Master of the Stars - Chapter 112.2

Published at 14th of November 2017 01:43:47 AM
Chapter 112.2

Chapter 112: A New Direction (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

"All-encompassing perception? Kitty, a certain someone's going to replace you!" Zhang Yingying buzzed and made a racket quite delightedly .

Luo Nan's identity as Scout and his participation in the Society's operations were kept secret . There were no direct leaks . However, within the Society, it was impossible to block rain and wind completely . At the very least, it was impossible to hide it from people as persistent as Zhang Yingying . She was not surprised that Luo Nan possessed this kind of ability . His identity as Scout was all but directly laid bare .

Though He Yueyin vigorously advocated for applying classification levels, it seemed that she had taken the initiative to blur the boundary between Luo Nan and Scout . It was unusual, to say the least .  

Zhang Yingying absolutely would not let this chance escape her grasp . She immediately gave He Yueyin a private message . "Hello! You're knowingly breaking the rules!" 

This time, He Yueyin had no response whatsoever .

Luo Nan was a bit surprised but he was more concerned about the request that He Yueyin had raised . In fact, this secretary just explicitly assigned him a priority mission, not one that was protective and limited . This was the first time she had done such a thing . Luo Nan was eager to give it a shot .

He Yueyin spoke neutrally, "Bamboo Pole . Report Frost River Reality's current situation . "

"Alright . " Bamboo Pole responded in a lazy voice, "In accordance with the secretary's request, I will distribute an image to everyone then . "

As he spoke, a complete real-time dynamic map was released in the encrypted channel . It was altered from Frost River Reality's elevation structural drawing . The result was semi-translucent . It was very clear and intuitive to look at .

"Over here in Frost River Reality, Secretary, Yingying, and Student Xue Lei have already cleared out the area . Both the military and the police's combat robots have also entered the site . Most of the space has already been swept clean . However, there are some areas where they found it impossible to take under their control . . . By searching the monitoring system, I've found that the Order of Justice still has five to seven gunners . They are mostly concentrated around the border between Area A and Area B and they control the external passageways . Also, Baze and the other Human Weapons are protecting them . He's the red dot on the dynamic map . " 

Luo Nan looked at the map with rapt attention . He took the initiative to ask, "How many are there like Baze?"

"Cough . Boss Nan, there is only one Human Weapon like Baze . If there were two, then you guys wouldn't have left that room alive . "

Bamboo Pole had to correct Luo Nan's mistaken thought . "However, there are slightly shoddier Human Weapons . They are none other than the Oblatum Knights of the Knights of Equity . There's only a small squad of them in Xia City . There are nine in total, including Baze . Since their goal is to get rid of Fairchild, either all of them or at least more than half of them have been dispatched . They are waiting on the fringe of the battle area between Fairchild and Baze . Despite this, there is a problem . Even though these Oblatum Knights haven't fused their power with that of a First Oblatum, intrinsically they're equal to a C+ Rank or higher ability user . It will be very difficult for us to discover their existence just using the monitoring system . "

"In other words, I am to find out where all these people are, right?" Luo Nan did not really feel that this task was that difficult . However, there was one thing he did not understand . "Just how amazing are C+ Rank ability users . . . ?"

Bamboo Pole gave him a point of reference . "The Secretary was evaluated at C+ when she entered the society . It's probably the peak level of the Awakened stage . "

Luo Nan swallowed a mouthful of shock . He had seen He Yueyin in action several times . Her callous and swift tempo made one feel like they were facing a thick steel wall . She was someone who could kill with a single blow . Now, all of a sudden there were eight or nine characters with as much strength as He Yueyin .  

"Of course, the highest score possible in the Society's entrance evaluation is a rank of C+ . I, myself, believe that the Secretary should be able to reach B with her strength . I've heard that Boss Nan got an entrance evaluation of E+ . You were also seriously underrated . "

"Uhm, thank you . " Luo Nan gave a word of thanks to Bamboo Pole . However, he was still unclear just how a C+ Rank was measured in the end . The only ones who were more clueless were dreadfully only Xue Weilun and the surrounding special police officers .

Bamboo Pole directly switched to a different material of reference . "Take Yingying for example then . Her strength was only ranked at C, yet her 'White Rainbow' can reach a rank of C+ in offensive power .  

An image of Zhang Yingying flashed in Luo Nan's mind . He exhaled . "That's not too bad . . . " 

"Hey Luo, do you dare stick your dog head out to try it on?" Zhang Yingying's furious voice came from far away . Her snow-white long legs swung as she stomped over . Her imposing air pressured the surrounding special police forces to disperse one after another, making a pathway for her .

Luo Nan went, ‘hic!’ and figured out that his mouth had shot off a bit too quickly . Though his impression of Zhang Yingying was very complicated, she had good intentions for him tonight . She had sent him a private message telling him how to fix the situation with Red Fox being angry . She also offered to bring pen, paper, and a flexible screen . Her mannerisms were great but this description really did not fit her .  

"Father! You're fine, right?"

Xue Lei followed closely behind Zhang Yingying . He saw his father and was super excited . He rushed forward but was smacked in the head by the metal fist of the exoskeleton armor suit . His tall and brawny figure became shorter by a half .

When he saw how his friend had come to an end, Luo Nan became truly worried about the fate of his own head . He was also worried about incurring Zhang Yingying's wrath with her white rainbow; she might recreate a parhelion with him as a victim . He hastily raised his wristband to indicate his apologies . "I'm very sorry! Oh, Yingying . Your White Rainbow . . . It feels much sharper . " 

Zhang Yingying sneered . "Now you're kissing butt? It's too late!"

Luo Nan shrugged with hands unfolded . He felt helpless . It was extremely pitiable; he really was telling the truth . He had just cast a glance over to Zhang Yingying and saw the river cloud belt circulating around her body . He had never seen it so bright, lustrous, and pure before . It was as if there was living water snaking and circulating upon her body . It reflected with a cold aura .

Because of this change, he had nearly blurted out and revealed the fact that he could directly observe Zhang Yingying's White Rainbow . He was able to guess that Zhang Yingying must have made a breakthrough in her ability over this past week . Only then would such a distinct change be present .

Such progress answered one of his questions . People were anxious in the Society .

Luckily at this time, Xue Lei could not stand the lecturing his father was giving him . He came over dejected and depressed as he sought refuge, his actions serving as indirect protection for Luo Nan . He gave Luo Nan a hearty embrace . "Nanster . Thank you so much . I heard everything from Father . Good thing that you were there!" 

"Actually, Uncle also looked after me all this time . "

The two got along well together and they were friends of the same age who stuck together through thick and thin . Luo Nan naturally treated him differently . He patted Xue Lei's muscular shoulder and spoke with some emotion, " Uncle was right . Leister, you really shouldn't have come inside . How were things over with Senior Sister Xiaolin?"

"You're not someone of this world . " Xue Lei stepped two paces back after his hug . He revealed a dejected face . "Those were her exact words . . . sigh"

Xue Lei still had more to say but he turned his head and saw that there were all sorts of people in their surroundings . He could only reveal a wry smile in the end . It did not matter how much he could try distinguishing himself from Xiaolin's words . The facts before him were ironclad proof and he felt powerless in front of them .

Bamboo Pole then coughed a few times in the encrypted channel to get everyone's attention . "Everyone, that's just about enough small talk for now . I still haven't finished explaining the situation over here yet . . . "

Next to Bamboo Pole was Red Fox . Red Fox recovered his spirits at this time . "Hey! The heck are you talking about all this for? You still want to recklessly engage with the Order of Justice's secular side?  You want to risk life and limb with Fairchild? Can't you see that there's the giant evacuation route that you can take? You're still not sick of that hellhole yet?"