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Master of Untold Daos - Chapter 283

Published at 11th of January 2020 11:34:18 PM

Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Let the Sword Fly a While Longer

Chen Ming smiled at the Autarchs, "I wonder if everyone is interested in following me in this battle . "

The Autarchs felt their hearts brimming with valor . Wu Jiang left them feeling inferior, standing alone at the peak of power, until now . Their side had a brand new, and prime, Beneath Immortal! 

If Chen Ming would pull a victory in this righteous-demonic war, the largest the continent had ever seen in ages, it would secure their ruling over these lands . This glorious war shall be known throughout the ages, becoming legendary .

They weren't looking to be the leading role in this war . But participating and witnessing it would bring boundless awe in the myths to pass .

And their bravery in battle shall be engraved in the minds of future generations .

Zhong Tongzi was the first to declare, "I will go!"

The rest soon followed Zhong Tongzi's example, "We are willing to follow Alliance Leader in battle!"

Chen Ming chuckled . He still had some lures to try if they were reluctant, but by the looks of things, it was superfluous .  This saves me some coin . I feel at ease!

Money saved, money earned! Not buying a gift for your girlfriend, well that's saving!

"Good, tomorrow we shall attack the demonic sect!"

Chen Ming poured himself some wine and toasted, "For victory!"

The others mimicked him, "For victory!"

The demonic sect's prison .

Deep in a mausoleum, Li Suyi was chained tight on top of a stone coffin . There were eight other coffins here, where the previous Head Sect Leaders of the demonic sect laid to rest .

The previous generations were all heroic chiefs of outstanding might, all capable of fighting off the righteous faction .    

The stone coffin behind Li Suyi seemed to have shuddered .

Li Suyi looked over but found nothing of notice .  How can a coffin move?

I am too nervous and must have sensed wrong .

Bi Yuesheng opened the mausoleum to see the bloody and chained Li Suyi, "Won't it be better if you side with the demonic sect? But these words lost all meaning in this late hour . Just look at your Master, whether he wants to or not, he will still come to save you . "

Li Suyi glared at Bi Yuesheng . Even he wasn't sure if Master would come for him . He betrayed Yan Mountain and even helped the demonic sect once .

Master won't come for me . I am sure of it as I broke his heart .

The Sovereign brought by Bi Yuesheng fastened the chain on Li Suyi's neck . He was wondering, Who will save me? He began recalling his Master, head senior sister, second senior brother, and fourth junior sister . They were the only four people he had on his mind at such a time .  

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From what he remembered, only they would ignore everything, even death, in their pursuit to save him .  

This was also the reason why he chose to strike Wu Jiang .

Fourth junior sister won't come . She has no fighting ability during the day .  Chen Ming would never let Chen Lingyu know of Li Suyi's execution . She would insist on coming if she knew, giving not a small headache to Chen Ming . Thus he didn't tell her .

I wonder if head senior sister and second senior brother will come .

Li Suyi chuckled .  What's the point even if they do show up . The only one who can save me is Master .

The best would be to thoroughly crush Master's heart, so Wu Jiang would have no chance to hurt him if he didn't come .

He made a silent apology to his Master down .

Bi Yuesheng pushed Li Suyi towards the gallows at the entrance to the Demonic Sect . Yet they failed to notice how five of those coffins were moving .

Blood spread to the sarcophagus, seeping inside .

Someone walked through the blood, a skeleton draped in black robes, Shi Jiuquan's soul fragment . He traced his hand over the coffins, "Don't worry my darlings, soon you will be born . "

Li Suyi was brought on the scaffold, where someone kicked his knee to kneel, only to stubbornly refuse to bend . Wu Jiang rolled his eyes and said in deadpan, "Break his legs!"

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The two Sovereigns behind Li Suyi kicked his knees .

Li Suyi gnashed his teeth, not uttering a single word as his broken legs forced him to lay his head on the block .

A large ax was before him, as big as a door, with its blade glinting coldly; the ax to his execution .  

When the ax fell, his head followed with it .

Three thousand li from here, Chen Ming and the nine Autarchs faced the Demonic Sect . Chen Ming had the complete map of the area in his mind as he flickered Dao Empyrean Bamboo to make a nation weapon land in his hand . Chen Ming activated Vanishing Immortal Sword on this sword and threw it towards the outside of the Demonic Sect, where they could teleport .

Dragon Sovereign checked the sun and said to Chen Ming, "Noon is almost upon us, Alliance Leader . Did the sword hit the mark?"

Chen Ming controlled the nation weapon's flying while speaking, "Let the sword fly a while longer . "

Chen Ming continued, "When we act, you are to take Li Suyi and Sacred Maiden to a safe location then come back . "

Dragon Sovereign bowed, "It shall be done . Leave it to me . "

In truth, if it weren't for the Demonic Sect having an intricate ambush in place, Chen Ming wouldn't have wanted to walk according to the storyline . It was that where the supervisor shouted, "Noon is here, the time for the public execution!" and when the time came for the ax to drop, to say "Hold the execution!" .

Chen Ming just couldn't make heads or tails of it, Come on! Who the hell would shout that line that would actually make the headsman stop?

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Couldn't they just get there you a tad earlier? If the headsman slips and the head rolls before its time, what then?

But there was no choice, not since the Demonic Sect laid thorough contingencies . He could only wait until Li Suyi was at the gallows .  

And if he didn't reach the gallows, Xiao Mao'er whereabouts would also be unknown .

Wu Jiang saw the sun, surmising noon was just around the corner . He laughed, "It seems your Master doesn't consider you a legacy disciple . He didn't come to save you . I wonder if you regret striking me . "

Li Suyi reflected, If Master were here, he would say with his carefree attitude, 'Li Suyi, smile . ' He lifted his head and gazed upon the huge execution ax with a smile, "I can take ten strikes from this huge ax, crying only at the first blow . That's how unyielding I am!" 

Xiao Mao'er's eyelids twitched, That's a true man of Yan Mountain for you . He'll shout at the first hit, and after he'll be dead . So of course you can't speak for the next nine .

Wu Jiang was furious, "Noon . . . "

Wu Jiang wanted to say that noon was almost here, when Xiao Mao'er yelled from the crowd, "Stop the execution!"

Sect Leaders and disciples fixed their eyes on her, No way! You're a demonic cultivator, so why are you yelling stop? Wasn't it supposed to be Chen Ming who yelled it?

The eyes on her made Xiao Mao'er's hairs stand on end as she spoke, "Maybe Chen Ming is on his way here . We want to kill him, and killing Li Suyi won't change a thing! Chen Ming is late since he doesn't know the space is locked . "

Wu Jiang scrutinized her, "If nothing else, your words do hold some truth . We will wait for a while longer . "

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