Me and Ojou-sama - Volume 2 - Chapter 6

Published at 2nd of January 2018 08:44:22 AM

Chapter 6

ーn~pu, ma, master’s hard and big .

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Kotono who wear maid clothes sucked my penis .
Her top was uncovered, from the slide-up bra came the beautiful shape huge breasts swaying .
Well, the real Kotono’s bra size was C, but it’s a delusion so it’s good this way .

ーHuh? Look at your self, your nipple was hard too, wasn’t it?

I flicked her nipple .

ーFuaan! T-that feels good . Hiyaa~!

I pinched her nipple as hard as possible .

ーYou’re just a maid and yet, look at this cheeky nipple, if that’s the case then make master feel good with this tits .

Kotono lifted her tits with both hands and tucked my penis that she suck between them .

ーNpu, pu, chiyupu, n……n .
ーKo-Kotono, that feels so good!

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Because of the very high-quality sensations of it, I swing my hip .

ーN-no good, came!
ーL-let it out please, to, to the inside of me!

I let out all of my semen inside Kotono’s mouth and furthermore defiled her face too .

ーHere, taste master’s semen slowly .

Kotono licked what her finger scoops it with her tongue .

ーSemen, hot and so tasty…… .

The delusion stopped there .
It was because I who was too excited of Kotono’s scent quickly came .
Truly as fast as rabbit . I rubbed my nose quickly to Mimi-chan .
But I achieved my purpose . After coming, I was wrapped in the satisfaction euphoria that I didn’t feel until now .
Yes .

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The age of the sage’s approaching again .
I’m sure of it .


* * * *


I quickly arranged my clothes and throw the already used tissues to the garbage bag .
I folded the towel and then checked whether there was pubic hair dropped or not .
After that, I sprayed the fetched out《Bio-Kieru》sufficiently to the bed .
With this, it’s perfect .
And this was really perfect .

That night Kotono who came back from the concert seemed to not notice it at all .
Because of her blindness, she was sensitive to smell, and her intuition was sharp too .
I’m very convinced that Kotono didn’t notice it at all .
Yes, the perfect crime was succeeded .
Even Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Akechi Kogoro can’t see through my scheme .

After that, once a month, while Kotono went to the concert, I masturbated to her thoroughly .
Maid, female teacher, nurse, older sister, married woman .
I used the forged delusion from ero-novel and ero-manga and did all of the play variations that I can think of .  Paizuri, fellatio, cunnilingus, anal, six-nine .
And then once a month, I went out with the guys from school, enjoying the healthy high school life .

You can say that my plan achieved great success .
With violating Kotono’s completely in my delusion, I can face the real Kotono with a peaceful feeling .
There was also the guilty feeling of doing masturbation on her bed, so I devoted myself to her more than before .

At midnight Kotono’s forcibly woke me up by cell-phone and said that she wants to drink cocoa, so I made cocoa in the kitchen for her .
When she said that she wants to read, I became her chair and read aloud for her .
When she said that she wants to hear Eddie Murphy’s 「Beverly Hills Cop」, I explained the detail accurately while watching the DVD .

ーAxel got a banana from the room boy . ……Taggart and Rosewood eating the supper, at that gap, he stealthily jammed the banana inside the exhaust hole . Axel and Jenny run away with the car . A-Axel smiled . Taggart and Billy chase in hurry! turn on the engine and start driving! uhh, but because of the banana the engine failed, the car stopped!

Kotono would always laugh happily at this scene .
Harukawa Kotono’s rarely laughed . There were several employee who hadn’t see Kotono’s laughing face .
But in front of me, Kotono would laugh and that was really cute .
I finally overcame my libido, so there’s no worry of assaulting Kotono .
This might be just a brief peace, but I feel the maximum mentally fulfillment in my life .

And like that autumn passed, winter’s coming .
Passing the new year, the winter came to an end and spring comes .


* * * *


I became too exalted of my success and forgot how sharp Harukawa Kotono sense of smell and intuition was .
Even if I can deceive Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Akechi Kogoro, I can’t deceive Harukawa Kotono .

I didn’t forget, May 24, was when my brief peace crumbled away .
It was the next day of Harukawa Kotono’s seventeen birthday .