Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 556

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Chapter 556

556 – Breaking Evil Ogre Fiend Sword

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Watching Suo Li, Yang Feng suddenly smiled lightly and said: “Interesting . Since you’re courting death, then I’ll oblige you . I accept your challenge . Let’s fight . ”

Lu Wuchen’s face countenance changed dramatically: “Yang Feng!”

Yang Feng smiled in response: “Sect Master, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing . He’s just a waste that hasn’t formed a virtual world . It’s just that his cultivation base is slightly higher . In my eyes, he’s poultry . Even though I have just have promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, but such a good-for-nothing is not my opponent . ”

Suo Li’s face twitched and his eyes radiated frigid killing intent .

Although he has amazing battle prowess and can contend against weak junior Glorious Sun Warlocks, but the fact that he hasn’t formed a virtual world has always been the biggest emotional scar in his heart . Warlocks who haven’t formed a virtual world are destined not to be invincible experts in the same rank .

The standard of the Great Cloud Dynasty’s Moonlight Seven Stars is that they must have a virtual world . Although Suo Li possesses amazing combat strength and has even been infinitely close to the Moonlight Seven Stars’ Alkaid [1] Star at one point, but he still couldn’t become one of the Moonlight Seven Stars . In the end, he was surpassed by rising supreme geniuses .

This is his reverse scale [2] . Yang Feng didn’t hesitate to touch his reverse scale, which filled the other party with anger and killing intent .

Lu Wuchen frowned slightly, and then waved his sleeve: “Since you have made up your mind, then I won’t advise you anymore . ”

Bright light shone inside the hall, the space rippled, and an arena emerged .

His face gloomy, surging with killing intent, Suo Li blurred into motion and flew into the arena .

Yang Feng stepped into the arena as well .

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“Yang Feng, you’re really stupid . If you kept your head in the shell like a well-behaved tortoise, I would have no way to take a hold of you . Yet who knew that you’d rush in to throw away your life! Let me show you the strength of a member of the Moonlight Ten Heroes . ” A ferocious look on his face, Suo Li spread the fingers of a hand, and an armor engraved with countless seals and embedded with nine fiend heads suddenly flew out and covered him .

After Suo Li equipped the armor, the eyes of the nine fiend heads embedded in the armor turned and focused on Yang Feng . A gloomy and ferocious aura spread from Suo Li .

Suo Li flipped his hand, and a sword black like ink forged from the vertebra of a Glorious Sun Warlock rank evil ogre, engraved with numerous seals appeared in his hand .

“Nine Fiend Armor, Evil Ogre Fiend Sword! Suo Li isn’t playing around!”

“The Nine Fiend Armor is a level-6 secret treasure made from the essence of nine Moonlight Warlock rank fiends . The Evil Ogre Fiend Sword is a level-6 secret treasure made from the bodies of nine Moonlight Warlock rank evil ogres and the vertebra of a Glorious Sun Warlock rank evil ogre . These two level-6 secret treasures are evil and cursed, and any one of them can curse Moonlight Warlocks who wield them to death . Dozens of Moonlight Warlocks have already died because of these two vicious secret treasures . For Suo Li to be able to subdue them, he is really something . ”

“Once, a quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock was cut a little by the Evil Ogre Fiend Sword and cursed to death . Since he took out these vicious secret treasures, it seems like Suo Li doesn’t want to just ‘compare notes’!”


When the representatives of the major forces saw Suo Li use the two secret treasures, their faces changed greatly, and gleams  of apprehension shimmered in their eyes .

The Nine Fiend Armor and the Evil Ogre Fiend Sword are wicked level-6 secret treasures enchanted with curses that harm both the wielder and the opponent . These two secret treasures are even more terrifying than some level-7 secret treasures .

Some of the weaker junior Glorious Sun Warlocks aren’t willing to easily fall out with Suo Li because of these two wicked secret treasures .

It was mostly by relying on these two secret treasures that Suo Li was able to join the Great Cloud Dynasty’s Moonlight Ten Heroes .

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Yang Feng looked at Suo Li, and a warning flared up in his mind . He sensed an instinctive threat of death from Suo Li . He willed, and a white Battle Demon Armor suddenly appeared and covered him .

“The highest realm of the Battle Demon Secret Method – White Battle Demon! He really succeeded in cultivating it!”

“White Battle Demon is a realm that only the four Great Elders have reached before . To be able to reach this realm, he’s indeed the number one genius of our sect!”


The eyes of many inner sect disciples and true disciples of the Battle Demon Sect flashed with excitement, and they commented spiritedly .

The Battle Demon Secret Method is vast and profound, and it gets harder to practice it the further you progress . In the Battle Demon Sect, many Moonlight Warlocks who haven’t specialized in this secret method would reach the Gold Battle Demon realm at most . Glorious Sun Warlocks who have specialized in this secret method will reach the Black Battle Demon Realm at most . Only the four Great Elders have reached the White Battle Demon realm previously . Now that they saw Yang Feng use this secret method, the disciples of the Battle Demon Sect naturally became excited .

When Lu Wuchen saw this, a complicated glint flickered in his eyes, and he sighed lightly: “White Battle Demon, what a talent!”

When practiced to the pinnacle, the Battle Demon Secret Method can resist countless spells, and can erupt with fivefold combat power . Integrating offense and defense, it’s more amazing than many Empyrean grade secret methods . The only shortcoming of this secret method is that it’s a combat secret method, not a secret method that can let people practice cultivation until the Bright World Warlock or Infinity Warlock rank .

The more powerful the Warlock, the greater the effect of the Battle Demon Secret Treasure on them . Lu Wuchen has practicing this secret method for many years . Nevertheless, he is still in the Black Battle Demon realm . When he saw Yang Feng operate the White Battle Demon, he naturally felt somewhat upset .

Yang Feng pressed the Ruler Magic Cube, and it changed into a set of black armor that covered him .

“Go and die!” With a sinister look on his face, Suo Li slashed out, and numerous freaks with malevolent and distorted faces shot out from the Evil Ogre Fiend Sword and lunged at Yang Feng .

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These freaks are strange phenomena formed by the souls of slain enemies and the host’s life force .

As soon as the weird freaks appeared, the arena became dark, and the surrounding scenery seemed to freeze in time . A weird coldness filled the arena at once .

Complete silence pervaded the surroundings .

The space distorted, and the arena has become a weird and distorted domain . A despairing and berserk aura pervaded the domain .

These freaks are most expert at creating some weird phenomena – they can appear and disappear like ghosts and frighten the target . By absorbing the despair and fear of the target, they grow stronger and eventually end up killing the target .

In the queer Freak Domain, even Glorious Sun Warlocks who don’t know how to resist the Freak Domain will be tortured to death .

Yang Feng clearly felt that wisps of gloomy breath pierce through the Ruler Armor, 90% of which were blocked by the Battle Demon Armor . But the remaining gloomy breath almost froze his blood .

If it was before he promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, Yang Feng would have been eroded by the gloomy breath, unable to move .

“That’s a strong Freak Domain! Unfortunately, your opponent is me!” Yang Feng smiled coldly, and then silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger . The True God Empyrean Imprint flew out . Radiating bright light, the imprint shot out chains formed from seals piercing towards the twisted, weird space .

Mournful screams came from the surrounding space as the chains pulled the transparent, distorted freaks out from the void and sucked them into the True God Empyrean Imprint .

The True God Empyrean Imprint has inherited the might of the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint, and as such, it can suppress gods, fiends, demons, devils, evil ogres, and other creatures . It’s one of the best secret methods to restrain the freaks . Even though spells like Seven Color Skyfire and Nine Revolutions Divine Wind can restrain freaks, but they are less effective than the True God Empyrean Imprint .

The distorted space collapsed inch by inch and revealed the alarmed Suo Li .

Yang Feng pointed at Suo Li, and the True God Empyrean Imprint turned into a stream of light that shot towards Suo Li’s head .   Suo Li’s eyes flashed fiercely . Suddenly, the sword carrying dense demonic power slashed towards the True God Empyrean Imprint .

Numerous evil ogre and fiend faces emerged from the Evil Ogre Fiend Sword and formed a River of Filth that attempted to erode and pollute the True God Empyrean Imprint .

After slaying countless fiends and evil ogres and absorbing their souls, the level-6 secret treasure Evil Ogre Fiend Sword formed the River of Filth that can contaminate many level-6 secret treasures . Even level-7 secret treasures will erode and turn into drags when daubed with the “water” of the River of Filth .

With the support of Yang Feng’s life force, the True God Empyrean Imprint shone brightly . Suddenly, the Demon Emperor Cartman inscribed on the imprint twisted, opened his mouth, and swallowed the River of Filth .

All of a sudden, seal chains shot out from the True God Empyrean Imprint, wrapped around the Evil Ogre Fiend Sword, twisted hard, and broke the Evil Ogre Fiend Sword into pieces . The evil ogre and fiend souls trapped inside the sword gushed out abruptly, and then were sucked into the True God Empyrean Imprint .

After it lost the souls, the Evil Ogre Fiend Sword decayed and disintegrated .

Suo Li released a heart-wrenching scream: “My Evil Ogre Fiend Sword!”

[1] – Alkaid


[2] – Reverse scale