Master of the Stars - Chapter 115.1

Published at 27th of March 2018 12:50:45 PM
Chapter 115.1

Chapter 115: Ouyang Chen (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

"Good evening, Red Fox . "

"Good, good evening . " Red Fox's mouth responded instinctively . Actually, he had been dumbstruck for a full five seconds before he came to with great difficulty . He bowed and said, "President . Sir . . . you've arrived?"

This middle age man behind him was none other than the president of the Wilderness Explorers Society's Xia City Branch . He was the nominal leader of all the ability users in the city—Ouyang Chen .

Practically everyone of the Xia City Branch knew where to find this President with the nickname 'The Gentleman of the Lab' . Just go to the branch's office, the Shanding Tri-Towers and knock on the laboratory located on the thirteenth floor . He will be there nine times out of ten .  

After the HexaEar was introduced to the world and the Psychic Wave Network was gradually completed, Ouyang Chen held several job responsibilities simultaneously . He was the Lead Engineer, the Chief Operating Officer, the Project Manager, and several other positions . He spent entire days calibrating the network, resolving bugs, and increasing the quality of service through in-depth research . There were many who suspected that Ouyang Chen never even took a single step outside the office for the 365 days in a year and the 24 hours in a day .  

He wore the same tuxedo for many years without change . He had only shown himself in front of a crowd a few times for rare formal meetings and nothing more .

Because Red Fox knew all this about the President, Red Fox's brain was filled with confusion when he saw Ouyang Chen appear outside Frost River Reality . Additionally, the President's initial words . What was the meaning behind them?

Ouyang Chen wore a faint smile like this was a chance encounter while crossing an intersection . He waved at Red Fox . "I interrupted you all in the middle of your chat . That was rude of me . "

Having heard his words, Red Fox immediately looked at the encrypted channel . However, there were not any eye-catching indicators of there being any super admins in the channel . Ouyang Chen was not currently in the encrypted channel . But switching his trains of thought, the entire Psychic Wave Network was single-handedly constructed by Ouyang Chen . He had supervisor privileges toward all official operations coordinated by the Society . It was quite normal for him to have seen their contention .

Those words just then, had he seen them all?

Red Fox was a bit dazed but he could feel his burning fury of emotions miraculously start to plummet ever since Ouyang Chen had arrived . All that remained in the pit of his heart was a faint warmth .

He Yueyin's voice continued to be transmitted through the HexaEar . " . . . I don't want to give you the impression that I'm being emotional . I just hope to relay the facts . The metropolises of the world are nominally under the jurisdiction of the united government . In truth, the metropolises are in half-independent states . Every metropolis had a different ecology . This applies to the normal, secular world, and the inner world is no different . There isn't a true unified order and logic . I really don't like these kinds of circumstances but the resulting facts are as follows: No matter what Headquarter's verdict is, no matter what outcome you had in Hu City, it is meaningless to apply them to Xia City . "

Red Fox did not have a stable mind right now . Most of her words had entered one ear and left the other . Red Fox's reaction towards Ouyang Chen's appearance was quite an intense one, even though Ouyang Chen had not entered the encrypted channel . However, it seemed like those over at Frost River Reality had not received any news of his arrival at all .

There was not any puzzlement, shock, or greetings, it was completely dead on that front! It was as if they were completely unaware of Ouyang Chen's arrival . Or perhaps this President Ouyang Chen only existed in his world!

Could it be? Was this Ouyang Chen an illusion? 

Red Fox's consciousness grew even more fuddled . He could not refrain from looking once again at Ouyang Chen . The President appeared clearly and distinctly and he even raised his hand in indication . Ouyang Chen wanted him to listen earnestly .

Some highly sensitive vocabulary pierced his eardrum from He Yueyin right at this time . "I'm not too clear on what a 'death list' is but I believe that the core-most Self-Logic of an Awakened can't be distorted by external threats . "

President Ouyang, the man who had proposed the Three Levels of Logic Theory, was right next to him . Red Fox obviously knew the meaning of Self-Logic . It was when an ability user influences the external world, enabling one's own strength to have its effects truly displayed .

Distorted? This was not a good word at all in this context!

First, he had been smacked in the face by his own words . Then he had a fright from Ouyang Chen's appearance . The current Red Fox was not in the mood to get into a tangle . He just sneered and was ready to tell the others of Ouyang Chen's arrival when . . .

"Aren't the people around here quite stupid?" Ouyang Chen asked suddenly .

"Huh?" Red Fox heard his words and subconsciously twisted his head and looked all around . He observed the surrounding people coming and going restlessly but he did not know how he should answer Ouyang Chen .

Ouyang Chen reached out with his right hand and his arm slightly swayed . It was like he was marking a rhythm as he drew a triangle high up in the sky . Then he suddenly changed the topic . "The three First Oblatums of the Order of Justice stand at the three corners of a triangle . Their Evolution Field envelopes the area, acting as the initial step in their magic spell . Among them is one Secretbound First Oblatum and two Clearsworn First Oblatums . Their strength in order from high to low is B+, C+, and C+ .  According to the Evolution Spell Theory, their practical range of control has the triangle as their innermost nucleus . Their range of control has a maximum median radius of 3 . 2 times that of the nucleus to cover a vast area . " 

Red Fox felt like an idiot . He was completely unable to follow Ouyang Chen's train of thought .

"Let us translate the range to something more concrete . These three buildings, including Frost River Reality and the adjacent two blocks, are all within the direct lock-on range of the magic spell . All the people here, standing and watching and all those people in the adjacent blocks are in life-threatening danger . Isn't it quite stupid of them to still remain in the area?"

Ouyang Chen looked gravely around him . He no longer had a smile on his face and a calm and cold gaze could be seen behind those glasses . Such an image was the usual appearance of the Gentleman of the Lab .  

Red Fox was more familiar with this image but it made him more nervous . He hesitated before replying, "Is it because that they're ignorant about the danger?"

"Pretty much, but that answer isn't sufficient . " Ouyang Chen reached out with his hand and pointed outward . It was as if he had stirred the surface of a body of water . His hand streaked across the pushing and rushing flow of people and fine ripples diffused through this medium .

Red Fox's eyes bulged wide in an instant . In this very moment, he finally discovered the oddities of the flock of people in their surroundings . . . No this was wrong . The issue laid in himself and Ouyang Chen .

The two were clearly standing within a stream of people, yet every one of these people ignored them!

Even if these people's attentions were gathered on Frost River Reality, bumping into people was unavoidable in such a crowded stream . However, in their current situation, not a single person made contact with them . The people went around them, went between them and even went through them . It was as if Red Fox and Ouyang Chen had turned into formless ghosts . Their bodies lay in the world of reality, existing along with the surrounding stream of people yet an insurmountable distance was pulled between them .

Then Red Fox saw something quite clearly in the encrypted channel . The clock in the corner of the interface . How the heck did it stop!

"T-This is . . . . "

"Reality projection, spacial manipulation, or whatever you want to call it but I'm used to calling it 'Logic World' . " Ouyang Chen reached out, pointed at his temples and added, "It is the world interpreted by my logic . "

Was this none other than the power of the Extraordinaries?

In face of this inconceivable power, Red Fox lost all thoughts of courage . He could only bow in defeat . "President sir, enlighten me . "

Ouyang Chen did not believe that Red Fox was being rude, so he explained using terms like he was teaching a high-level course in the Society . "It is because these people are ignorant to our logic, ignorant towards the logic of the inner world . . . The scope of thought for ordinary people are mostly limited to their sights, so they are unable to see the danger . Some people may consider thoughts of whether or not they are in range of guns, explosives, and so on, but this isn't enough . To truly avoid troubles, they need to go at least two blocks away . This is the scope of danger that they can't imagine . " 

Ouyang Chen's explanation was undoubtedly true .

As Red Fox nodded, Ouyang Chen inexplicably changed topics once again . "Though they may be stupid, you're not too clear on things yourself . In a certain sense, you are as stupid as them . No, you're even more stupid! Why is that?"

" . . . "