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Master of Untold Daos - Chapter 45

Published at 10th of October 2019 11:22:00 PM

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Is Living too Hard for You?


After skimming through the Jade Water Core Sutra and Nirvana Astral Wind, Chen Ming focused inwardly, “Comprehend Nirvana Astral Wind and Jade Water Core Sutra to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm . ”

“Total cost is 837 merits, you don’t have enough . ”

Fine, it seems I need to wait for Ling Xian to beat Hua Qingting and Mo Yun .

Speaking of the two lottery tickets he got, Chen Ming hadn’t used them right after his disciples broke through . He was thoroughly convinced that he was trampled by Lady Luck’s soles, so he decided to wait until after Ling Xian got his revenge so that his Luck Aura would rub off on Chen Ming .

Chen Ming waved his hand, putting the cultivation methods inside his ring, then return to the terrace while inspecting Flying Immortal Sect’s guarding array .

The Flying Immortal Sect wasn’t an old sect, as even their guarding array was only several hundred years old . His piercing eyes scrutinied everything, and along with his knowledge of arrays, he easily identified it . The Yin Yang Array had two cores, and one of them, the spiritual ranked Eluding Pearl, was inside a cave behind a waterfall .

The other core laid deep below, in a fire gathering array, to hide the accumulated fire spiritual energy . Under the might of the great array, yin and yang merged, and between fire and water, all were turned to dust!

Even an Archfiend would find himself at half power under the effect of the array!

“Ding! You understood Flying Immortal Sect’s guarding array . Reward: 2000 spiritual knowledge . ”

He completed the mission just like that, It seems that this Ying Yang Array isn’t much to look at . When when compared to the Four Elements Array, this one is as common as it gets .

An array master was a secondary occupation to a cultivator . It was summed up in two words: hard and unsuccessful .

The Dao of arrays was very hard to decipher . And after you did understand it, you’ll need rare and precious materials . Therefore, there was no human ranked array master in any of the Six Kings Alliance, Pitfall Mountain, Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect .

But on this large stretch of land, there was a legend of an array master . The legendary array master could draw the power of the heavens without the use of his cultivation . He could shatter the mountains and overturn the seas, the same power as a Grand Archfiend .

Chen Ming reckoned that heaven ranked array master, without cultivation, based solely on his comprehension of arrays, could make the heaven earth the array and the Sun and Moon as the cores, comparable to a Grand Sovereign .

But the legacies of array masters were far and few in between, with barely any coming out in the world, and even fewer people capable of understanding arrays .

Chen Ming glanced at Black Tiger, “Brother Black Tiger, I am already aware of what this array can do . If Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect harbor evil, I will immediately deactivate it . ”

Black Tiger nodded, It hasn’t even been long and Chen Ming already saw through the guarding array . His array Dao must be deep .

Chen Ming shifted his attention to Ling Xian . With a push from the Flying Immortal Sect’s Sect Leader, Ling Xian entered the quarter-finals along with Mo Yun and Hua Qingting, but not out of the goodness of his heart . It could be said that Ling Xian was quite famous before, but more on the infamous side than anything else .

The attack on the Dao Initiation realm’s breakthrough at the age of nine made him famous throughout the land . And after failing, it also brought endless disgrace .

Three months ago, Ling Xian still couldn’t cultivate . How much could he have risen in such a short amount of time? let’s not forget the fact that his Dao Palace was shattered at that time, so what power could he possibly have now?

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The Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect wanted to, once again, make a public humiliation out of Ling Xian .

He wanted Ling Xian speechless and crushed, to prove to him from that time what a colossal mistake he made by deciding to have Ling Xian as a son-in-law . That his current decision, to join with the Black Saber Sect by marriage, was correct .

The jump to the quarter-finals of the two was in hope of not meeting along the way, but now it changed into making Ling Xian suffer like never before .

Over the course of several days, thousands of geniuses fought to decide on the five spots besides Hua Qingting, Mo Yun and Ling Xian .

The five geniuses were eager to begin and the Sect Leader made them draw lots, “Whoever gets Ling Xian was the winner!”

“Fighting Ling Xian is the same as advancing to semifinals . ”

“Let’s see who has the bigger luck . ”

“Don’t they say that Ling Xian climbed on an Archfiend’s leg?”

The white-clothed genius among them said, “Look how smooth and white his skin is, his rear must be even more delicate . This Archfiend might have some weird kinks, like one man behind the other or sandwiched between two men…”

Chen Ming’s face went black, Is living too hard for you?

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Chen Ming pointed the white-clothed genius to Ling Xian, “Commit that little friend to mind . If you get him, don’t show any mercy, fight the same way you fought your senior sister . ”

Ling Xian brows creased, sensing a complication, “Do you really want me to fight like I did senior sister? Won’t that be too ruthless?”

Chen Ming laughed, “He says that you sold your a*s to save your life . ”

Ling Xian’s expression changed, now filled with battle spirit, “Yes, Master, disciple will follow your order to the letter!”

It so happened that the white-clothed youngster burst in laughter, “Ha-ha-ha, I, Su Kuang, actually drawn Ling Xian . Luck is on my side!”

Chen Ming let out a burst of evil laughter, ‘Luck indeed!’

Hua Qingting and Mo Yun easily dispatched their opponents and advanced . They were in the Dao Initiation realm, after all, having no problems dealing with Dao Sense realm cultivators .

And now, it was finally Ling Xian’s turn to fight .

The Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect glanced at him, He is still cultivating the Dao Canon . I can’t sense his cultivation, but what cultivation would someone have when he trained in the Dao Canon?

Over the past millennia, it was unheard of for someone who cultivated the Dao Canon to reach the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm, “Fellow Daoist Wandering Crow, if we stop now, his life might be spared . ”

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“If he were to fight, the outcome would be uncertain . ”

Chen Ming waved his hand nonchalantly, “No need, Ling Xian might be my weakest disciple, but he shouldn’t have any trouble in this trial . ”

The Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect didn’t even doubt the fact that Ling Xian was the weakest . Just what could he possibly do?

“Since fellow Daoist Wandering Crow insists, then let us bear witness . ”

On his way to the stage, Ling Xian passed by Hua Qingting, who said, “Your joining is pointless . Me and Mo Yun are both in the Dao Initiation realm, and even if you had the guidance of an Archfiend, what help would it do? We are true geniuses, and you, a mere supporter role for us geniuses . ”

Ling Xian coldly stated, “Is Dao Initiation realm that amazing?”

Hua Qingting thought there was something wrong with Ling Xian’s head, “Of course it’s incredible, and even more so to us, youngsters!”

On a bluestone stage with a ten-zhang radius, Su Kuang faced Ling Xian with a smile, “Ling Xian, I urge you to admit defeat and save me for dirtying my hands . People might say I’m bullying ordinary people!”

Su Kuang also added, “Oh, right, I’m so sorry, you’re cultivating the Dao Canon . ”

Ling Xian’s eyes were an endless abyss, pointing at him with his right hand, “Then I will become serious and fight you the same way I did senior sister . ”

At his last word, Ling Xian’s spiritual power came out in waves, shaking the entire stage . He, Ling Xian, was at the Dao Initiation realm!

Ling Xian sneered at Hua Qingting, “You’re right, Dao Initiation realm is indeed amazing! The last time, it took me five years to reach here, and now, only three months . ”

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