Master of the Stars - Chapter 119.1

Published at 27th of March 2018 12:50:25 PM
Chapter 119.1

Chapter 119: Three Dark Clouds (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan paid no mind to the subtle changes around him . His complete attention was placed upon the changes of his star atlas . When He Yueyin instantly slayed Ghost Thunder in one strike, the blurry, unclear nebula around Ghost Thunder was cleaved apart as well .

Ghost Thunder's constellation had turned clear at the last moment before he died . Though the constellation soon darkened and faded away, the structural laws within gave Luo Nan an excellent reference point for analyzing the other Oblatum Knights of this order .

Luo Nan's star atlas became much clearer in the blink of an eye . Accordingly, the obscure, unclear external force that was pressing down from the skies became all the more revealed .

Luo Nan was able to tell that this force on his star atlas and the assault formation of the four Oblatum Knights affected each other and were related . But something happened when Ghost Thunder, who was at the head of the formation, was slayed in a single blow . The force, which was still being deployed, was struck into complete turmoil and had lost its order . After a few moments of struggle, it eventually and inevitably dispersed .

"Aye! This is bad!"

Luo Nan's worries were now placed over yonder . The force possessed a considerable amount of power and was directed on the mental plane . To have a high efficiency of effectiveness on the material plane, it would need to seek a suitable interference point to cut into . Therefore, it had not been able to truly make its move all this time . It just circulated and spiraled around, accumulating in power to strike a blow like thunder . Evoking one's sense of judgment would yield a conclusion; this charge up technique was a thousandfold in magnitude than the special case with Huang Bingzhen, who had been stuffed all the way into the corner .

Clearly, the winds of fate had turned against this force . It had barely found an opportunity to interfere and fully display its marvels through the four Oblatum Knights but He Yueyin had struck out with a terrifying blow . She slayed the Oblatum Knight's weak point in one move . This caused a dreadful whiplash to happen, which then caused the accumulated force to be stopped and crumble . It dispersed all around .  

The dispersion of the considerable force was unimportant but it did form an interference with the overall situation of Frost River Reality . The special forces that surrounded Luo Nan were clearly wearing exoskeleton armors with temperature controls but they all shivered one after another . They had received the eroding effect of this dispersed force .  

However, the Format Pyramids, which had been badly damaged to the point of being nearly extinguished, lit up once more on their chests . They were perfectly restored and were able to expel this ineffable cold chill cleanly away .

"This is quite the fast reaction time . " Bai Xinyan lightly praised in the channel . She then took the chance to ask . "There aren't any problems with your body, right? Are you keeping an eye on the lasting time of the Shield of Truth's blessing?"

"Shouldn't be any problems," Luo Nan replied casually . Most of his attention was still on his star atlas .

The repair of the Format Pyramid blessing was not due to his fast reactions . It was due to his efforts to maintain the star atlas he had drawn with great difficulty .

Why was Luo Nan concerned with the enemy? It was because the effects from the dispersion of the force were super annoying . Frost River Reality became a sheet of chaos within the next few seconds . The trapped civilians captured by terror within the darkness were the most susceptible . This force that overflowed with negative psychic waves, caused all those without mental defenses to fall apart .

For a time, screams and cries resounded within Area A . The situation was incomparably more miserable than when the gunmen had wreaked havoc with their sadistic actions .

The unsteady hearts of the people influenced the Life Sketches . Luo Nan was mulling over whether to give all those within the range of his mental senses some sort of blessing but it was too late in the end . The devastating negative psychic waves quelled and staked the souls of nearly a hundred people . Handling the situation was beyond the scope of his ability .

It was unavoidable for the star atlas to shake intensely . Luo Nan could feel every constellation trembling . Several of them were displaced and their manifested structures were warping . This wasted at least half of Luo Nan's efforts thus far .  

"Damn it!" Luo Nan could not refrain from cursing .

"The hell is going on over there!?" Xue Lei shot a few glances at He Yueyin . At last, he could not hold refrain from whispering to her . Right now, miserable cries and shrieks flooded their ears . He was unable to take the atmosphere . He would rather have a few powerful foes pop out of nowhere and stake his life in battle .

He Yueyin's divine blade technique had struck fear into the hearts of the enemy . In addition, the force which powered the enemy up had collapsed . The few Oblatum Knights hesitated to make a move, allowing the team of Society members to smoothly advance .

Luo Nan shook his head to try and shake away the anxiety in his heart . He released some information in the encrypted channel in order to comfort Xue Lei and to report on the situation he was observing . "There really isn't much to say . Just that there was someone up to some trouble . Secretary He slayed him in a single strike, causing a whiplash and their power to go out of control . However, it won't cause any substantial damage . "

There were no more than three people within the entire team who truly understood Luo Nan's words from inside out . However, there was no one who doubted his words after he displayed brilliant performances one after another . They were actually affected by Luo Nan's train of thought, conjecturing and pondering a lot more .

Cat Eyes also made a report at this time . "My sensing range is being affected . Currently, its radius is 40 . . . 38 meters . "

"Mr . Luo?" He Yueyin immediately looked for Luo Nan to confirm .

Luo Nan did a general scan . Though his star atlas had yet to stop shaking completely, the range of his senses was not greatly influenced . The positions of each Oblatum Knight was all in the palm of his hand . He immediately said, "Things are alright on my end . "

Zhang Yingying interjected . "How much is 'alright'?"

"80 meters . " Luo Nan reported the same number as he did previously . Actually, his sensing radius for the plane of life had already broken through 120 meters . Moreover, it continued to expand in a leisurely manner .

Oh, hold on . Did I get something mixed up?

As Luo Nan's thoughts suddenly deviated, Zhang Yingying continued to speak with emotion, "Aberrant! The more I look at it now, the more I feel that your all-encompassing senses are abnormal . Why is it that you can always see what others can't? Is it because you're infused with psychic powers?"

"He's on a higher level . His viewpoint is different . " To the side, Cat Eyes gave a direct assessment of Luo Nan, an action that was rarely seen from her . Her assessment was the result of her continuous observations of Luo Nan .  

"The direction of application is different . " Bai Xinyan also joined in the discussion . " Cat Eyes' long-range perception is a technique that works closely with her body . Student Luo Nan's sensing ability seems to be a purer, more concentrated observation . Of course, this means it's easier for his ability to fall apart . . . "

"Correct, the direction is different," Luo Nan responded suddenly, "Cat Eyes needs to perform a timely response to all changes in the range of her perception . Every single detail needs to be clarified . I, on the other hand, don't need to consider other problems . I just need to make choices with the precision, range, and levels in accordance with the observation needs . "

" . . . "

It was impossible to continue with this discussion!

Zhang Yingying tilted her head and she rolled her eyes . "This is the most aberrant thing of all, okay!? So you can change the frequency of your mental senses as you wish? There are those who have trained arduously and polished cautiously in order to find a most suitable soul frequency for them . Those countless ability users are fixed in the mentally enhanced focus . You'll make them go out of their minds if they hear of this!"

The discussion within the encrypted channel had abruptly stopped .

Luo Nan was not aware that he had suddenly ended the topic . It could even be said that his heart was filled with ease and delight . Indeed, communication was the best way to solve problems . If it was not, he would now be making large crazy strides in the wrong direction!

"Too thin! Too narrow!"

A problem occurred with the direction of his concentration while he was drawing his Life Sketches . There were parts standing out that possessed details that were most difficult to carve . He was unable to use his finite mind to resolve these near-inexhaustibly deep configurations .

Behold, even though the star atlas was in disorder and was in endless turmoil, every Oblatum Knight and every trapped civilian was unable to break away from his clairvoyance . The obscure and unclear force was also ultimately locked on by his observations .

This was not because of how meticulously he carved out these sketches . It was because of the compositional whole of the area under the control of his senses . He observed the broad outline . He knew the flow of direction . And that was enough! 

He did not dig deep into the details and instead, he looked at the overall situation . He went and used his clairvoyance upon the entirety of what he could access in the region where the mental plane and material plane interfered mutually . He observed the plane of life in its entirety .

In fact, doing this was much simpler than he had imagined!