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Master of the Stars - Chapter 359

Published at 19th of June 2018 11:35:02 AM

Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Sibling Seizure (Part 1/3)

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Translator: Strivon

Gym Master Xiu's lessons weren't long . He stated that he had already taught the things that should be taught in the near future . All that was left was for Luo Nan to experience things for himself .

Luo Nan wasn't in a hurry to leave . He and Xue Lei sent off the students of basic class 5 before heading to the back courtyard . They helped Gym Master Xiu clean up and pack boxes, only leaving the daoguan at around nine .

Luo Nan and Xue Lei parted ways at the underground parking lot in Boshan Building . Luo Nan got into a security car dispatched by the Society, and he saw that the driver of the car was the same as last night's . He recalled that the driver's last name was Qin, but he wasn't too certain .

Neither of them were very talkative people . They just nodded as greeting when they saw each other . Luo Nan sat shotgun, leaning back against the seat . As the car sped along the highway, Luo Nan minded his own business, closing his eyes in thought .

Right now, three systems of inner organs, the heart, liver and spleen, were driving the rise and fall of the blood and energy in Luo Nan's entire body . Blood and energy soaked everything in his body . They soaked his muscles, bones, tendons, and so on . The blood and energy traversed up to the face, where the eyes orifice was like a lantern, and the orifice of the mouth and tongue was like a pond of nectar . Blood and energy naturally spun . It was marvelous and outstanding .

However, Luo Nan had few stirrings when it came to the mysterious changes occurring in his body . As of now, his mind was completely focused on the knowledge of the root receptacle, root nature, and root trigger . His thoughts flickered unstably, occurring again and again .

Then came a flash of insight . It seemed to mix with the dazzling starry sky of this afternoon . It drew out a whole new composition, but it shattered in the blink of an eye, causing Luo Nan to be excited yet frustrated .

Stop stop stop stop!

Gym Master Xiu had said it already . This sort of subdivision technique of insight absolutely could not be done in a fantasizing, guessing way . He needed to start from a realistic point . The best thing to do was to mix the internal and the external; that is, to see clearly the self and know others . Gradually become familiar with them and find an assessing principle of logic most suitable for himself .

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These ideas faintly fit into the concepts of Formatting Theory that only belonged to Luo Nan . They lay well within Luo Nan's liking, and they made him not dare approach things recklessly .

So Luo Nan made a decision . He would dedicate the entire weekend to practice what he obtained this night in earnest . For this sake, he needed to push back all the plans he had for these two days .

Luo Nan's current position in the Society was not the same as it was before . There was an entire security team following him, so he had to set out early if he wanted to make last minute changes to his schedule . This was to avoid inconvenient mishaps .

He immediately contacted He Yueyin . There wasn't much to hide with this matter . He simply told her that he needed to finish up and sort through what he newly obtained .

He Yueyin naturally supported him .

Luo Nan chatted with her for a bit before hanging up the call . His mind was a little more tranquil now, and he began making simple arrangements to his schedule for tomorrow and the day after .

For Saturday, he could hide in his room . He could continue familiarizing himself with lessons of the nine orifices and six roots . He could also ponder over the applications of the root receptacle, root nature, and root trigger . He could think them over and try things out . With the remaining time, he would continue refining the external neuron and see if he could make progress . During this period, he would allocate part of his consciousness over to Ink for experimental verification .

Sunday would be adjusted according to the progress made on Saturday . Such a schedule over the course of two days was completely packed . It was incomparably full .

If everything went smoothly, he could use this to stir up rumors . He could delve into the mysteries of Gear without anyone batting an eye… . That would be awesome!

Luo Nan was quite satisfied with his plan . He opened the loose-leaf notebook, turning to the simple schedule, and made adjustments . Once everything was ready, he took a deep breath, and with a good mood, he gave the bodyguard driver next to him a smile .

"It's been tiring these past few days . I'll be good and stay at home for tomorrow and the day after . I hope everyone can relax for a bit . ”

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Driver Qin wasn't good with words . He was a very steady person . Luo Nan’s time at the daoguan was unfixed, leading Driver Qin to spend nearly an hour in the underground parking lot . However, Driver Qin remained tranquil and calm . He gave off a much more reliable feeling than Old Jin of the Hidden Indigo Firm .

He just smiled toward Luo Nan, making no other responses .

Right when the car was about to resume a state of silence, Luo Nan's wristband vibrated . Someone was calling him .

He saw the caller ID and thought, Now this is very odd .  Mo Ya's name was clearly shown on his wristband .

This older female cousin had gone to Man City for a full month, going wild at a music festival and angering her mother into exploding with fury . Aside from Luo Nan being hospitalized twice giving quite the scare, causing Mo Ya to come back once, no news came from her most of the time .

Why was she calling him now?

The moment the call was connected, Mo Ya smacked him with a question, "Do you remember the favor you owe me?"

Don't you know that I blocked a bullet for you!?

Luo Nan nearly blurted this out, but in the end, he merely asked, "What favor?"

"Look at your call history . September 26th, 7:18 p . m . Remember now?"

" . . . . "

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"Forget it . In any case, you owe me a lot of favors . I won't care about this one . You just need to remember that you promised to pay me back; I want to use your apartment for a party!"

Luo Nan finally broke free from his insightful thoughts on the root receptacle, root nature, and root trigger . He obediently swept his gaze to his call history and did his best to remember for a few seconds, before finally recalling the matter .

It was the night before he had truly come to understand Formatting Theory . Mo Ya really did provide him with some cover . . . but it wasn't that useful . He was brought home the day after by his aunt .

Luo Nan was disinclined to bicker about with Mo Ya . "Right, I remember now . I think you asked for a day in the middle of October . What's today's date? Oh, you didn't show up because of the music festival . "

Yep, for the sake of attending the music festival in Man City, Mo Ya had set aside everything else . She was gone for the entire month, so naturally she missed all the appointments she had in Xia City .

Mo Ya snorted coldly . "Aren't I arranging things now? Let me tell you . I will be back around the fifth, and there will be a celebration party on that day… . Don't be nervous . This has nothing to do with you . I have a very good friend who can put things in order . You just clear out your apartment . "

"It's been about a month since I've been there . "

Luo Nan grumbled a few words . This was the truth . Since October began, he was always running around between the hospital and his aunt's house . His drug synthesis equipment might have all turned to ash . He no longer needed to do drug experiments now, but his grandfather's notebook, the relevant equipment, raw materials, and so on, all needed to be properly arranged .

Right, Octopus had already made some initial results on his end . He was anxiously awaiting the contents of Luo Nan's grandfather's notebook . Luo Nan should give Octopus the notebook .

Luo Nan went with the flow . "All right, I'll find the time to clean up . I'll talk to you later . "

"Don't dillydally . Tomorrow is the weekend . Get to it . Hurry up and do it . "

Luo Nan nearly spat out a mouthful of blood . "No way!"

"Wow, so blunt . "

"Monday, I'll get it done on Monday . "

"Monday is the 5th . The 5th is Monday . Are you getting a clean-up party ready for us?"

"I have something very important to do during the weekend!" Luo Nan crushed and spat out the words 'very important,’ trying to make Mo Ya realize the severity of the situation .

Realistically speaking, this was indeed very serious . He had given He Yueyin a call, seeking to cancel all of his scheduled plans for tomorrow . With how efficient Secretary He was, this matter was surely already arranged by now . If he were to turn his head and retract it, He Yueyin's authority could not be maintained, let alone his reputation .

If he didn't follow the plan and went to go out by himself, then things would become even more serious . It was the same as taking He Yueyin's customs and crushing them beneath his feet .

But it was impossible to let Mo Ya know of this matter, let alone have her understand it . Luo Nan just felt stifled and broken .

Mo Ya went silent for a while . She spoke a few seconds later, "Is it very important? An appointment?"

Luo Nan moaned, "Sis, I'm not lying . . . . "

It was right in this instant that Driver Qin gestured something to Luo Nan with his hand .

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