Master of the Stars - Chapter 38.1

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Chapter 38.1

Chapter 38: He Yueyin (Part ½)

The Black-Suited Male normally had quite the reaction speed; he had displayed adept twisting and evading maneuvers even during the battle with Xue Lei . The problem was that the elevator could only be so big . Xue Lei was protecting Luo Nan and Chen Xiaolin behind him, taking up at least half the space and leaving very little room for the Black-Suited Male . In the end, the male had to use his arm to block the hatch .

A bang rang out; the metal hatch had smashed against the Black-Suited Male’s elbow . No trace of the gargantuan strength from before could be seen . The light metal match was pounded into deformity . The last-second use of strength, and a miss-slip at that, made it unavoidable for the Black-Suited Male, no matter how swift and fierce he was, to sink into the stiffness of a corpse .

Xue Lei sneaked a peek and punched with a fist out of spite .

But then he caught a change in front of his eyes; it seemed that there was another human figure behind the Black-Suited Male . What followed was the crisp sound of bone shattering . Then the twisted body of the Black-Suited Male was sent colliding over .

Xue Lei made an error in judging distance in the next moment and he instinctively changed his fist into a palm in order to swat the Black-Suited Male aside . But suddenly a short body cut through the male . It was indeed bizarre . This person had cut their way between Xue Lei and the Black-Suited Male .

Right when Xue Lei had his arm pushing out, right when he was wide open, this opponent sent their palm up and smashed Xue Lei in the jaw . The vibrational energy was transmitted to his brain and Xue Lei’s body went paralyzed; he was unable to control his body no matter what he did . And right when he was struggling, a dagger had made its way to his neck . He couldn’t hold on any longer, and his eyes went white as he fainted .

The life or death battle had both parties defeated in a moment’s instant . And this loss of consciousness severed the life-force transferring channel of the Human-Faced Arachnid .

Although things were done roughly, this was an expert that adopted full measures!

Luo Nan’s mind roused for he immediately knew that reinforcements had arrived .  

The Human-Faced Arachnid’s rage was boundless . Its six demonic eyes suddenly lit up as it glimpsed to see who had just arrived . The ripples on the mental plane seemed to congeal with actual substance and came crashing down . It was none other than the Siege Hammer attack .  

Luo Nan’s mind was screaming, “Not good!” And he tried to use the heavily chained crow to interfere with the Human-Faced Arachnid . This time the chains really did display a difference due to Luo Nan being in an out-of-body state, stabbing far deeper into the void . It seemed to practically touch the core of the Human-Faced Arachnid, but it was still extremely difficult for immediate effects to appear .

Then in the next moment, a red glow stormed forth in the elevator .

Luo Nan had a certain urge to squint his eyes…… And his Soul Body responded in this way . This was because a layer of raging flames had stormed out this new reinforcement’s body right in front of him . The glow of flames was blazing, penetrating from inside-out with its light .

This Siege Hammer, which attacked directly against one’s soul, wiped out half the sea of flames with a rumble . But it was ultimately unable to break through it completely .  

On the contrary, the raging flames dampened a little and then expanded to explode with even more violence and power than before . It completely destroyed the attack on the mental plane, continuing to flood the entire elevator with the glow of flames . Its might was incomparable for a time .

The Format of Fire!

Luo Nan’s couldn’t help having his mind be in an upheaval . Soon he discovered that something was wrong . He was swept by the glowing flames and the exact same state of a thousand cuts of pain from yesterday reappeared on his Soul Body right now . But this time the penetrating freezing chill had completely transformed into a scorching burn .

So it turned out to be friendly fire… . . .

Luo Nan saw that the situation had turned for the worse . Any thoughts of waging a great battle in an out-of-body state were totally annihilated . But instead of going directly back inside his body, he fell back to hide behind his main body . He relied on the breathing of his main body to block this wave of calamity .

A hissing came from within the elevator at this moment as well . The glow of an ice-cold blade covered the space to brightly contrast with the surging flames within the elevator . The blending of the two was marvelous . The raging flames and the cold blade were glaring; their tracks were branded onto Luo Nan’s consciousness . It took a long time for them to disperse .

That blade looked to be quite familiar!

The Human-Faced Arachnid already felt pain by every means from being burned by the Format of Fire . And the aura of this blade made it even warier; it instinctively wanted to flee .

But at this very moment, the heavily chained crow finally displayed its usage after a moment of adaption . The chains suddenly crumbled and radiated a myriad of thin threads directly at the core of the Human-Faced Arachnid . Although the force was a bit off from being completely overwhelming, it didn’t matter what tricks the Human-Faced Arachnid pulled . The crow was able to execute its interfering and inhibiting .

To be able to slow the Human-Faced Arachnid by a trace was already enough .

The blade’s aura tore through space, flashing onto the incorporeal image of the Human-Faced Arachnid . It split a straight line through the body, scarring the Human-Faced Arachnid before vanishing to nothing .

The Human-Faced Arachnid hissed once more, but this time it was a blood-curdling shriek .

The shriek was unending . It had been so close to congealing a demonic body into reality, but it actually had been smashed apart into countless dark and deep rays of light . The light permeated through the elevator, scattering in all directions .

It still had this move left?

Luo Nan was extremely surprised . He could sense that the Human-Faced Arachnid had not received a fatal injury . The reason why it crumbled and dispersed was for the sake of fleeing, and nothing more .

With this sort of decision making, who would believe that this wasn’t an intelligent being?

The heavily chained crow withdrew, but Luo Nan felt something about the Wraith Sign in front . Amidst the chaos of the crumbling Human-Faced Arachnid, the Wraith Sign had torn off a piece of it, completely devouring this piece in an instant .

Luo Nan didn’t try to understand the effects in detail; it was bad to tarry . His Soul Body leaped towards his physical body through the hole and he opened his eyes .

From this perspective, he just so happened to see the blade’s harsh aura recede . Ultimately, it seemed to withdraw back into a sleeve . God knows how there was space to conceal a blade with those slim-fit tailored clothes .

Luo Nan could not help but carefully size up this person…… Hic . Looked a bit familiar from the back .

“This person……”

Luo Nan opened his mouth in order to speak, but he was suddenly hit with a spell of dizziness . His body leaned back to press against the wall of the elevator . The ice-cold metal was soon heated by the warmth of his body .

Indeed, using this out-of-body trick was a really dangerous move; the price was especially high . If the Soul Body were to receive an attack, then the fleshly body would bear a portion of the damage in the end . Also, he had not eaten dinner yet . He was already very hungry .

But now what was up with this “so bursting, so bursting, so bursting” feeling?

Luo Nan slowly inhaled and exhaled, trying to relieve the endless and increasing feeling of swelling . But it was useless . The “ate until bursting” feeling came from the mental plane . It seemed that the Wraith Sign had forgotten to take into account the size of its stomach when it had swallowed the piece of the Human-Faced Arachnid in one bite; it had become quite swollen from the Human-Faced Arachnid’s “gift” .  

This piece that was torn from the Human-Faced Arachnid comprised of not only pure energy but also a large quantity of information . The heavily chained crow had the inherent capability of analyzing information . But when faced with this enormous chaotic flood of information, it’s abilities were somewhat ineffective .

Clearly, this information had exceeded Luo Nan’s scope of understanding .

What to do? Oh, perhaps he could… . . .

Luo Nan stirred telepathically and the external receiving neuron, which was already buried within the flexible e-ink screen, responded to dock up with the heavily chained crow in an instant . It was as if a choke point had opened up . Luo Nan didn’t care whether or not this enormous quantity of information was useful; he just stuffed it all in .

His thought process was very simple . Up or down, just put it all in . The external neuron could control the several system modules of the laboratory simultaneously . It could control the sea of information that was in a super computer . There shouldn’t be a problem for it to handle this remnant of the Human-Faced Arachnid .

Reality soon proved that his judgment was correct . Towards all information external or internal, the external neuron took in whatever there was . There were no bad reactions whatsoever .

The resolution of his mental senses was finite and Luo Nan didn’t know how the external neuron ultimately operated . He had the urge to open up the flexible screen to take a look .

Then a hand reached out in front of him in the next second .