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Master of Untold Daos - Chapter 240

Published at 16th of December 2019 11:05:25 PM

Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Child, Master Is Very Disappointed in You

Two years later .

In this time, Chen Ming gathered a hefty amount of merits, leaving him standing very close to the three hundred Dao Seeds mark . Over a thousand disciples broke through to the King rank, giving Yan Mountain and explosive increase in strength .

Chen Ming didn't have it too easy either . He wondered Yan Mountain's domain setting up webcams, uh, Mirror Arrays, yes; to guarantee the safety of all Yan Mountain .  

He knew of Yan Mountain's development like the back of his hand, getting together with bear brothers and Old Turtle in times of leisure to play mahjong .  

Cultivation? Nonexistent .

A better choice would be to use this time to enjoy life alongside Fairy Zi Xia .

The continent's situation could be said it was unstable, but a month ago, demonic sect declared their loss in the King ranked war, issuing a full retreat . The ones with the greatest merit in this, Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian, should be returning home about now .  

But the most baffling of oddities is related to me, Immortal Master Chen, distinguished in his elegance, resolute and strong like a tree . Why the hell hasn't a lady come find me yet?

This is very odd!

Zhuo Qingyao was climbing the mountain, when a yawn caught her by surprise, "What's this!? It can't be that I caught a cold . "

Ling Xian smiled, "Maybe Master is thinking of you . You know how Master is, carrying about all of us . It's just sad that I couldn't bring third junior brother back . "

"Let's go, Master must be worried sick waiting so long . "

When they were in front of his courtyard's door, they heard his laughter, "Ha-ha-ha, max score! Come, take out the money . Isn't it just a thousand copper coins? Can't you pay even this?"

Ling Xian turned to Zhuo Qingyao, "Master does know we're coming back, right?"

Zhuo Qingyao opened the door and witnessed Chen Ming counting up his wealth, laughing in excitement .

Chen Ming heard the door and looked, Oh, Ling Xian's back . He grew into a handsome man . But who is the one next to him?

She wore red clothes, bright eyes and perfect teeth, scarlet lips, curved in just the right places, black hair like flowing jade, and skin like snow . This beauty could crush cities, put flowers to shame, and even outshine Chen Lingyu if she stood next to her .  

Chen Ming frowned, "Beauty, who are you? How did you reach Yan Mountain?"

Zhuo Qingyao's eyes grew colder, You smiled when we first met, so where are the tears when not seeing me after a long time? Master forgot about me . Hold on, why am I thinking of this?


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Chen Ming woke up, The saying of a girl changing 18 times is true . She's been gone for just two years and gotten so beautiful that I didn't recognize her .

Chen Ming laughed a bit, "Qingyao, two years no see . You're so charming I didn't recognize you . Now that you're here, make your Master a bowl of noodles . "

Ling Xian looked at the sky, Since two years ago, head senior sister's temper grew unchecked by the day . Wonder what commotion will Master end up mixed in . . . Impossible! Master is telling head senior sister to cook!?

He then saw Zhuo Qingyao's wide smile, swished her sleeve and leaving for the kitchen .

There's no other freak like Master that can vanquish head senior sister .

The bear brothers and Old Turtle saw how the two returned so they took their leave, not before stashing Chen Ming's copper coins from the table .

Ling Xian bowed to Chen Ming, "Master! Disciple still couldn't bring back third junior brother . The demonic sect is protecting him . "

Chen Ming nodded, "No worry, it's good that you're back . Your third junior brother, wait, did I have a third disciple? Hmmm . . . Right, Suyi! I remember now . Your Master will figure something out about your third junior brother . "

Li Suyi is in the demonic sect, and not suffering either . He also lost after misbehaving, so what's there to think about?

Ling Xian couldn't stop his tears and runny nose, "Master must have been crying his hear out, longing for third junior brother . And to avoid suffering, Master chose to forget him . Disciple will forever engrave Master's care for third junior brother!"

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Chen Ming dismissed it with a wave, "Don't say it . "

"Disciple understands . Disciple will never mention third junior brother again . Oh, right, disciple has something to tell you . "

Chen Ming spoke on a flat tone, "Speak . "

Ling Xian's heart was in his throat, I'll die anyway, so I might as well have a hero's death .  "Master, I and the demonic sect's Sacred Maiden are inseparable . We proclaimed eternal love to each other in secret, without informing Master . I humbly ask for forgiveness!"

Ling Xian kneeled and hanged his head, afraid of meeting Chen Ming's eyes . But after a moment, Chen Ming has yet to move . Ling Xian sneaked a cautious glance, just in time to see him frozen and bulging eyes .

In Ling Xian's eyes, Chen Ming looked about to blow a gasket!

But his thoughts went like this, I seem to have read this book before . Isn't it a plot about a righteous genius falling in love with the demonic sect's Sacred Maiden?

Then the genius and the Sacred Maiden were ostracised by both factions because of their taboo relationship . It then followed with the righteous genius banishment from the sect and falling down the demonic path . He would then challenge the whole world, and holding hatred against his former sect .

But this story isn't quite right . Third disciple already left home . If it were to go according to script, then second disciple should have also left .

It's a good thing that I, Immortal Master Chen, never followed the script .  Ling Xian was assuming Chen Ming would explode in rage, and cupped his hands, "Master, it's not your fault . Disciple is the one behind it all!"

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But Ling Xian never dreamed for Chen Ming to ask, "Is she with child? Is it born? How many months does it have?" 

Ling Xian was dumbstruck .  Did anger get to Master's head? "Master, you're not angry?" 

Chen Ming approved in satisfaction, "What's there to be angry about . Wu Jiang stole my disciple, and you stole his Sacred Maiden . What a marvelous move!"

Chen Ming continued, "Right, since you are together, then hold a wedding already . If not a wedding then at least have a baby . But before that, bring her over so that Master can take a look at her . I never thought I will one day become a Master-in-law . "

Ling Xian was stunned at first, then his face grew hotter and redder then redder and hotter, "Master, uhm . . . we don't have a baby yet . "

They barely got to holding hands . How could there be a baby so soon?

Chen Ming took a long and deep look at Ling Xian, "Child, Master is so disappointed in you . "

Afraid of more questions, Ling Xian ran away . Then Zhuo Qingyao came out holding a bowl of noodles . He turned to her and saw her floury face . He reached out for her cheeks and carefully rubbed them, "You're so big now yet you still got it all over your face . "

Zhuo Qingyao's face was aflame, "Ah, master, here are your noodles!"

"Ding! You triggered a mission, Fixing Eight Sacred Powers Aura . Zhuo Qingyao sensed her Heavenly Tribulation is on the verge of descending . Please help Zhuo Qingyao complete the Eight Sacred Powers Aura, help her overcome the Heavenly Tribulation . Reward: a hundred thousand merits . "

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