Master of the Stars - Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: Chapter 328: Hovering Target (Part 3/3)

Chapter 328: Hovering Target (Part 3/3)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan understood tacitly when he met Worker Zhai's gaze . "Then, let me try . "

"Hellooo . I did use my penetrative energy . " Crag Burst wasn't about to give up . He was a bit impolite, for he harbored vigilance deep down . "You were talking to me first, not even mentioning Nanster . Plus, there isn't much difference when comparing me to Leister . Why can't I achieve the same result as him?"

Worker Zhai responded gently, "I'm thinking of two reasons . One is that my amplification device is more suitable for mentally enhanced ability users . And you, a typical case of physical enhancement, have a different direction of interference . The second is that the miniature rhombohedron may be similar to our wristbands . There is a level for daily application, and there is a different level for developers . "

Crag Burst rubbed his large bald head . He felt that what Worker Zhai said was reasonable, and he turned his gaze toward Luo Nan . Luo Nan nodded and said, "The work Worker Zhai did just now was extremely delicate and precise . He used his mental power and borrowed a bit of electrical current from within the device to realize an amplification of interference in the material plane . But when it comes to you, Brother Crag Burst, you completely destroy the amplification effects . "

"So it was like this . " Crag Burst nodded his head and looked at Worker Zhai once more, this time with a different meaning in his eyes . "Do you have an affinity for electrons? This is quite a decent ability . It's especially suitable for a repair technician . You can be considered a tiger that has grown wings . There aren't any places without electricity these days . "

Worker Zhai burst out in laughter . "It isn't suitable for a repair technician; it's necessary . If I wasn't a mentally-inclined ability user who can realize an affinity with electrons, engaging in deeper research would just be wishful thinking . "

He cast his gaze at Luo Nan with complicated emotions . "I don't even dare to think about the level of visual power that people like Mr . Luo possess . Us amateurs who haven't even started are indeed left in the dust when compared with the Awakened . "

"This one here, Nanster, has special circumstances . " Crag Burst made way for Nanster as he spoke . He easily added, "I really feel like I've seen this toy somewhere before . "

Luo Nan didn't speak . He took a step forward and grasped the metal rod . The tentacles of the miniature rhombohedron within the device cavity had retracted when Crag Burst had let go, and Luo Nan didn't put out his power in time . The tentacles fully retracted, and Luo Nan didn't make any further movements .

"What's wrong?" Crag Burst didn't understand .

"He should be observing . " Worker Zhai Worker Zhai was a precision-slanted mentally enhanced ability user . Even though it was impossible for him to perceive Luo Nan's actions on the mental plane, he was able to guess the relevant train of thought .

Crag Burst went, "Oh . " He felt a bit embarrassed for being suspicious of Worker Zhai just now . He pressed against his earlobe and did a general gesture as a member of the Society . "Let's add each other as friends . "

Worker Zhai laughed wryly and waved his hand . "It's embarrassing, but it's impossible for me to add people . "

"Huh!? You don't have an ID on the Psychic Wave Network?"

"I have one, but it's very hard to use normally . " Worker Zhai shook his head again . "I have just that bit of mental power, and I have yet to reach the level that will allow me to interfere with reality at anytime and anywhere . So, I have only been able to wander around the perimeter of the circle for these past few years . I rely on my trade to make a bit of a living . Fortunately, Papercut looks out for me . He frequently introduces work for me . "

It was without a doubt that Luo Nan was introduced to Worker Zhai in this way .

Crag Burst asked inquisitively, "It can't be that bad? I saw that your interference ability was quite precise… . "

"That's because I'm in this workshop . Outside of here, I am no different from a normal person . ”

Worker Zhai glanced at Luo Nan . He saw how Luo Nan had yet to do any actions, and he turned back and said, "Psychic Wave Network has expended a great deal of energy in trying to set me up with that Awakening Ritual . But my talent has its limits . Five years have passed, and all I have is a slight increase in my electron affinity ability . I'm quite lacking in other aspects . I need to rely on a 'hearing aid' to be able to use the HexaEar and access the Psychic Wave Network . Currently, I can only reach the second layer, which allows me to watch videos, listen to the radio, and the like . It's impossible for me to interact and communicate . "

"Hearing aid? Is that something you designed?" Crag Burst was able to grasp a general understanding . This was another amplification device . He was a bit curious . "Amplification devices are of special interest for the people of the Society who work in mechanical and electronic designs . The bigger the scale, the better in regard to four or five dimensions . "

"You're talking about the four dimensions of measurement . " Worker Zhai was a man of technical expertise . He always paid particular attention toward such theories . He was about to discuss this with Crag Burst some more when Luo Nan suddenly let out a long breath . Luo Nan's palm left the metal rod .

The miniature rhombohedron within the device cavity remained in its initial state . The state was a complete reversal of the progress Worker Zhai and Crag Burst just made .

Xue Lei, who was observing from afar, wasn't involved in Crag Burst's and Worker Zhai's discussion . He had been observing Luo Nan's methods from beginning to end . He was disappointed because of this . "Nanster, is it no good?"

"I want to take it out and try . " Luo Nan turned to look at Worker Zhai . "The device doesn't help me much . It's amplification direction should primarily be in power . I feel that it's better to penetrate deeper . "

Depth, intensity, sensitivity, and affinity were the four dimensions of measurement that Worker Zhai had just mentioned . Namely, they were the four basic metrics for the Society involving mental power . These metrics didn't possess any particularly strict logic or scientific foundation . They were primarily established by common agreement, reflecting the vagueness of the study of supernatural powers in the modern era .

Worker Zhai didn't object . "My specialty is in electronic devices and mechanical design . The issue lies in the internal structure of this little thing . As far as the mental realm is concerned, you have the final say . "

Worker Zhai opened the device cavity as he spoke, and the miniature rhombohedron slid out from the vice . He placed it on the outer edge of the workbench .

Luo Nan studied the object a few times before asking, "Worker Zhai mentioned that it isn't enough for the structure to transform kinetic energy . By that you mean… . "

"From the situation clearly shown in the video, the tiny object still has yet to reveal the structures allowing two capabilities—magnetic levitation and energy storage . Plus, I want to know where its power components are located . "

Worker Zhai easily drew out a structural drawing on the hologram . It matched with the structure that transformed kinetic energy . "From the perspective of conventional thought, the miniature rhombohedron is like an integrated circuit . There are no problems when it’s used in electronic devices, but to drive a tai chi ball weighing several hundred kilograms, what medium does it use to do this work? The tentacles are a decent choice . It just needs to combine the two parts of the drive and work together . However, I have yet to discover the relevant structural design that does this . "

Luo Nan now gained a general understanding . "Worker Zhai, so you're saying that there should be more of those tentacles that form more structures . "

Worker Zhai's digital pen rapped against the hologram . "Motion, precision, and sufficient sturdiness are needed . "

Crag Burst listened to their discussion, and his previous thoughts floated back to the surface of his mind, this time clearer than before . There was just a thin layer of paper blocking them . He rubbed his head hard . "The tentacles, structures, precision… . Oh, how does that happen?"

Luo Nan laughed and asked again, "In other words, the miniature rhombohedron drives the tai chi ball . And it's very likely that this is accomplished through those tentacles?"

Worker Zhai barely nodded when Crag Burst smacked his own head hard . "Hot damn! A dynamo core!"

Luo Nan didn't speak any further . He drew in a long breath, and his towering iceberg-like mental power resonated with the heart lantern of the eyes orifice from afar . Invisible thunder crackled and flared, forming what seemed to be the essence of lightning within the depths of the cracks of his eyes . The lightning cleaved down through space .

The miniature rhombohedron inexplicably trembled at the focus of his gaze .

The object couldn't compare to his external neuron . It also couldn't compare to Jack's Deep Sea Type IV Dynamo Core . But it radiated on the mental plane, and the psychic light answered and resonated with the lightning within Luo Nan's eyes . Indeed, this was the light that exclusively belonged to dynamo cores!