Master of the Stars - Chapter 305

Published at 30th of March 2018 11:20:10 AM
Chapter 305: Chapter 305: Four Gears (Part 1/2)

Chapter 305: Four Gears (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

The Mutant devil ray moved back and forth, swimming to and fro within the Heavenly Ocean Lake . Its developed pectoral fins were like wings, and they set off wave after wave in the pool . It appeared a bit restless, mimicking Puppeteer's current mood . Puppeteer still had a smile on his face, but half his facial muscles were stiff .

At the same time, a dark and cold whisper came into his ear from the 'rear' . The direction of the sound was unknown . "You can't truly believe that you can rake up some things from the kid right now and obtain large merits for your service… . If so, your comprehension ability truly has problems . "

Puppeteer's cheeks became a bit warm . He wanted to curse in his mind .

The thought was just formed, yet the 'rear' was still able to see through to even his inner organs . "If you have the time to curse inwardly, then you have the time to think about how to continue attracting their attention . Move your mouth!"

Puppeteer ground his teeth in secret, but that person had a point behind their rebuke . Puppeteer somewhat came to terms with the situation, and subtly moved the muscles of his cheeks . He did his best to respond calmly .

"Mr . Luo Nan can continue . "

Puppeteer verified the time once more as he spoke, and he also confirmed that he had started recording . He settled on a plan . No matter what Luo Nan would say, he would let Luo Nan talk . He would have Luo Nan's words come in one ear and out the other for now . Later, he would carefully analyze them in detail .

Formatting Theory, eh? Whatever about your mother and father . When I get back, I will make you report even the colors of the underwear of your entire family .

Luo Nan seemed to truly believe in Puppeteer's words . His eyes remained closed as he spoke without expression, "Then I will continue explaining . I just finished talking about the Logic World . Next, I can briefly describe An Weng's situation . "

Like hell you finished talking about the Logic World!

Behind the large diving goggles, Puppeteer's gaze cast downward . He did his best to retrieve information that was related to Luo Nan in his mind . However, Luo Nan's voice maintained its piercing quality . His voice was simply like the low whisper of a demon . It teased Puppeteer's emotions, layer by layer .

"I'm not too clear on what An Weng was doing . I'll just say what I observed and understood . You must first know that the level of the Heaven and Earth Format is extremely rich . The application of interference in the material plane with the mental plane can form countless types of 'order frames' . Oh, you certainly don't understand this topic . . . . "


The devil ray in the Heavenly Ocean Lake echoed Puppeteer's emotions . It smacked with its wing-like pectoral fins, releasing the sound of a rumbling explosion . A spray of water filled the sky, splashing onto Tian Si and soaking most of her skirt and pantyhose . However, Tian Si already lacked all response whatsoever .

Puppeteer wanted to kill somebody .

He was now utterly convinced that Luo Nan was doing this on purpose . The kid had grasped the fact that he 'didn't understand' to obstruct and wear him down in ridicule . All right . Was Luo Nan truly taking him to be a Buddha who could never get angry?

Luo Nan stopped talking, but he didn't even open his eyes . He just calmly waited for the devil ray to stop making noise .

"Do you want to snap your safety line? Maybe the kid is waiting for you to do that . When that happens, my protective spell, which you said 'isn't worth shit', won't be able to protect you . "

Luo Nan didn't talk while the 'rear' eerily warned Puppeteer . In the end, Snake Tongue finished with an order,

"Don't you make me expend mental energy for your sake!"

Puppeteer's emotions turned to ash after being rebuked once more . He suddenly came to, and he thought about what Luo Nan's objective could be in his series of mockery and provocation . It seemed like it was just as the 'rear' said . Luo Nan wanted Puppeteer to snap his own safety line . Puppeteer's thoughts ran deep .

Clearly, on the surface level, after these exchanges, Luo Nan should be able to see that the connection between Tian Si and Puppeteer in 'sharing mental attacks' was an unequal one . Tian Si was tortured to within an inch of her life, while Puppeteer had it quite easy .

In fact, even if Luo Nan launched a mental attack, Puppeteer was certain that he could block the first wave . He relied on none other than Tian Si, who remained in his grasp . She could act as a 'good conductor', ensuring that the damage to himself would fall to a minimum .

If Puppeteer were to make a mistake and have his escape path severed, then what would happen? Just look at Black Beetle ahead! He was a living example!

A myriad of thoughts flashed through his mind, and a thin layer of cold sweat formed on Puppeteer's back . He instantly relaxed a finger, and even infused some vital energy into her, to avoid constricting her even further while helping circulate her blood and energy . He feared that he would truly strangle his 'safety line' in a moment of excessive emotion, pushing the situation into irremediable circumstances .

He faced Luo Nan and explained, "Ahem, apologies . The Mutant is not easy to control . I didn't interrupt your thinking, did I?"

Luo Nan was silent for a moment, and when he spoke, his voice became deeper and lower, "I coined the term 'order frame' . It's normal for you to not understand what it means . So ask yourself, do you need further explanation?"

Puppeteer stared at Luo Nan's face . The more he looked, the more he felt that he escaped a disaster . Rather . . . why was Luo Nan explaining these things? Why was he going through with this exchange? In any case, a cover-up only made things more conspicuous .

Youngsters these days sure had ruthless hearts!

Puppeteer's mind relaxed, then was strung tight again . It looked like Luo Nan still harbored thoughts of a frontal conflict with them . The Society's reinforcements would probably arrive soon . Puppeteer needed to accept the many possibilities and do some more preparations .

Speaking of which, was the 'rear' still not finished preparing yet?

In any case, Puppeteer adjusted his mentality . He resigned himself to what might happen . Anyway, he wouldn't get screwed just by listening . What was he scared of? He adopted a radiant business smile and said, "Of course, it is best if you can explain . I want you to; how can I not?"

Luo Nan truly felt exhausted, having experienced so much . He spat out a breath of air, and gasped twice before continuing, "This term I came up with—it comes from an insight provided by Fairchild . "

"Fairchild?" Puppeteer gradually lost his mind's prejudice, having adjusted his mentality . His thoughts were much nimbler, so his eyebrows shot up when he heard Luo Nan . "The Ears of Truth?"

Luo Nan didn't build upon this topic . He followed a prescribed order in explaining . "Fairchild once said that observation is order . According to my understanding, he's referring to combing through one's own logic . All the world's objects are observed and illuminated to erect a power of order that is understood and utilized by one's self .

"And our existences themselves are the products of some natural order . Here lie subjectiveness and objectiveness . Interference occurs between the orders of the mental and the material, like two gears meshing together . If the coupling structure is relatively stable, and has an efficient operation, then it becomes a gear set with relatively independent functions . Namely, it becomes an 'order frame' .

"Order frames can be big or small . In the case of small order frames, an example can be the cultivation methods of our bodies . This example can be divided even further . In the case of large order frames, the myriad of things within heaven and earth can all be incorporated within . Relationships can also occur among the various order frames . "

The eyes behind the diving goggles blinked . Perhaps it was because he had calmed his mind . Or, perhaps it was because he had a clear reference . Puppeteer suddenly felt that Luo Nan had skimmed over the descriptions of 'gears' and 'formats', and substituted easier to understand vocabulary in their stead . Luo Nan rather made some sense .

That so-called 'order frame' was like the self-logic of an ability user . Oh, this was Ouyang Chen's concept . Puppeteer liked the more fantastical wordings like what Ouyang Chen used, like ‘domains’ .

Powerful ability users also mentioned such things over at Headquarters . They wanted to impose a 'manifestation of rules' upon the material world, and use a perspective of pure and thoroughly extraordinary powers to reinterpret the entire cosmos, while giving the mental plane its own place .

Of course, when compared to the deep and complicated physical system made over thousands of years of development of the human race, the fifty years of high-speed development of the inner world was far too immature . The things mentioned by the powerful ability users could only act as a motion, to be tentatively heard .

Right now, this kid was contemplating these complex topics . Did this mean that Formatting Theory possessed quite a value?

He he, I'll have to go through a good digging when I get back!

"He's really chatting with him?"

Zhang Yingying's head felt dizzy, and her brain swelled from listening via their three-way communications . She couldn't refrain from grumbling, "Don't just do as you please to the point that you lose yourself . Puppeteer is an extremely dark fellow . Hey, I think I heard someone mention Snake Tongue . It's Snake Tongue, right?"

Luo Nan continued to spout away for Puppeteer . It seemed that he didn't hear Zhang Yingying . In the end, Xue Lei whispered in confirmation, "Yep they said Snake Tongue . There's also a Tank . They are currently at Gear . They threatened Nanster . "

"That sinister woman is quite famous . She's a true-blooded mage . . . . Oh shit . I just looked it up . She isn't part of the investigation team at all . She just snuck over . "

Zhang Yingying smacked her steering wheel . "Right now, the official vice leader of the investigation team is under control . But the people over there might not know about that variable, Snake Tongue . I need to let the reinforcements know; otherwise, they'll be sent to her belly . "

Xue Lei's heart constricted a bit . "This person is very hard to deal with?"

"She's a character who has reached the Architect level early on, but she and Nanster are a bit alike . She doesn't have a good body, so she stays out of view most of the time, rarely showing herself . However, she specializes in hexes, and she knows interrogation and assassination techniques . She's sinister and vicious . When she really wants to hurt someone, she can stealthily travel over a thousand kilometers in an out-of-body state to a different city… . Oh my god!"

Zhang Yingying didn't smack the steering wheel this time . She smacked her large legs instead . "Be careful with this one . You must be careful . You've spoken a pile of nonsense there so far, but if she's in her out-of-body state, she can get to Ocean Sky Cloud City from Gear with just a thought!"

Xue Lei's scalp was going numb from just listening . He immediately opened his mouth to warn Luo Nan, "Nanster . . . . "

Xue Lei's voice just left his mouth when Luo Nan pushed off against the protective glass wall with his back to stand up . He gently said, "Words spoken purely with the mouth may not be understood properly . In this case, I can perform a demonstration . "

Puppeteer keenly observed the subtle changes occur over on Luo Nan's side, especially with Xue Lei . Xue Lei was clearly communicating with someone, and obtained some new information . His mind went alert, and his body rapidly transitioned into a battle-ready state, all while not changing the expression on his face at all .

"Demonstration? I feel you explained things quite well just now . The concept of the order frame, I already understand it . It's actually a domain, a small universe . A different way of talking about the power of heaven and earth . Am I right?"

"Wrong . "

Luo Nan responded directly and efficiently, "The core of what I just said doesn't lie in order frames, but in coupling . The former has a myriad of names, but its origin still lies within the myriad of connections between each other… . My mother unified these connections into a classification called 'coupling' . I feel that it is a very appropriate name . "

At the end, Luo Nan's blood red eye sockets opened up into small slits . A deep, dark desolation lurked within the color of blood, and they fell in front of the Heavenly Ocean Lake . Atop a collapsed figure .

"An excellent example can be seen upon the person who is playing dead . "

Black Beetle, who hadn't moved for a while and whose face met with the ground, felt a shiver run through his body, as well as his scalp go numb . He felt Xue Lei in front, and Puppeteer in the back, all cut their gazes over like blades .

At the same time, he inexplicably felt an ice-cold sensation at the bottom of his heart . The coldness seeped out, cracking like the splitting of layers of ice . It was like the alien whisperings of a deep, dark hole . It lingered, not dispersing .