Master of the Stars - Chapter 88.1

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Chapter 88.1

Chapter 88: Rich Family (Part 1/2)

Chen Xiaolin was clearly waiting for Luo Nan .

Luo Nan greeted, "Sister Chen . "

Chen Xiaolin spoke very bluntly, "You were talking with Leister?"

Luo Nan felt a bit awkward and he felt a cough rush up at this time . He held it back, which caused his face to flush red . However, they had pulled some distance with their group up ahead . They could talk about some things now .

"I heard that Senior never wants to meet him . Actually, the matter . . . " Luo Nan barely managed to stave off his cough and wanted to explain but he didn't know what to say . After all, he knew that it was better for Chen Xiaolin to never know about the matters that he honestly wanted to say .

"I can more or less understand what happened . "


Chen Xiaolin looked towards Luo Nan but the focus of her eyes didn't fall onto his face, "My father used to be part of the special police and Leister's father is one as well . People with those occupations will always meet a few extremely dangerous situations . . . They don't use words or reason when facing the type of criminals that are destitute, vicious and extremely evil . They just use force as a way to resolve things . Isn't that right?" 

This understanding was right . Luo Nan could only nod his head .

"The work of a special police is very dangerous . Right now, Leister's father might be a police officer but my father wasn't as lucky . He exploded to pieces when sent on a mission one time . This happened about seven, eight years ago . "

Luo Nan was stunned after he heard her words . He wanted to open his mouth to console her but he also felt that such actions were meaningless . Moreover, Chen Xiaolin's attitude was extremely calm and undisturbed .

"I don't need to hide it from you Junior Nan . Leister really is my type; he's just like my father . He's resolute, strong, straightforward, and impressive . But after thinking about it, perhaps he will end up like my father . He will struggle up and down through all sorts of dangers and he will enjoy it and never become tired of it . I cannot handle this . " 

" . . . "

Chen Xiaolin shook her head amidst Luo Nan's silence . Then she suddenly laughed, "And more realistically speaking, I cannot understand the logic of you two . "

Luo Nan whispered, "Senior sister, you're saying . . . "


Chen Xiaolin watched him closely . "Why did you two appear like you thought everything was normal and expected during that kind of situation? Didn't you feel a hint of shock? Of panic? It seems like your surroundings were full of these sorts of situations . Do you realize it now? Your expressions at that time sent a chill down my heart!"

Chen Xiaolin took a deep breath once she spoke to this point . She finished off her words in the end, "Perhaps you two and I are not people of the same world . I can't understand you, I don't want to understand you, and more so, I don’t want anything to do with you . "

Luo Nan was once again silent . He did not speak up for a long time . Finally, he said, "I can pretty much understand your meaning senior sister but there’s something I completely don't understand about this matter . I hope that the two of you will at least get it out in the open like now . . . I think Leister, with his personality, absolutely isn't the type to be a stalker . Isn't that right?"

At the same time, Luo Nan could see that Chen Xiaolin was an extremely rational person . She was unlikely to change her mind once she had clarified her intentions . Luo Nan held a pessimistic attitude towards the results of Xue Lei coming over .  

Despite this, he couldn't act as Xue Lei's a substitute for this sort of thing .  

Chen Xiaolin was indeed fair and reasonable . She nodded lightly . "Alright . Let him come . We can spell this out . "

"Then I'll thank senior sister . " Luo Nan nodded while he secretly let out a breath of relief in his heart . This sort of thing was in a realm that was impossible for him to understand . To forcefully engage in this matter made him sweat hotly .  

The gap between the two and their group grew larger and larger at this time . Many of them turned around to look, especially Tian Qi . Tian Qi constantly tossed his gaze over; he had a rather gloomy appearance .

Luo Nan could understand the knot in Chen Xiaolin's heart but some things weren't that easy to accept . He thought for a bit and couldn't refrain from asking, "That person . . . "

Chen Xiaolin laughed as she unexpectedly flexed her biceps, "He's not my type . " 

It was clear that Chen Xiaolin's mental state had stabilized quite a bit after she talked matter . She could already joke around . This was naturally very good for her but for Xue Lei, the outcome could only head in a more negative direction .

Luo Nan sighed again in his heart as they quickened their pace to catch up with their group .

Currently, the majority of the group was curious about what went on . Most of them were focused on the central point of this get-together—Mo Qiu and Tian Si . However, Tian Si was focused on Tian Qi . Tian Qi was focused on Chen Xiaolin . Under the continuity of such a ‘focus chain’, Luo Nan and Chen Xiaolin had unwittingly become the targets of everyone's gazes .  

Although Luo Nan and Chen Xiaolin were open between themselves, the other felt that they weren't open enough .

It was hard for Tian Qi to speak certain words, so Tian Si spoke with a subtle smile, "Junior Nan, what have you and our Xiaolin been chatting about? Could it be that last week's matters haven't been settled . . . Is it about the societies?"

"Oh, that's right . "

Mo Peng was late to catch on . "I remember last Wednesday our sister said that you wanted to test into the Mystic Arts Research Society . Did you pass?"

Luo Nan was speechless . Mo Peng, you've played games till you became stupid . It's already been over ten days . How slow can you be? You're still holding onto ancient history!

Before he could respond, Tian Si laughed in astonishment . Tian Si even said, "The Mystic Arts Research Society? Tian Qi is in the Mystic Arts Research Society!"

"Huh?" Luo Nan found this a bit surprising .

Tian Qi finally had the chance to speak up . He felt that things were a bit funny and very strange . "I'm helping out with interviewing the newcomers . But I never saw you . . . Luo Nan, this name is familiar though . "

He stared at Luo Nan carefully, sizing him up and down for quite a while before suddenly losing control of his voice, "That's right! You're the one who didn't come to the interview . You didn't come last Thursday! Someone even tried calling you but they were unable to contact you at all . The school system says that you cut class for the whole day . You ditched us!"

"Wow! Skipping the interview?"

"Cutting class for the whole day?"

"Acumen College is this awesome?"

"Lil Nanster, you really made people have a whole new level of respect for you!"

" . . . " The innocent Luo Nan discovered that he had become the target among targets .

Having suddenly recalled this situation, Tian Qi inexplicably became a bit excited . His voice roused the more he talked, "It's already very late to for the society entrance interviews . You missed your interview, then that means you haven't entered a society?" 

Tian Si shook her head to the side . She then turned to look at Chen Xiaolin . "We don't seem to have arranged anything in our group . Did you leave it out on the day you entered the hospital Chen Xiaolin? The window is over . It will be very hard to enter a society . "

Tian Qi's expression became awkward and strange . Upon further inspection, he probably wanted to laugh but was holding back . The kind where he was trying very hard to resist . But in the end, he couldn't refrain from saying, "I didn't say it Junior, but missing the chance to enter a society is a great pity . Moreover, the deduction of 8 school credits for the year . . . "

Luo Nan understood Tian Qi's current mentality quite well; he was a bit helpless and felt bored . In the end, Luo Nan didn't harbor any animosity to this person and in the future, he had a 50% chance of being in the same society as Tian Qi . Luo Nan didn't want to make the situation too ugly .

Right when Luo Nan was about to respond, Mo Han countered in the blink of an eye . She had just mocked Luo Nan moments ago but when provoked by her hatred for a common enemy, she said:

"The Mystic Arts Research Society? Do they research alchemy? How popular can that place be?"

Tian Qi had a high tolerance towards beautiful women . He laughed and spoke with pride, "We have ample funds in our society . Various projects are underway and the primary focus is on the interference between the mental and the material, religious rituals, magical spells, eastern mysticism, and so on . Among this, the society touches upon a lot of frontier subjects like microparticles, elements of the human body, psychology, and systems theory . . . "

Mo Han sneered, "Mystifying, over-complicating things . "

"Little sister, this isn't trickery . "

Suddenly an arm hooked onto Mo Han's shoulder to hug her, pressing half of this young girl's body into an embrace . Saliva and the odor of alcohol sprayed across her face and the sound of a chuckling laughter rang out .

Such an unexpected event scared Mo Han to the point of shrieking .