the inner ring .

Atop this foundation, countless arcs radiated out to intertwine with multi-pointed stars on the outer layer . They linked together marvelously to form dozens of independent gear-like structures of various sizes . The teeth of these gears bit together one by one . It was like an enormous machine . It rumbled as it started up and buzzed as it operated .

The surface of the sphere surrounding it all was composed of dozens of hundreds of spell circles . A darkish gray light circulated like rapidly flowing turbid waters . It flowed like a gurgling river and it seemed that the river could overflow at any time . Though there was this danger, powerful tension could be obtained from this .

Practically the exact same spell formation was formed atop the three buildings . They formed the edges of an invisible equilateral triangular structure .  

This structure's name was Evolution Field . It was erected by the three First Oblatums working together, so they all got to share in its marvels . Of course, An Weng, as the Secretbound First Oblatum, possessed the highest privileges . He held the lead position .  

Additionally, right in the middle of the Evolution Field was the projection of the Scales of Truth that was in an unbalanced state .

Though the Scales of Truth had yet to enter the material plane, all the surrounding believers within the material plane knelt down on their knees . These priests and knights paid their respects according to their order's etiquette . Their devotion and reverence converged into the spell formation and transformed into a confluence of special energy and information, increasing the activity of the formation .  

The magical spell formation was now in operation . The surrounding area gradually came under its control . The most explicit change was the effect upon their range of senses .

None of the three First Oblatums were great at mental sensing . They needed to use the Words of Krait to make a ‘snake hive’ in order to understand the detailed situation within Frost River Reality; it only had a range of one kilometer in a straight line after all . Alternatively, they could use a human weapon such as Baze as a fulcrum . These were the only two methods they could use .

However, the information from Frost River Reality was being collected through the Evolution Field shared by the three right now . It did not matter how numerous or complicated the information was . The plethora of chaos was being filtered and gathered within the triangular structure . In the end, the information was formed and cast to the souls of the three First Oblatums .

The image went from blurry to clear and it covered a range of over a hundred square meters . Every living being appeared within this image . Additionally, under the effects of some special mechanism, the image automatically focused, centered on the most important characters, and marked them out .

There was not much to say about the target's status .

It was a half-grown kid who looked to be around fifteen years old . He was dressed casually and he looked like a student who had come to Frost River Reality for some weekend fun . Anyone picked out from the people in his vicinity would yield a member of society quite a few years older .  

Yet this group of cautious people encircled this young man so that he was in the center . Some did this unconsciously . Some did this consciously . Most notably, there were the eight tall and brawny special police officers equipped with exoskeleton armor . They held their guns and shields and they naturally formed a defensive formation . Their appearance was like they were escorting a high level official .

"So is he the one?" Zheng Xiao and An Chengli were a bit surprised .

An Weng maintained his silence .

This was not the limit of the information gathering and analysis of their Evolution Field . Special symbols internal to the order were scattered down to the image . Every target in the room who the First Oblatums needed to be concerned with were marked as clear as day in an eye striking fashion .

The three First Oblatums saw something astonishing upon each of these people and it was no different from one person to another . The same form existed upon each of their chests . The same combinational structure .

"A tetrahedron with an innerscribed sphere and an outerscribed sphere . . . This is the Archetype Format . "An Chengli was a Clearsworn First Oblatum, after all . He was familiar with the extraordinary theories of each major power . He obviously would not forget the Archetype Formatting Theory that was currently scorching the world .

Zheng Xiao hesitated for a moment but he still made a correction . "The Archetype Format is a standard way of enhancing the fleshly body . However, the current situation seems to be the product of interfering with the material plane from the mental plane . "

An Chengli gasped and wanted to speak but An Weng's thoughts were transmitted clearly before he could speak . "The operation of the Words of Krait is congested and the reason is this young man . He is the most direct cause . He doesn't have many years on him, yet he already possesses considerable soul strength . And the operation of his powers is meticulous . He naturally belongs to the side of order, not chaos . Plus, he received Fairchild's Shield of Truth blessing not too long ago . "


"The Shield of Truth!"

Zheng Xiao and An Chengli both ate a sudden shock . "What's his relationship with Fairchild?"

"Who cares about their relationship . "

An Weng continued to have thoughts of indifference . "The only thing we need to know is just how much more powerful is this young man's blessing and the tetrahedron structure are after receiving the blessing from Fairchild . No matter where he goes, the powers of chaos and order will have their limits . . . Do we have information about this young man?"

Naturally, the Order of Justice had spies in the ability user society . Though they might not have access to top secret information, they could access basic resources . It was inevitable for them to find information on this young man . It did not take long for the three First Oblatums to get to know this young man .

An Weng did not hide his special attitude towards this young man . "Luo Nan . A new member of the Society . A young man with boundless prospects . A young man with little background . . . His powers come from talent . If we had encountered him earlier on, drew him into the order, and given him careful training, perhaps he might have been a contestant for 'Saint' . "

Zheng Xiao's heart shuddered . An Chengli had strived for the title Saint back in the day . He was not successful, so he returned to Xia City in silence . He became a Clearsworn First Oblatum but he was always brooding over his failure . Why did An Weng mention such things . . .

Separated by a hundred meters of the night sky, he was unable to see An Chengli's expression . Next, An Weng gave an order .

"Chengli . "

"An Weng . "

"The secular side is not the secular world . What we do is formulate rules for the secular world . So when we engage, we need to find reasons to . We also need to make our stance clear . " 

"An Weng!" Zheng Xiao could hear something ominous from those words . He could not refrain from speaking .

However, An Chengli was already struck to the core by his grandfather An Weng's words . The stage had been set . He responded practically instantly, "An Weng, command me sir!"

"We need to make it clear to people of the world that the Order of Justice is different from the scattered ability user society, that we are different to those politicians that believe in trickery . We have our doctrine and we absolutely will not compromise . . . They will need to pay the price for their reckless meddling with the internal affairs of our order!"

"Right now, you are the inquisitor . Make the verdict then . "