Master of the Stars - Chapter 141.2

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Chapter 141.2

Chapter 141: Simulator (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

The feeling of novelty was missing when Luo Nan first entered the Simulator layer of the Psychic Wave Network . This was because the sensation was similar to using the immersion equipment of virtual reality . Luo Nan just took this as a virtual reality experience specific for ability users, but he had never expected that his form would look like this in here .

It was hard for Luo Nan not to be embarrassed when he thought about how he talked to He Yueyin in this form just now . No wonder she laughed . . .

He Yueyin's rarely seen smile flashed and disappeared like fireworks . Then, she returned to her normal calmness . "Your view toward yourself lacks maturity . If you want to engage in normal movement here, then you first need to establish your own form . "

"So I need to create a mold, like character customization in a game?"

"It's self-cognition . "


The two communicated some concepts in an instant . He Yueyin was about to give a more detailed explanation, but she stopped before the words could leave her mouth . She only kept the mirror there .

"It's up to you to figure out how to establish your form . "

Luo Nan stood in front of the mirror in a daze . He earnestly thought of how to go about changing his form due to how serious He Yueyin was being . However, he couldn't think of any other ideas no matter how he much pondered .

A change appeared in the mirror the instant the thought stirred in his mind . Lines of a silhouette were drawn on the image within the mirror . The process was no different than his everyday sketches .  

Luo Nan wasn't good at self-portraits; he had mentioned this to Xie Junping before . Luo Nan wasn't being humble . This was because Luo Nan was never quite able to grasp his own individual characteristics in his drawings . All he could draw was something similar in form . But when compared to most people in this world, his skill in sculpting himself was quite decent .

The blurry and faint body in the mirror soon turned into a simple humanoid image . Then, the image was enriched and fine-tuned . After thirty seconds of shaping, the image became about 70 percent similar to Luo Nan himself . It was certainly possible to make it better with a bit more effort .

"Is this fine?" Luo Nan raised his hand . The sensation was pretty much the same as his physical form as he turned his head and asked .

He Yueyin looked at him for a while and lightly shook her head .

Luo Nan asked in wonder, "What's wrong?"

"This method is the easy way out . "

He Yueyin walked back over until she reached Luo Nan's side . "In the Simulator layer, our form should be the manifestation of our individual characteristics when it comes to the operational structure over energy and information . According to President Ouyang's explanations, it could be considered a view into one's self-logic . For example, I . . . "

He Yueyin raised her hand as she spoke . Her long, thin fingers spread a bit, indicating for Luo Nan to look . "My current form isn't what I want . The Internal Energy of the burner, its operation of energy and information, causes light and heat to appear on my foundation . So, it is unavoidable for my form to glow . Anyone can see that I am a Burner with a single glance . "

Luo Nan fell in a daze when staring at He Yueyin's jade-like fingers . Eventually, he understood . "In other words, one's form in the Simulator layer is also a certain objective reality . At the very least, it is a sort of projection . It can't just be anything . " 

Indeed, Luo Nan now understood clearly . But he couldn't refrain from scratching his head when he saw his form in the mirror . "But I've still yet to be an Awakened . Self-logic, and so on . . . I haven't established them yet . " 

This reason Luo Nan found was so good that it stupefied He Yueyin for a moment . He Yueyin then nodded . "Indeed, this needs to be considered as well . Then let us first proceed with the next step and see what happens . "

And so, she indicated Luo Nan to follow her and step through the boundary into the Wilderness .

Luo Nan followed with deep curiosity . He reached his hand out to touch the bulletin board within the gusts of sand . The thick and rough sensation was instantly fed back .  

"It's wooden . . . "

The boundary between the virtual and the real blurred away . Luo Nan turned his head . The so-called entrance had already disappeared . He just saw the boundless rusty red dirt, and in front of the bulletin board he saw the outline of a building appear .

Now he had truly entered the Simulator layer .

Luo Nan didn't have the energy to be emotionally moved . He Yueyin's Practical Course didn't involve him looking at scenery .

For the next twenty minutes, He Yueyin had him familiarize himself with the environment . The main activity point was a small town that was similar with the background of the Ten Days in the Wilderness game .

In that game, this was the supply point for players . It was also the place where missions were issued . In the Psychic Wave Network, this was more like a large saloon .  

"People online will engage in communications and inquiries here . "

"What do they talk about?"

Luo Nan had applied video game thinking toward this place, but when he heard He Yueyin's introduction, he suddenly realized that his thinking was childish . The veteran members—every single one of them—were brilliant, outstanding characters in the inner world . Each had ability, each had goals . None of them had the leisure to run in here and play games .  

"I've only been here once since joining the Society . I haven't participated in the concrete details . However, I have heard President Ouyang say that most discussions revolve around topics of self-logic, energy structures, the interference between the mental and the material, and other similar fields . . . "

Luo Nan blinked . "They can also talk about this stuff offline . "

"Nothing can compare to this place in terms of convenience . The Psychic Wave Network is erected by thousands upon thousands of ability users . It's like a supercomputer . President Ouyang and others can utilize the resources within this place and render models that are hard to implement in reality . "

All right, the style of the scenery was quite good . The problem was that Luo Nan had never seen such a ramshackle saloon .

He Yueyin led Luo Nan to the town's central block . It was empty with no one in sight . It was as if the entire town had been looted by a tornado . Most of the buildings had collapsed into ruin . Only a few buildings were basically intact .

"Practically each building is an independent zone . Inside a portion of them are items that have been ported from the game to provide people with amusement . However, most are experimental models, the crystallization of collections of several people's intelligence . "

"What's the deal with it now?"

"It has to do with the effects from the Logic World," He Yueyin spoke softly . "A great change occured in the structural rules of the Simulator layer when President Ouyang integrated the results of the Logic World inside . Most experimental models haven't adapted to the environmental change and have been destroyed . "

"Logic World?"

Luo Nan more or less understood the principles of erecting the Logic World . It was a structure of deep interference between the mental and the material planes, and it was really quite unfriendly . However, this method of spatial rifting to construct a new world caused one to truly feel like they were staring up at a high mountain .

"Sister He, so you're saying that this place is equivalent to another Logic World?"

He Yueyin shook her head . "This isn't my area of expertise . "

Luo Nan twisted his head and looked all around, having not received an answer . Yet he was unable to easily clarify it . He thought for a bit and walked to the side of a ruined building . He lowered his head to size up the rubble and stone .

"Shaped like snowflakes . . . It's quite orderly . "

They looked like a chaotic mess of ruins when looked at from afar . But when looked at carefully, one would find that there were structural patterns within every piece of debris . Laws and rules could be found within every piece .

It was practically impossible for this to happen in the real world .

"The difference between the natural and the artificial . " Luo Nan reached out his hand to grab a piece of rubble . He wanted to research it in earnest for a moment, but his hand only raised up half way before his hand felt light and the stone fell to the ground .

Luo Nan was a bit stunned .

The rubble didn't slip out from his fingers; it directly cut through the skin, flesh and bones of his hand . It went through without hindrance at all, falling to the ground with a sound .