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Master of Untold Daos - Chapter 273

Published at 6th of January 2020 04:50:08 AM

Chapter 273

Just when Chen Ming recovered his spiritual power and was thinking of going with Zhong Tongzi to Wu Jiang and the Sages' battle, the six Demonic Autarchs came back to kill him!

Chen Ming looked a bit baffled at Second Sect Leader, Does this guy have a screw loose?

He even brought his brothers to die together!

He couldn't kill all of them at once, but one was still doable . If all were dead, then this war would turn to their side!

There will be twice the Righteous Autarchs than demonic sect's!

Chen Ming glanced at Second Sect Leader, This guy is too strong, and Sea Gazing won't kill him since my spiritual power isn't enough . If I had a danger value of 8000, one attack would end him for sure .

Chen Ming peeked left and glanced right, then released three thousand swords with a wave of Dao Empyrean Bamboo .

They covered everyone in its shroud, despite Second Sect Leader's laughter, "Chen Ming, don't expect you can make fools out of us so easily . You're hanging by a thread as we speak . You're just a paper tiger!"

Chen Ming had a teleportation sword travel behind Third Sect Leader . He blinked above it, in a step, and unleashed a sea tide with his fist!

The immense sea focused on his fist and the boundless might it contain was enough to crush the heavens!

Third Sect Leader was late in reacting, only hearing his bones cracking one by one while coughing blood!

Third Sect Leader strained in turning his body, words hanging on his lips, but the last trace of life drained from him, robbing him of his final words . His eyes widened and laid on the ground dead .

The other five Demonic Autarchs shivered, feeling as if a bucket of ice-cold water was poured down on them . Before the Second Sect Leader even ordered, the five were already running towards Demonic Domain!

Second Sect Leader said, "Chen Ming is cunning beyond words . He doesn't chase because he wants us to believe he isn't unparalleled, to make us return!"

The Demonic Autarchs retreated in mass to the Demonic Domain, not wanting to linger any longer .

The sounds of reward echoed in Chen Ming's head .

"Ding! You killed Chi Ying . Reward: 100,000 spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame . "

"Ding! You killed Chi Ying . Total Battle objective rate increased by 5% . "

"Ding! You killed Chi Ying . You received a lottery ticket which resulted in the demonic sect's battle map . "

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Chen Ming looked around . The other five were long gone, so he crouched next to Chi Ying and searched him, coming out with the battle map in his fingers .

Chen Ming was overjoyed the moment he laid eyes on it, With this, we have the upper hand!

Chen Ming said to Zhong Tongzi, "Find out where Wu Jiang and the Sages are fighting . After I'll return from Yan Mountain, we will go help them!"

Zhong Tongzi nodded, "Alright, please recover your spiritual power, Alliance Leader!"

When Chen Ming got to Yan Mountain he went to recover his spiritual power while also checking what Mo Tu left behind . The paper was the source of Mo Tu's strength as that page alone needed a hundred thousand merits to comprehend . He ventured that the whole Boundless Demonic Dao Catalog had to be of incredible might . By the time Li Suyi returned, he would have it all and pass it on to him .

Wonder what he's doing at the moment . From Wu Jiang's words, Li Suyi has yet to fall completely for the demonic sect . What could Li Suyi be thinking?

Just what did Li Suyi see in his past life?

When Chen Ming returned to Zhong Tongzi, the later's eyes were red with rage .

Chen Ming asked, "What happened?"

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Zhong Tongzi said, "Wu Jiang killed the four Sages but, in exchange, they managed to leave a heavy wound on him . "

Chen Ming's gait paused . That means no one in these lands can block Wu Jiang!

This has to change . He took a deep breath and spoke, "All Autarchs are to march to Sky Canyon . Disregard Jade Void Temple, I can return to Yan Mountain at any time and protect it . All righteous cultivators must advance to Sky Canyon . Our only choice now is to do battle!"

Zhong Tongzi nodded, "Yes, I will obey the Alliance Leader's order!"

Soon everyone knew how Wu Jiang killed the four ancient immortal sects' Sages by himself . It was said that their fight turned a mountain range into a lake . The Sages fell and Wu Jiang was injured gravely .

While Righteous Alliance Leader, the Lord of Yan Mountain, fought seven Autarchs, alone, and killed two of them .

With this battle as proof, the righteous faction had complete faith in Chen Ming's strength . With the fall of the Sages, the title of strongest, in the righteous faction, landed on Chen Ming's head .

Chen Ming's order soon swept the four corners . All cultivators above the Dao Initiation realm were thus marching towards Sky Canyon . They were sensing the final battle drawing ever nearer .

This battle shall make the winner clear between the two sects .

The conflicts between the righteous and demonic faction had been going on for ages . But this was the very first time it reached the point where everything was thrown in this desperate fight .

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Everywhere one looked, he would see fire, smoke, and blood on the continent . The war became ever desperate, yet none faltered . Once it started, only the total destruction of the enemy would end this war .

As Chen Ming convened the righteous armies, people began calling it Demon Subjugation Gathering .

Gossip drifted left and right among cultivators, "Alliance Leader must be calling us for the final battle . "

"Why do you say that, fellow Daoist?"

"Wu Jiang killed the Sages and our side no longer has anyone who can hinder him . If we don't use this chance while he's hurt, inflicting heavy casualties to the demonic sect, we will never get the opportunity!"

"For the visionary and wise Alliance Leader, this was plain to see . "

"Prepare for the final battle!"

All were clear on Chen Ming's intention when he called for assembly all the righteous forces . The feeling of imminent battle was set in every cultivator's heart, stifling the continent .

On the first of September, at Sky Canyon, all Righteous Autarchs gathered . They were in attendance to come up with a strategy for this battle . As they were talking among themselves, the main topic was always about how to attack the demonic sect . None of them wanted to wait for Wu Jiang to recover .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!