Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 250

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Chapter 250

250 – The Puppet Prime Minister Casimiro

Morrince 2,867 gave a pleased smile, nodded slightly, and said: “Very good, get up . Remember, I want her alive!”

Isere heaved a sigh of relief . He climbed onto his feet and replied respectfully: “Yes! Your Majesty!!”

After a good while, the court dispersed .

About 2 kilometers west of the palace, there was a street paved entirely with white marble . This street looked like white jade from a distance and emitted white light . As a result, it was called the white jade street .

Dazzling and grand mansions flanked the white jade street on both sides . The mansions belonged to the various ministers as well as greater aristocrats of the Morrince Empire . Therefore, the white jade street was also called the dignitary street .

In the middle of the white jade street lied a very ordinary mansion, which was jokingly dubbed as the mansion of the puppet prime minister Casimiro .

A rather handsome young man shouted at the puppet prime minister Casimiro somewhat resentfully: “Father, why didn’t you stop His Majesty? Master Ian of the Miracle City has clearly colluded with Governor Bousso of the Molinson Province . How could that waste Bousso, who flees at the first sign of trouble, have defeated Ian 44 times in a row and killed more than 200,000 warriors?!”

Casimiro stared at his son . Suddenly, he gave a long sigh of vexation and said: “Ambor, you really aren’t fit to be an official . Or, you aren’t fit to be an official in the Morrince Empire . ”

“There are many clever individuals in the court, you think that they couldn’t tell that it was a scheme? Apart from some good-for-nothings, at least 60% of the people realized that Ian colluded with Bousso . However, His Majesty wants face and wants this victory, so this victory is real . Governor Bousso rendered a great achievement . Anyone who brings this up at this junction will make His Majesty displeased and the Orthux Family bear a grudge . ”

“The reason I am able to keep my position as the prime minister for so long is because I, just like a puppet, don’t obstructed other people . His Majesty wants a puppet prime minister and the greater aristocrats also want a puppet prime minister . Only like this can I keep my position . Puppets don’t have a voice . Once a puppet finds its voice, it will be either discarded or destroyed . ” Said Casimiro slowly .

Ambor’s body turned ice-cold . He gained some understanding of how deep and cold the waters in the court of the Morrince Empire were .

Casimiro gave Ambor a profound look and said meaningfully: “So long as His Majesty sits on the throne, I can only be a puppet prime minister . This way, I can get a good ending and our family can prosper . ”

Ambor said with some indignation: “Fuck . How come a man like him became the emperor, could the gods amid the stars be blind?”

Casimiro’s complexion suddenly changed dramatically . He crushed a magic crystal and a soundproofing spell shrouded the hall, then he berated sternly with a solemn expression: “Ambor, that’s the way it is, so don’t mention it again . The gods are very strong . Just thinking of their names will trigger a reaction from them . At that point, once they dislike anything you said about them, our family would be destroyed directly . ”

With the hot temper of a youth, Ambor replied loudly: “Father, I know that . However, as long as I don’t mention the true names of the gods, they won’t react to our conversation! I just want to know why the gods ignore this and let such a foolish and incompetent man like Morrince 2,867th ascend the throne!! Why did that luscious old man who gives off a decadent smell become the emperor of the Morrince Empire? With him as the emperor, the Morrince Empire will be run to the ground . ”

Casimiro hesitated for a long time before saying slowly with a solemn expression: “Amber, my son, I’ll explain it to you only once . You have to remember it well . ”

Amber nodded with a grave expression .

Casimiro’s eyes flashed with ridicule and he sneered: “That’s because people like Morrince 2,867th are ‘good’ emperors in the eyes of the gods at present . ”

Amber’s complexion changed dramatically and he exclaimed: “How could this be? Morrince 2,867th has been sitting on the throne for more than 10 years, smoldering the whole empire . The people have no way to make a living . How could the gods view him as a good emperor!”

Casimiro sneered: “It is precisely because the empire is being smoldered and the people have no way to make a living! Those who are at the bottom living in distress make more devout believers, and are more willing join the churches . Only this way can the gods amid the stars gain more faith power!”

Ambor was stunned, he couldn’t believe his ears .

“After the battle of gods, the gods required a large number of believers to recuperate . They chose wise monarchs one after another so that they would rule the land and thrive . ”

“When the population reached a certain extent, a tyrant would appear and bring the people suffering, so that people would worship the gods and pray for their blessings . Then, the gods would send their emissaries to kill the tyrant and rectify the empire . This is a cycle . ”

“Now it is time for the gods to reap large amounts of faith power, and Morrince 2,867th plays the role of the tyrant . He is now the ‘good’ emperor that the gods like to see the most . Before his role is completed, going against him is the same as going against the gods . Do you understand now?” Said Casimiro meaningfully .

When Ambor heard those cruel words, his hot temper cooled down: “I understand!”

With a mocking smile on his face, Casimiro said faintly: “For us, what matters isn’t the Morrince Empire, but the interests of our Cunha Family . It wouldn’t matter even if the Morrince Empire was destroyed so long as it didn’t harm the interests of the Cunha Family . However, with the gods watching from amid the stars, it is very difficult to destroy the Morrince Empire . ”

Casimiro continued unhurriedly: “The family is the foundation of us greater aristocrats, this is a common understanding among the greater aristocrats . Our family is what really matters, not the Morrince Empire! Ambor, my son, do you understand now? I hope you grow up a bit and stop being so impulsive . I’m old . You’re the heir of the Cunha Family, so you have to shoulder the lives of the more than 100,000 people of the family . ”

Amber remained silent for a long time, then nodding slightly and, as if he had matured by a lot, said slowly: “I understand, father . ”

Casimiro showed a gratified smile, then pondered for a while before saying: “Ian is a very smart person who hasn’t become drunk on victory . After fishing out enough benefits, he immediately chose to take the initiative and attach his territory . This person isn’t simple! Although the Morrince Empire is decaying, but it still has many powerhouses . It isn’t something that his trifling Miracle City can compete with . Ambor, if this person comes to the St . Tulan City, you can get in touch with him .

Ambor replied: “Yes! Father . ”

The mansion of the Hansen Family was also on the white jade street .

Isere entered a secret room slowly, then carefully turned a vase at the edge of the secret room .

Click! Following the sound of gears turning, a dark passageway appeared in the secret room . Simultaneously, a blank scroll appeared above the secret room .

A very mysterious magic fluctuation shrouded Isere and scanned him for a moment . Then, a black light drew him into the blank scroll .

The dark passageway strangely disappeared and only the blank scroll was left suspender in the secret room .

Isere felt his vision become a blur before he very strangely appeared in a mysterious, terrifying, and gloomy temple engraved with countless mysteries runes .

“Isere, what brings you here?” Exuding a mysterious feeling, a Priest covered in a black robe appeared from the void and said in a hoarse voice . His face could not be made out .

Isere replied coldly: “Ian, the master of the Miracle City, do you know of him?”

The Priest smiled and said in a low voice: “Yes, I know of him . He is one of our next development targets . ”

Isere frowned and said: “I want him dead!”

Isere not only pushed for the hunting fang corps to attack the Miracle City, but also obstructed Yang Feng’s promotion to a duke in the court . It was obvious that once Yang Feng’s embodiment of Ian joined the Morrince Empire, the Hansen Family would gain another powerful enemy .

The Priest smiled gloomily, saying: “What price are you willing to pay? After all, he is a target we are preparing to develop . ”

Isere said solemnly: “10 million gold coins, a complete martial art that can be practiced until the Legend Knight rank, and important intelligence . ”

The Priest smiled gloomily and said: “We’ll think about it! Okay, time’s up . The barrier set up by the gods of the Zaliah divine system is very annoying, so we don’t have much time . We will contact you if we succeed . ”

A black light enveloped Isere . His eyes blurred and he appeared in the dark secret room again .

Isere’s complexion changed and he said coldly: “Fucking darkness travelers doomed to live in the darkness . If it wasn’t for me, how could these low-lives have entered the St . Tulan City!”

The St . Tulan City had a very powerful barrier opened . Once darkness life forms or darkness forces appeared in the city, they would be purified .

However, the divine power of the gods wasn’t omnipotent, after all . In the past countless years, the darkness races managed to infiltrate this divine city by relying on the bigwigs of the St . Tulan City .