Master of the Stars - Chapter 114.1

Published at 27th of March 2018 12:50:58 PM
Chapter 114.1

Chapter 114: Imploded (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Cat Eyes was silent after venting with her yell . She stood there, at a loss . Fortunately, Zhang Yingying had taken over the show . She laughed and patted Luo Nan's back and she used her height advantage to stroke his head . She gave Luo Nan a good praising but was slapped away by him displeasedly .

Zhang Yingying did not get mad . On the contrary, she was now very excited . She was the one who made the recommendation for Luo Nan to enter the Society . Whatever Luo Nan accomplished added color and luster to her reputation . . . At least, this was what she believed .

She did not doubt the authenticity of the information Luo Nan had supplied . It had nothing to do with his abilities . She trusted in the honest personality of this greenhorn and still maturing high school student, nothing more .

"Hey hey! Now it's time to give the final word . Speak speak! Why can't Kitty see them and why can you?"

Luo Nan thought for a moment but he opened his mouth in the end . "That one there is a corpse . "

"Huh?" Zhang Yingying was a bit shocked . It was not only her, there were not many people around them who were immediately able to understand Luo Nan's words .

Zhang Yingying did her best to understand . She tried to come up with an explanation . "So you are saying that the Oblatum Knight over there is disguised as a corpse, causing Bamboo Pole and Cat Eyes to miss it?"

Luo Nan nodded .

"This is too . . . "

Zhang Yingying was simply speechless . Luo Nan was able to see a corpse fifty meters away in such a complicated environment . This was quite amazing but this was a pretty bad reason! Wasn't this like thinking that something was valuable and amazing but then the truth revealed it to be worthless?

She did not mean to reject Luo Nan's explanation but she could not refrain from asking Cat Eyes to seek proof . "So what is it? Hey, Kitty?"

Kitty only reacted when she heard her name . She answered with great effort . "There really is a corpse over there . "

She was quite dispirited . She did not have any doubts in her mind .

Bamboo Pole released an image from the monitoring system into the encrypted channel . Indeed, there was a corpse over there . It had a rather plump figure . It looked like a typical overweight person commonly seen in the city . It looked as if the corpse had been done in by a bullet . It was prone on the ground and did not move at all . A giant puddle of blood seeped beneath it . Just looking at the amount of blood, it was very likely that this person was dead .

Everyone who saw the video was dumbfounded . No matter how one looked at it, whether vertically or horizontally, it was without a doubt a corpse . There were no traces that this was an Oblatum Knight in disguise .

"Oh . . . "

Within the encrypted channel, Red Fox's hoarse voice trembled with laughter . "Are you saying this fatty is an Oblatum Knight? That's such a joke . Those who've seen the data on the Order of Justice raise your hands . Which one of the nine Oblatum Knights of Xia City has this corpse's face?" 

For a time, no one responded .

Red Fox suddenly raised the volume of his voice . "Perhaps, Boss Nan believes that we must be vigilant towards any human-shaped object? Then according to your logic, every single corpse in Frost River Reality has the potential of being an Oblatum Knight . . .  Who's going to do the verification? Are we just going to rely on those dots you placed on the map? How laughable!" 

Red Fox's throat was torn by the time he finished . He truly believed that he was not mistaken, that he did nothing wrong . Right now, he was a bit more resolute than before . The reason why the situation was so awkward was ultimately because it revolved around Luo Nan, this infantile trash, and his surrounding female white knights . These women were protecting him in a completely biased manner .

He had already wanted to turn around and leave more than once . He wanted to break away from this cursed operation, but he didn't deserve to be called a coward over this . He still had pent up frustrations from over many years of leaving Hu City and coming to Xia City . His manner of speaking was influenced by his frustrations, people had attacked back when he spoke and he was beat down quite badly . The further frustrations made him want to argue things clearly .

Bamboo Pole looked at his expression . He felt unwell for Red Fox and wanted to mediate . He reached out and placed his hand on Red Fox's shoulder . "Red Fox, listen to me . . . "

"This includes you!"

Red Fox slapped Bamboo Pole's hand away with force . He glared at Bamboo Pole with bloodshot eyes . "Do you have sh*t for brains? To believe word for word what a little baby says? Do you not care if it is right or wrong? Do you just clap like a monkey towards a newly processed dynamic map?"

Bamboo Pole sighed . He shrugged . "Red Fox, you need to cool down and think . . . "

"I'll cool you, you rentboy!"

Red Fox gave Bamboo Pole a big thumbs . . . down . He took a big breath and straightened his red jacket with both his hands . This red jacket represented his name and reputation . His lips split as he burst out laughing . "How about this! You guys don't have to do anything . I'll just go by myself . Let's make a bet and see if that really is an Oblatum Knight!"

Bamboo Pole was shocked as he suddenly realized the meaning behind Red Fox's words . He reached out his hand to grab Red Fox but Bamboo Pole was not a combat member . How could he prevail over Red Fox, who had the reputation of City Hunter? He grabbed nothing but air with those hands .

"Stop him . " Bamboo Pole called out to Papercut but Papercut was a mentally enhanced ability user . He was not that much better than Bamboo Pole .

Red Fox's body flickered and he appeared in the shopping center, another reinforcement point . Soon he blended into the bustling streets with large flows of people . By the time Bamboo Pole and Papercut rushed over, their line of sight was already blurred by the screen of rain . It was impossible to see a trace of Red Fox .

Didn't you guys say that all I can do is shoot my mouth? I'll show you what I can do!

Red Fox's lips were fixed into a sneer . He walked with large strides toward the most chaotic area of the city, downtown .

"Red Fox, don't do something meaningless!"

"Irrational people like to roll around and cause a crazy scene, right?"

Two messages came into the encrypted channel . The first came from He Yueyin . The later naturally came from Zhang Yingying .

The two had spoken at nearly the same time, upon which He Yueyin gave a piercing glare that was unprecedentedly strict . Though Zhang Yingying always had a lively personality, she was instantly stifled by that glare .

Zhang Yingying wanted to counterattack but Bai Xinyan spoke in her ear, "Hey, you can't push people too far!"

Zhang Yingying's mouth gaped but no sound came out . Now that Bai Xinyan had mentioned it, Zhang Yingying realized that Red Fox's behavior was a bit abnormal . At the very least, Red Fox had a bit of a 'nothing to lose' air about him .

Were things this serious?

At this time, Red Fox's hoarse voice entered the encrypted channel . "Then explain things more clearly, Mrs . Secretary . Explain it to me clearly . Where is the meaning? Where is the meaning behind this damned night?"

Red Fox continued to make the basic mistake of communication by sound waves instead of psychic waves . But he did not care about the strange gazes cast towards him by the pedestrians around . After a good round of cursing, he mocked with his hoarse voice . "Since there's no meaning to this at all, then what I'm doing isn't bad . "

He quickened his pace as he let his words hang in the air . The distance between the reinforcement point and Frost River Reality was closer than Frost River Reality and Yulan Hotel . In the instant he had spoken, he had given strength to his legs and saw the 'triangular spaceship' in the distance . This was Frost River Reality; it was surrounded by spotlights and police lights .  

Waves and waves of people were evacuating from Frost River Reality ahead . Their paces varied between urgent and slow . Their expressions switched back and forth between palpitating with fear, panic, excitement, and curiosity .  

Red Fox did not dodge or move out of the way . He collided head on into the flow of people . With both hands in his pocket, he used a most relaxed way to go against the stream . His arms and shoulders bumped into people over and over but it did not cause him the slightest impact .  

Mm . A very familiar feeling . These ignorant faces are no different than those of Hu City .