Master of the Stars - Chapter 35.2

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Chapter 35.2

Chapter 35: Secretary He (Part 2/2)

Zhang Yingying was causing a scene without regarding the location . Obviously she would draw people’s eyes . The people ahead who had already stepped into the dinner venue included Xue Lei, and they turned around one after another . They couldn’t clearly hear what Zhang Yingying was saying, but they naturally went mute when they saw this scene .

Luo Nan was being choked by Zhang Yingying; he couldn’t perform any movements at all . Zhang Yingying gave a sly smile to the people ahead and waved her hand, while reigning in Luo Nan to a corner .

Xue Lei and the others could only assume that these two had some secret couple business to talk about . They glanced at each other and entered the venue with shaking heads . On the contrary, this interruption had actually continued to alleviate the tense atmosphere between Chen Xiaolin and Xue Lei . Those two looked away and started another conversation .

“Let go!”

To be reigned in by the neck by a girl, to be forcefully abducted, and to not even be able to have the strength to retaliate back at all, caused Luo Nan to receive serious harm to his ego . He was really angry .

Sure, Zhang Yingying were naturally familiar with each other . But from his perspective, Zhang Yingying and him clearly weren’t at that level of familiarity .

Perhaps Zhang Yingying could feel his mood, but more likely it was because of her own emotional state of mind calming down; Zhang Yingying let go with her arms by herself, returning back to her laughing and giggling self . She pressed against Luo Nan’s chest while Luo Nan was fuming:

“I was worried that you hadn’t understood the situation yet . Are you sure you came here to participate in this cold dinner party?”

“ . . . . . . ”

Luo Nan was speechless for a time and the anger in his heart was increasing without end . He took a deep breath: “Then why did you even follow me up to the 27th floor?”

“Because I needed to make a decision . ” Zhang Yingying was confident in her actions . “If you didn’t have any reaction at all to the HexaEar, my decision would have been to kick you down a floor to avoid losing a person . ”

“Luo Nan sneered: “I responded to it, so now you decided to choke me?”

“Hehe, that was just an accident caused by being over excited . Guys shouldn’t be small…… or something . I was also just happy for you~ . After all, for an unawakened ability candidate such as yourself to be able to access the HexaEar and enter the Psychic Wave Network, it is really rarely seen . ”

“Psychic Wave Network?” Luo Nan couldn’t avoid having his attention deviating to a different topic . Frankly speaking, Zhang Yingying’s fussing appearance gave him some idea .

Zhang Yingying responded with a question: “What do you think the HexaEar is?”

“A special electronic device . ”

“Bingo! The HexaEar is a telepathic device created by President Ouyang of our branch . Don’t make fun of it . Our big shot president is bad at naming things . ”

Zhang Yingying promoted this person once again with laughs and giggles: “I won’t explain the concept to you . I’ll let you personally chat with the big shot president on the way back . All you need to understand is that the HexaEar is a special communications device . It has a total of six levels of communications . The most simple of which is the radio . It's a unidirectional psychic wave transmission . As long as you’re an ability user or have the gift to become an ability user, you will be able to receive this special psychic wave . So you count as meeting the requirement . ”

Luo Nan thought about the gentle artificial voice: “So it was that ‘Welcome to the Society’?”

“Mhm . Oh right . You should have a number . What did you get?”

“5357 . ”

“OK, wait for me to add you as a friend . ”

Zhang Yingying suddenly stopped as another idea appeared in the blink of an eye: “How about you add me . Get familiar with the interface . My number is 6166 . Oh by the way, the following two communications levels are the video and computing levels . The video is still a unidirectional signal transmission . It tests the mental response and abilities of the ability user . I call it ‘Channeling’ . Since you are a precision slanted ‘Mentally Enhanced’, you should have dominance in this aspect . ”

“And at the ‘computing’ level, you can achieve interactive functions between man and machine . Though the pre-established special frequency band of the society, you can mutually communicate as network navigators . You need some capability of mentally meddling with reality in order to reach this level . This is generally a privilege for the ‘Awakened’ . Anyway, you’re a psychic or perhaps you have a gift so it’s ok . ”

“I’m not a Gifted Class . ”

Luo Nan emphasized once again, caring quite a bit about this aspect . He was certain that without his breakthrough in Formating, without the formation of the heavily chained crow, he absolutely wouldn’t be that sort of psychic… . . .

Maybe he wasn’t a psychic at all!

Zhang Yingying spread out her hand: “Okay~ Up to you . Though if you don’t add me as a friend, I’m going to doubt that you have the ability in the first place . ”

Luo Nan’s face went cold . He followed Zhang Yingying’s words and tried to add her as a friend, but there was a challenge in front of his eyes:


“Who in the world fills out that trifling profile thing? What if you attract the bad attention of some fellow? Wouldn’t that be the same as sending your neck onto someone else’s blade?”

Zhang Yingying had a disdainful expression . She incited Luo Nan once more: “Just skip it okay . Come on . Use telepathy to control it . Try adding me as a friend? Relax . HexaEar’s obscure computational capabilities are extremely strong . All you need is to have the ability, think of whatever, and it will be fine… . . . Wow!”

While Zhang Yingying was exclaiming in astonishment, Luo Nan saw the translucent interface change with a variation in front of his eyes . It displayed, “You have added 6166 as a friend . ” Then a fuzzy squirrel leapt out . It even bowed towards him with clasped paws… . . .

To the other side, Zhang Yingying puffed out with laughter: “My god! You used your student photo . How foolish!”

“You’re acting cute by using a squirrel! The word stupid is written all over it!”

Luo Nan responded sarcastically, but he also discovered that there didn’t seem to be much difference between this device and communication software products on the market . He tried to change his own display and soon the relevant modifying interface popped up . He thought for a bit, and he uploaded his visualization diagram .

The tetrahedron, its inscribed sphere, and its outer scribed sphere rotated within the pitch black void . It contained a hint of mysticism and profoundness .

Luo Nan never took the visualized diagram to be something that was a secret to never be proclaimed . On the contrary, he wished to reveal this to as many people as possible . He wished to proclaim this diagram along with other various related theories of his grandfather .

There was just one thing . Luo Nan still understood very little of the marvels within; he absolutely wasn’t qualified to preach about it . But as long as he got the chance, he would be very willing to let more people to have a deeper understanding of this diagram .

Having become Luo Nan’s friend, Zhang Yingying was naturally the first to see this change . She muttered, “Old perfectionist . ” And didn’t speak any further .

Luo Nan was still mulling over the deeper levels of the HexaEar . After all, Zhang Yingying had said that there were six levels of use to it in total . She had only explained three of them . What were the later three?

But then a indicator sounded out before he could ask in detail . A friend request popped up on the retina interface .

He had just entered the network . How could someone add him as a friend? He swept his gaze to the number that was indicated to be 5156 . Obviously who would be able to tell any information from this? He could only ask Zhang Yingying:

“Who’s 5156?”


Zhang Yingying blinked her eyes, seemingly checking on her own HexaEar . In the end she donned an appearance of sudden realization: “The society matched a secretary for you . The society has always treated its members very well . Haha!”

It would be a wonder to believe you .

Luo Nan gave Zhang Yingying a glance, but in the end he still added 5156 as a friend . Soon the other side sent a new request . The “Wartime Encrypted Communications” made one quite speechless . He couldn’t help giving Zhang Yingying another glance as he felt skeptical of what this girl was concealing . But in the end, he still put the call through .

He accepted the request and a cold and sharp voice was transmitted to his ear . It was a female voice that wasn’t the least bit sloppy at all: “Mr . Luo . I am He Yueyin, your temporary secretary arranged by the society . What floor are you on sir? I will go welcome you sir . ”


Luo Nan still had not recovered from his shock when this Secretary He continued: “Please share your geographical coordinates at the same time sir, for easy contact during wartime . Over . ”

… . . . Had she returned to the Third War era?