Master of the Stars - Chapter 367

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Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Hidden Rules (3/3)


Translator: Strivon


Oh, this untamable and wild fellow!


Luo Nan would never go so far as to consider himself a god, let alone would he be bewildered to the point of being lost from a few words of offering from Baze . The radiance of the heart lantern of the eyes orifice pointed straight at Baze's essence, naturally applying the technique of subdivision Luo Nan just learned from Gym Master Xiu . Oh yeah, Fairchild had told him a few key circumstances last time they met .


Luo Nan had formed a general judgment of Baze’s character .


This fellow would forever chase power, stopping at nothing . He only had his sights on power . He didn't care about being bound to any conditions, especially those from so-called gods, doctrines, and other illusory things .


The root receptacle could be remolded, the root nature could be controlled, and the root trigger was appropriate… . Huh, it looked like this was possible to do .


Right now, Luo Nan lacked the most in his observation and verification . His thoughts churned once more, and the beam of light from the heart lantern of the eyes orifice fell downward, piercing the space between Baze's eyebrows .


Luo Nan was startled in this instant, becoming terrified . Under the living starry sky, the cry of the chains grew clearer . The incorporeal yet boundless power fused with the beam of light coming from the heart lantern of the eyes orifice . It ignored spatial distance, and was nondiscriminatory, as it pierced inside Baze's body .


The interference ability of the heart lantern was not worth mentioning in the face of a power B-rank ability user . But it carried that fantastical and warped power, and this power instantly displayed its effects upon Baze's body .


Baze's reaction was great . His cheeks contorted as the muscles of his body spasmed violently . Yet throughout all this, Baze's lips remained spread open, revealing an ugly and unbridled smile .


Bang! The hard bed beneath Baze split apart inexplicably, sending particles flying into the air . Baze stood up, his feet touching the ground . He staggered a bit, but he still maintained his posture with extended arms and a head held high . He was more like a mad believer than any other .


Actually, this fellow was merely excited . The only thing he believed in was power . . . power that was his own .


Baze's foundation had been eroded by the chaos element, and he was tormented over and over by the half-baked rules Luo Nan bestowed upon him . His life force was at its weakest . His inner organs, muscles, tendons, skin, and flesh possessed only form; their functions were in disorder .


But in this moment, the fantastical and warped power of the living starry sky came pouring in under the illumination of the heart lantern of the eyes orifice . The warped power of enforcement represented some sort of hidden yet powerful rules of order .


Baze didn't really lack anything, save for a force of order that could conform the chaotic functions of the human body . So, he rejoiced in the internalization of these rules, even when these rules were chains and fences that were hard to break free from .


Anything was fine, as long as he possessed power .


For others, these rules of order represented a prison . But for Baze, it was the hardest backbone, the strongest framework . This was the foundation and insurance he chased after all this time .


Baze staggered a few steps before standing steadily in place . His gaze was sinister, glowing with a faint green aura . He had been held back for over twenty days, and was akin to a hungry and vicious beast that wished to hunt in the wild jungle… with his hunting ground none other than the metropolis outside .


In the next moment, Baze gave the metal door to the sealed room a hard kick . The door frame and the door were smashed out of the wall, flying outside .


There were members of the Order of Justice who were responsible for taking care of him . They conveniently monitored him . But one by one they became as dumbstruck as a wooden chicken . They saw Baze walk out with large strides and hands raised up high toward the ceiling . Perhaps it was toward a realm on an even higher level, but Baze yelled devoutly and madly,


"I praise you!"


Baze was clearly very pleased with the incorporeal yet powerful rules of order . The power he was reacquainted with in this moment made him feel that the price he paid was well worth it .


The Xia City Order of Justice was undoubtedly the weakest it had ever been these days . Baze regained much of his peak power after having his frame of body and soul remolded . Even First Oblatum Zheng Xiao, who was temporarily in charge of administering education, didn't have the courage to stop Baze . He just allowed Baze to swagger away .


Luo Nan felt that he did a bad thing… . He watched Baze laugh heartily out the door, and inexplicably felt a bit of a guilty conscience . Luo Nan shook his head, leaving a little telepathic intent to act in vigilance . Then, he continued his journey of clairvoyance within the heart lantern .


A weirdo such as Baze was merely an exception in the end .


The light of day gradually dimmed . Xia City's world of night was rapidly restoring with vigor . In a dimly lit alley, a drunk woman was grumbling incomprehensible words . She even tore off her denim shorts to cover her forehead in an attempt to block the beam of light invisible to the naked eye . This action was also an attempt to block the terrifying fetters that came with this light .


Of course, her actions were useless .


The drunk woman cursed loudly, and she dumped the contents of a bottle of alcohol she hid on her body upon her head . The alcohol ran down her hair, dripping onto her tender and soft shoulders . The liquid soaked her provocative tight-fitting shirt .


Such actions were unable to sober the woman, and the drunk woman stumbled out the alleyway . She bumped into a few smiling hoodlums, and the empty bottle of alcohol exploded to pieces upon the heads of this group of blind morons .


Luo Nan smiled wryly, and the heart lanterned changed focus once more .


This time, the focus pivoted to a point over a hundred kilometers away . It fell outside the main city district of Xia City . The beam of light from the heart lantern fell, and a wraith traveling through empty space suddenly stopped at precisely this time . Upon its body were dark chains pulling out from the greatest depths of the mental plain . The chains shattered, but incorporeal fetters and powerful pressure followed closely, making it instinctively shudder all the more . It didn't move for a time, no matter how much its handler spurred it .


The heart lantern illuminated with its clairvoyance in waves . Luo Nan heard a hoarse caw coming from Ink, and Ink flew up into the night sky, ignoring the curses of its agitated crow friends . Luo Nan even saw Xie Junping in some sort of religious venue . Xie Junping raised his head, looking all around, at a loss .


There was more . There was one more person . The slender figure lay silently upon a hospital bed . His eyelids moved slightly, but they didn't open in the end . Corresponding to this, a lone star, hidden for a long time, streaked across the living starry sky . It wound around half an orbit before fading away once more, and everything returned to tranquility .


Luo Nan observed for a full cycle, the glow of the heart lantern growing all the brighter . The light reflected into his heart, causing Luo Nan to suddenly wake up with a realization .


The living starry sky was being warped, but the order that appeared within this deformation was actually something he was very familiar with . He was even more familiar with this than the multiple interpretations of spatial order in modern physics .


Luo Nan lowered his head to look at the loose-leaf notebook he held in his hands . Upon the page was a typical drawing of the visualization diagram he had just drawn . There was also the title page of his grandfather's notebook and its general outline of Formatting Theory .


The structure consisting of a tetrahedron, an inscribed sphere, and an outer-scribed sphere .


If Luo Nan didn't have this intuitive and concise figure and its corresponding theories placed ahead, Luo Nan would have probably been lost within the bizarre rules of the living starry sky .


Yet right now his mind was very clear . The distortion of the living starry sky wasn't something new . Instead, he was the core . He drove the starry sky, and the starry sky was warped and divided into levels by him .


The distance of the thousands upon thousands of Life Sketch weren't based on spatial distance, but on a foundation of usefulness toward him . They formed many levels, which could be named the following: Student, Office Worker, Clergy, Politician… .


Yes, after transforming into a star atlas, the Format Pyramid intuitive structure had dissolved, but it seamlessly merged into the framework of the living starry sky .


Its rules were no longer that of geometric shapes, appearing simple and intuitive through a high level of generalization . Instead, it was now hidden in the depths of the living starry sky, appearing in an objective and subtle form .


The vast and grand living starry sky was on a mental level that stretched limitless . Though he was a young and clumsy student, Luo Nan was already able to obtain an answer when faced with this .


Wait, hold up, let's not get in over our heads . Let's just keep observing!