Master of the Stars - Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: Chapter 336: Atop the Electric Shuttle

Chapter 336: Atop the Electric Shuttle

Translator: Strivon

Autumn turned into winter, increasing the nights and decreasing the days . Half of the allotted afternoon school society time had yet to pass when the rays of the setting sun cast upon Acumen College . The sun dyed everything with a layer of red, vaguely matching with the Wilderness within the projection .

Luo Nan rode the campus's electric shuttle . He headed toward the auditorium with half-lidded eyes . He looked like he was sleeping, but he was not .

Xue Lei didn't mind . Splitting the consciousness for two uses . Luo Nan had been like this for the entire day, not resting for a short moment . But Luo Nan's wrist band started to vibrate . It did so for several dozen seconds, and Xue Lei could even hear the buzz . This brother still wasn't responding . What the heck?

Xue Lei couldn't hold back at last . He gave Luo Nan a push . "Someone's calling you!"

Luo Nan went, "Ah,” and finally snapped out of it . He saw who it was on the caller ID and put the call through . "Hello, Third Brother . "

Hu Huaying was the one who called . The call barely connected when he smacked Luo Nan with a question, "Nanster, where are you?"

"I'm heading to Gear right now . "

"Okay . Hurry up a bit . The construction team is wrapping up for today . The underground facilities are pretty much all repaired now . They gave Old Xie a call, and Old Xie gave me a call to ask you to check it out . "

"Check it out?"

Luo Nan felt that things were quite amusing . Since Gear had been damaged by the fires last week, that place had become a location where supernatural entities gathered . There were five, six, seven, eight spies stuffed there . What was there to check out? The volume of intelligence each faction was gathering?

Of course, this matter had nothing to do with Xie Junping and Hu Huaying . When all was said and done, all of this was caused by Luo Nan being too high-profile back then, and the display of his extraordinary attachment to Gear . Even if there was nothing odd about Gear, Luo Nan's actions were bound to stir the attention of several eyes . What's more, this place was not that simple .

Luo Nan's emotions swung twice before he responded with a whisper, "I know . I'll be there in a minute . "

Luo Nan hung up and leaned back . He furrowed his brows subconsciously .

Xue Lei turned to look at him . "You're no longer attending the meeting?"

Luo Nan grunted and said, "Nope, it's too long . I don't really understand as well . "

Actually, some of Luo Nan's words were insincere . Xue Lei couldn't tell, but he was curious . He asked, "What did they talk about?"

"They talked about things like Mutants, genetic infection, and the probability of transmission . " Luo Nan used telepathy to inform Peony as he talked with Xue Lei . He just left a bit of will to give Ink reins as he completely withdrew his attention .

It was already half past four in the afternoon . Seven hours had passed since the meeting started . Luo Nan withdrew, subconsciously letting out a sigh of relief .

As the meeting dragged on, the discussions grew more and more technical and specialized . Such specialized knowledge was too obscure and abstract for a high school student . From time to time, it was simply like listening to a different language . To forcefully try to understand it was a waste of brain power, and this would also bring about issues with accuracy .

He might as well just listen to the conclusion . The Hidden Indigo Firm were arranging things this way, after all . Luo Nan finally realized Zhang Yingying's kindness . If things were to follow in the style of today's meeting, there wasn't much he had to do for the next few days .

However, Luo Nan had to admit that he really learned a lot from this long meeting . Much of the specialized knowledge regarding Mutants and the Wilderness, as well as the related intelligence analysis, were unheard of and unseen until now .

Luckily, Luo Nan had taken lessons from the Society recently . Otherwise, Luo Nan would lack even the most basic of common knowledge in these subjects .

"These days, you need to be careful of cats, dogs, birds, bats, mice, and other animals like these . Don't get hurt by them . Right, there's the recycling stratum in the Dual River District . You need to be careful of people too . "

"What happened? A viral infection? An epidemic?"

"It's not that serious . The effects on normal people isn't too big . It's mainly us who are . . . " Luo Nan recalled the knowledge he gained from the meeting, giving Xue Lei a warning .

The virus transmitted by the Mutant was such that the stronger the infected person, the greater likelihood of mutation . Ability users were people at high risk .

It was like some time ago with the crisis from the divide and spread of the Human-Faced Arachnid . Aside from the unlucky few who got too close, normal people practically escaped unscathed . But several people of Xia City's ability user society branch were controlled by this parasite, creating a huge mess .

That was an infection on the mental plane . As for the Winghand Bloodbat, the poison and the virus were transmitted via blood . Physically enhanced ability users would find themselves attracting the Winghand Bloodbats like flies .

Xue Lei's tooth ached just listening to Luo Nan . He gritted his teeth and couldn't help asking a few details .

Luo Nan acted as a translator . He took all the information he knew and selected the information that directly concerned him . He simply requested Xue Lei to refrain from spreading this information . It was fine to warn his family to take note . If any symptoms appeared, they should promptly contact the Society .

"Isn't this a bio-crisis? And the city is hiding it like this? There hasn't been any rumors of it at all . I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me… . Oh right, will there be any problems with you telling me these things?"

"I have signed a confidentiality agreement," laughed Luo Nan as he waved his hand . "The agreement is written very clearly . The Hidden Indigo Firm and its shareholders have the right to know and follow the developments in the situation . We are also allowed the discretion to notify parties of interest . However, our actions must not cause social impacts… . So isn't this okay?"

"Social impacts?" Xue Lei didn't quite understand .

"No informing the various authoritative media and social media . Do not cause rumors . This should be all right . "

Xue Lei let out a breath of relief, and he couldn't help from breaking into laughter . "This agreement isn't worth sh*t . "

"It's quite an unequal one . "

This clause was extremely vague . To follow to the letter resulted in a limit that was practically boundless . The Xia City's branch was Hidden Indigo Firm's shareholder . They also worked for the public good . Xue Lei was a member of the Society . Legally, it wasn't a problem for Xue Lei to know .

In the meeting, it was unknown just how many times Peony used methods like these to torment Wu Bin to the point of wanting to cry but being unable to . This was something else Luo Nan had gained today .

In addition to the discussion of specialized knowledge, the meeting also involved techniques and skills of office politics . Peony, Long Seven, Director Wu Bin, and Intelligence Officer Axel Thue displayed excellent performances in regard to this .

Luo Nan expressed himself quite emotionally while explaining it to Xue Lei, "The flashing of blade light and sword shadows . To kill without a sound . What sort of minds does this group of people have?"

He really admired them .

Luo Nan had experienced many things since entering the inner world . He was always within the eye of the storm, and he always became the target of fire . There were many times when he needed to forge ahead, contend against enemies, and work with his teammates . He never had any leeway to rest .

In fact, his experiences proved that he wasn't a natural leader . He was crippled in this aspect to a degree .

He spent most of his time past the age of ten doing experiments and immersing himself in research . His introverted nature was one that was nearly that of a hermit . He had no concept of certain matters at all . He could only move in accordance to what he felt . There were many flaws in his chain of actions, and many times what he did was for naught . Luckily, his fortune was decent . He had the power revealed to him by Formatting Theory . He also had assistance from He Yueyin, Zhang Yingying, and big shots like Ouyang Chen . Only in this way did he not die a violent death, and instead, endured the many bumps on the road of life to this day .

In today's meeting, Luo Nan remained behind the scenes, a rarely seen action . He just left a strand of consciousness tied to Ink's body . He collected his mouth, only bringing his eyes and ears . He increased his knowledge using only pure observation, obtaining real benefits .

He learned in particular from Peony and Long Seven . Peony was a very strong individual, but she was extremely good at utilizing her beauty to gloss over and dispel matters . On the other hand, Long Seven was a needle concealed in silk floss, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance . His sharp, prideful air was concealed behind an aura of confidence and ease produced from his words and actions .

Occasionally, the two would oppose each other with equal intensity . Occasionally, the two cooperated closely . Being divided or being together was unfixed . They brought Wu Bin, a seasoned character at the scene, under their rhythm . The team leader had long since become merely the team leader in name .

This sort of scene's ability to grab one's attention was much more powerful than that of the dry and boring classroom lectures .

Peony and Long Seven were in their twenties, but their stores of knowledge, their bearings, their words and actions, and their natures and characters were quite brilliant to Luo Nan . Luo Nan admired them… and perhaps felt inferior in comparison .

He was only six or seven years younger, but they were this different . Would he be able to reach their level through the experience of six or seven years?

All right, these hopes seemed uncertain… .

A call from another person came right when Luo Nan was describing the situation to Xue Lei . This time, the call came from a different channel . The HexaEar vibrated . It was Zhang Yingying .

The connection was made, and this sister excitedly smacked him in the face with a question, "You've been stunned by them, right?"

"Quite stunned," Luo Nan spoke with sincere emotion, "Your firm is filled with the elite . Peony is quite amazing . It seems like she's even from our school?"

"Tsk, you've simply jumped ship to go catch lobsters, and now you're speaking modestly? Don't go blindly praising others . What about you?"

"Me? What can I do? I'm just pretending to be a crow over there… . "

"Crow, my a*s! It's more like you're out of it! Big bro, you're the core of this project, okay? Being elite doesn't matter . If you don't talk, they'll just play hide and seek at Xia City!"

Zhang Yingying's mood was erratic . She was all smiles before, but now she was frustrated because Luo Nan did not meet her expectations . "The firm has outsourced this project to you because we look favorably upon your mental sensing ability . All the work depends upon your actions . Letting our firm do all the work is the same as tossing money away . The least you can do is listen!"

Luo Nan didn't know how he should respond . This quarrel was different from the ones in the past . Zhang Yingying was speaking completely from his standpoint . She exhausted all there was to talk about . There probably wasn't anything he could refute with .

He was speechless for a long time, and it was Zhang Yingying who sighed in the end . She slowed down and said, "I'm not reproaching you . I just feel that this is an excellent chance for you . The job is practically tailor-made for you . Just do things like in a video game… . "

"This, the invasion of Mutants, can't be considered a game . "

"A metaphor . It was just a metaphor, okay? Haven't you realized it? Your biggest problem is that you're too stressed . The work is to search out these Mutants . You're pretty much the only one with a mental sensing ability on this level in Xia City . Aside from the boss and the president, there's no one who is better than you . This is your specialty . This is your field . You're the authority here . If you don't establish a frame now, when will you?"

" . . . . "

"Oh my god!"

Luo Nan's silence spelled the problem very clearly . Zhang Yingying couldn't hold back from tilting her head to the sky and sighing, "Your performances at Frost River Reality and at Ocean Sky Cloud City were quite kick*ss . You stifled people to the point of madness . You cheated people to the point of spitting blood . You killed people, totally annihilating them . You were godlike . But with just a few days of time, you're shrinking more and more . "

"I haven't shrunk," Luo Nan wanted to correct her for his own sake .

"Yes . Yes, you old man . You're growing, but it doesn't hurt to stand up straight everyday . Are you getting enough oxygen to your brain?"

Zhang Yingying shot her mouth off like a machine gun . She mowed down with a rapid-fire beat, "Relax . Relax your mind . What are you stressed about? Are you afraid of embarrassment? Don't say that you're an authority . Even if you make a small mistake, you're not really appearing in person . What's wrong with making a mistake? That crow . Its name is Ink, right? It is a mask . And you use it to conceal yourself . No one knows who you are . You can laugh or you can curse . You can cry or you can vent . They won't know who you are unless you tell them . "

Luo Nan asked stupidly, "A mask?"