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Master of Untold Daos - Chapter 289

Published at 14th of January 2020 05:17:10 PM

Chapter 289

Chen Ming sighed, "It seems that on my path of a grand boss all are dust . I can no longer look back, not with King Slayer Aura reaching lvl2!"

A grand boss is a grand boss . As long as I can surpass the storyline, anything goes .

Chen Ming surveyed the battlefield, finding only Second Sect Leader putting up resistance, despite heavily injured .

Chen Ming was a thorough adept of kill-stealing . He couldn't just let easy spiritual knowledge pass him by .

Since he had some spiritual power left, he flew over, waved his hands and released a punch powered with the Conquering Immortals Art!

It didn't take long for the injured Second Sect Leader to bite the dust .

With the system lady's reward in the bag, this amount was like picking trash when compared to his fight with Wu Jiang .

Chen Ming didn't pursue the thought of wiping the entire demonic sect . They were harmless now, without an Autarch, unable to affect the great scheme of things .

How convenient! Since Li Suyi came here once, then I'll just put him in charge of the demonic sect .

Chen Ming wasn't an advocate of slaughter, but peace .

Zi Tianzang came before him, "Alliance Leader, the Demonic Autarchs are all dead . Under the wise and upright leadership of Alliance Leader, we have won against the demonic sect, bringing a brighter dawn for the days to come!"

With the killing of Wu Jiang, Chen Ming's influence grew unchecked . The Autarchs always regarded him with some fear each time they met him, all thanks to World's Crown Aura and Ruler's Presence Aura .

Zhong Tongzi said, "Alliance Leader, how are we to handle the remainder of the evil demonic sect?"

Chen Ming said, "I am a person who does not like war . I don't massacre people, I am a peace-loving man . As a man of my character, I will stop the continuous fall of the blade . "

The Autarchs' eyelids twitched, Peace-loving my ass! Most enemy kills were done by you guys from Yan Mountain!

But in a time like this, no one refuted Chen Ming, "Alliance Leader cares about the land, searching for peace . But why not end the demonic sect, now that it no longer has any hope of recovering?"

Chen Ming got the gist of their intentions . They were from the righteous faction and wanted the whole continent as their backyard .

But how could Chen Ming agree?

His power came from his disciples . He wanted to occupy the continent so that he would have the land to grow his disciples, while also protecting them . He would, at the same time, turn this continent into a forward base camp to march on the Galaxy .

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I am now the first on the continent, while the Limitless Dao Body has yet to reach the fledgling stage . I can surmise that the greatest trouble on the continent, at this moment, is regarding Ghost Immortal, who is watching from the sidelines . I need to enter the Galaxy .

I have no chance of becoming immortal in less than a dozen years . The best chance is for my four disciples to break through into the Immortal realm and turn this continent into an Immortal Domain .

He might not know the truth behind why an immortal would feel such a strong attachment to an Immortal Domain, but looking at Ghost Immortal one would see the importance of it since he schemed for this continent for a long long time .

Chen Ming said, "Cast your sights further . Before we open the path to immortality, our continent must have an immortal . If there's an immortal than there won't be a lack of Beneath Immortals either . Yet the strongest this land has is me, who just became a Beneath Immortal . Since the demonic sect exists, then it must be so for a reason . The things they need have no use to you, the righteous faction . We can't just waste them . I will severe my third disciple's demonic intent and place him as the leader of the demonic sect . "

Chen Ming's plan was plain to see . He wanted to swallow the demonic sect's territory . Chen Ming didn't think he was going overboard . He earned the greatest merit in this war, not to mention his current status .

He stood above all!

No one was his match, he was just as Wu Jiang was when he could wander the land by himself . It was now an age brought about with the help of the four Sages . It was Chen Ming's age!

He could just kill from a simple unappealing whisper or just one wrong look . And there was nothing they could do to stop him .  

Rather than throwing the demonic sect to the righteous faction to fight over it like wolves, thus more turmoil, it would be better to take it on himself . He would use it to raise disciples, for the chance of opening the gates to the path to immortality, to further increase his strength .

The nine Autarchs crossed eyes, hearts unappeased, but resigned . As for starting a war with Yan Mountain, didn't they all saw what that Allheaven Stellar Array do?

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What Yan Mountain army, when they couldn't even handle him all by his lonesome!

The most basic principle of the cultivating world was absolute power . It was the reason why every single one of them coveted for higher and stronger power .  

But Chen Ming was clear on one thing, One needs to show proper manners when eating .  He did some mental math regarding Yan Mountain's pill output and said, "I can give each of your sects, per year, a million pills for ten years . When the time expires, you will have to buy them . And the price will forever stay the same . "

To their ears, this bread had a threat mixt inside . If they agreed, they would take the pills . If not, then sorry, the continent was out of pills for you .

As for stealing them, he-he-he, Immortal Master Chen always welcome you all to try .

The Autarchs weighted it for a bit . The number of pills was for war times, while in time of peace, one would use even less than a tenth . With ten years of free supplies, their sect would prosper and thrive .

They nodded in the end, "Alliance Leader's term couldn't be better . "

Zi Tianzang said, "Our continent never had a name . What does everyone think about naming it the Scarlet Tide Continent?"

They Autarchs glanced his way, Since when did a punk like you love to suck up?

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Why didn't I think of this earlier?

They were regretful . The times changed, no longer was there a thousands of years old righteous-demonic conflict, but all unified under Yan Mountain .

Bai Wuxia said, "I think it's a great name . "

They agreed and prepared to announce it .

Chen Ming laughed, "I find it alright . Zi Tianzang, you've got quite the talent . Maybe one day you'll become a Beneath Immortal . "

For the thoughtful, he would give a small benefit .

Zi Tianzang felt exulted, "Many thanks, Alliance Leader!"

They then went to divide the spoils . Chen Ming got the land, but there was still the matter of riches .

As Chen Ming glanced around he noticed Wu Jiang's body missing, "Where could it have gone to?"

Zhong Tongzi said, "We've been so caught up into negotiating that a Demonic Sovereign must have taken it . "

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