Medical Master - Chapter 620

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Chapter 620: Chapter 620 - How Powerful Is John Doe?

Chapter 620 How Powerful Is John Doe?

“How is it going?” Fang Qiu asked casually .

Zhao Shanlin chuckled and said, “Not bad . We found a place and the only thing left is the artificial simulation environment . ”

Fang Qiu was stunned and asked in confusion, “Oh? So fast?”

Zhao Shanlin exclaimed, “Well . In this world, it’s easy to get things done when you have the money!”

Fang Qiu was speechless .

After getting everything ready, Fang Qiu immediately began to use the computer in the conference room to document what the first commander wanted, which was the instructions on how to become a martial arts practitioner and the key points of a martial arts practitioner breaking through to Martial Superior Level .

Fang Qiu did not finish until it was dusk .

Just as Fang Qiu saved and encrypted the document and was about to stand up and stretch his body, the door of the conference room suddenly opened .

It was Li Ji .

“Have you finished?” Li Ji asked as he walked in .

Fang Qiu nodded and asked, “Yes . did you bring what I wanted?”

“All set . ” Li Ji walked over and handed a file folder to Fang Qiu .

Fang Qiu took it .

He opened the file folder and found a square, flat red box and a transparent small bag .

Li Ji said, “The thing you want is in the box, which has just been produced and can be used continuously . The mould has been preserved . Although the material is first-rate and not easily worn out, you can ask me to change it for you at any time . ”

“Okay . ” Fang Qiu nodded and opened the box . As expected, he saw a piece of human skin .

Unlike the human skin mask in the TV shows, this mask was the same color as any human skin, but it was not so dark . Instead, it was semi-transparent and very thin, just like a piece of paper .

Li Ji pressed his lips and said enviously, “I heard that this item is quite costly . Your new identity is in that bag . ”

Fang Qiu closed the box .

He took out a small bag from the file folder . Because the bag was transparent, Fang Qiu saw the ID card in the bag at a glance .

In addition to the ID card, there was a note .

“What’s written on that note is your life record . Take a good look at it first . ” Li Ji reminded him .

Fang Qiu took out his ID card .

“Lin Yu . ” Fang Qiu was stunned when he saw the name .

Fang Qiu thought to himself, “Why does this name sound so strange?”

“You didn’t say what kind of name you wanted for your new identity before, so the superior made the decision for you . You can reverse the words and see the meaning of this name . ”

Li Ji smiled and said, “Yu Lin . It means the royal armies in ancient times . ”

“Uh…” Fang Qiu shook his head and chuckled .

Royal armies? They could have come up with a better idea .

But as he gave it some thought, he realized that the special forces today were just like the royal armies in ancient times .

“Life record . ” Putting away his ID card, Fang Qiu took out the note from the bag and read it carefully .

After reading it, Fang Qiu committed all the information about his life to his memory and burned the paper with his internal Qi .

Li Ji asked, “What do you think? Are you satisfied with this new identity?”

Fang Qiu replied, “If I’m still as handsome as before after wearing this mask, I’ll be satisfied . ”

Li Ji said with a chuckle, “Probably, maybe… You’ll still look handsome . ”

Fang Qiu turned around and walked to the computer . After confirming that the documents had been saved, he pulled out the USB flash drive and handed it to Li Ji and said, “That should be sufficient . This is what the first commander wants . ”

“I’ll send it to him now . ” Li Ji took it carefully .

He knew the importance of this item .

Undoubtedly, even if Fang Qiu had written it down at this base, this USB could not be left in the base and would be sent to the higher-ups overnight .

The most important thing was that this item could only exist for less than a day .

A day later, the USB would be destroyed .

Because this was the country’s top-secret, it would not be stored in computers . Instead, it would directly turn into a physical book and be stored in the national confidential security vault .

Holding the USB drive, Li Ji did not hesitate and immediately turned to leave .

After Li Ji left, Fang Qiu instantly stood up, locked the door of the conference room and drew the curtain .

Then he took off his mask with his back to the window .

He took out the face mask and put it on like a facial mask .

Then he took out his phone and had a look .

As expected, he had turned completely into another person .

Although Fang Qiu still had some of his old features, his appearance had completely changed . He became much more handsome . Even if Fang Qiu’s closest friend stood in front of him, he or she would not have believed that this person was Fang Qiu .

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“Lin Yu . ” Feeling the coldness of the human skin mask gradually dissipating, Fang Qiu looked at himself on the reflective screen of the mobile phone and smiled .

He waited for a while .

When the human skin mask completely covered his face and there were no more gaps, Fang Qiu put on the mask again and reverted to his previous appearance .

“It’s time . ”

“In the future, I will find a chance to expose this face in Wulin . ”

“In this way, no one will pay attention to him for the time being . ”

As he whispered to himself, Fang Qiu nodded secretly .

He was very worried now .

A lot of people in Wulin had taken notice of John Doe . They all knew that he was at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and might be a student .

In this case, he would be found out sooner or later .

At that time, his parents would be implicated .

Therefore, Fang Qiu wanted to expose this face as the mysterious man and let everyone see a brand new face . He wanted to let those who had been chasing after the mysterious man know that the mysterious man had no connection with the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine . It would make all the people in Wulin think that the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was just a cover up for the mysterious man!

Li Ji had sent the USB to the first commander’s office .

The first commander also inserted the USB flash drive instantly and read the contents together with his bodyguard .

His bodyguard had been trained by the nation .

He was from Zhongnanhai .

Therefore, the first commander would not hide anything from him, even if it was a secret .

“How is it?” After reading the document, the first commander immediately asked .

“I have to think about it . ” The bodyguard answered, then stood where he was and closed his eyes to think .

After a while, the bodyguard suddenly opened his eyes in shock!

Before this, when he heard Fang Qiu’s account of the whole process, he was particularly suspicious . How could he directly promote an ordinary person to a Martial Superior in such a short period of time?

But now, when he read the detailed analysis and methods written by Fang Qiu himself, he was completely shocked!

“What John Doe said is true . ”

The bodyguard took a deep breath and exclaimed, “I did not expect that he could find such a method!”

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He knew that it was very difficult for a martial arts practitioner to break through, especially when he broke through to the Martial Superior Level . It was like a huge gap . But if one followed John Doe’s instructions, there would be no gap . It was just like crossing an ordinary river .

How powerful was John Doe?

The bodyguard became very curious .

Hearing the bodyguard’s shocked tones, the first commander was extremely surprised . He stood up instantly and said, “Okay . With this, we will not have to worry about the strength of our Huaxia soldiers!”

“Yes, this is a powerful method . ” The bodyguard gave his comment again .

“Alright, you may leave . ” The first commander put away the USB flash drive and was ready to send it back to the capital in person .

After the bodyguard left, the first commander did not wait . He immediately dialed a number of the military region of Nanjiang from the phone on his desk .

When the phone was connected, the first commander laughed and said, “Yes, it’s me . In the military drill last time, your military region of Nanjiang stole the limelight . Well, I’m not convinced . ”

“What? Are you looking for trouble?” A proud voice came from the other end of the line .

“Don’t be too cocky in advance”

The first commander smirked and said, “Do you dare to compete again? I will definitely turn defeat into victory this time and beat you!”

“Yo, old man, you are quite confident!” Laughter came from the other end of the line .

“Aren’t you also arrogant?” The first commander said .

The person on the other end of the phone said, “Anyway, it’s almost time for the joint military drill . At that time, all the special forces under our command will be the Ranger . Since you want to compete, then let’s compete again at that time . But I have to make it clear that you are not allowed to cry at that time!”

The first commander laughed and said, “Who wants to cry? I won’t cry anyway . I’m looking forward to this competition, ha-ha . ”

The next day, after staying in the base for a night and getting up early to practice for a while, Fang Qiu was asked by the first commander to go together with him to Lop Nor .

They needed to take a plane and the car would send them there .

Due to the fact that it was already classified as a military restricted zone, the region had been marked out and the army had already commenced work there .

Soon, they arrived outside Lop Nor .

The car suddenly stopped .

The first commander and Fang Qiu got out of the car and saw a team member in front of the car pulling away the carcasses of the giant carnivorous lizards .

“Why are these carcasses still here?” Fang Qiu was confused .

Logically speaking, these carcasses should have sunk into the yellow sand long ago .

“They were dug out from the sand overnight,” the captain said .

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“It’s so big?” The first commander looked at the huge carcass and was very shocked .

“This should be a small one . ”

Fang Qiu said and then added, “There’s a bigger one inside . ”

“Good lord . ”

The first commander exclaimed and then said, “Keep it secret . Collect all the carcasses of these lizards and study them carefully . ”

“Yes, sir . ” The captain responded with a salute .

The first commander beckoned Fang Qiu to get into the car again, as he drove around the area, went directly into Lop Nor and came to the huge pit formed by the nuclear explosion experiment .

At this moment, the underground abyss which was about 3,000 meters deep, had a simple lift installed in it .

There were also many lightbulbs installed in the cave .

The road was brightly lit all the way .

After using the lift and arriving at the bottom of the abyss, Fang Qiu took the first commander and his bodyguard into the underground maze .

In the maze, the first commander saw another special force squad carrying a ten-meter-long giant carnivorous lizard’s body and walking out .

This time, not only the first commander but the bodyguard too, were shocked!

A ten-meter-long giant lizard was too big!

Then, they continued to move forward .

The three of them walked all the way to the oasis in the deepest cave .

At this moment, professional experts who had been assigned to this place had already marked out the underground road .

“Good, it’s a good place . ” Standing on a flat rock on the periphery of the oasis, the first commander observed the situation in the cave and nodded his head constantly, praising it .

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