Apocalypse Meltdown - Chapter 171

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Chapter 171

Chu Han’s information didn’t appear after completing the ordinary test because he had chosen to take the alternate dimension’s test right after . As a result, if he died there, there would be no need for his information on the ranking list .

Similarly, the weird monoliths would know and delete someone’s rank if they died; their lives and ranks were somehow connected .

In his previous life, it was quite common to hunt people on the list . It was not only glorious; it also brought happiness killing people of a higher rank!

The hunters could even replace the dead ranker on the list, by killing them, after re-taking the test .  

When Chu Han killed several monsters two caves appeared . It was really dark, he could hardly see, but the Meltdown System urged him to take the left cave .

It sounded so urgent that he believed it would go haywire if he decided to ignore it and turn right .

"Fine, I’ll listen to you for once . I hope there is something good . " Chu Han entered and held the ax tightly .

The Meltdown System’s existence was as unreasonable as the strange monoliths measuring one’s combat power . However, he felt even more confused with the Meltdown System’s ability to detect alternate dimensions .

They seemed irrelevant but they were somehow connected .

Was it a coincidence or something else?

Besides being a phase-1, Chu Han also had three talents; accuracy, power and speed . Although his talents were in phase-1, they were enough to let him undertake the test . Suddenly, he felt the Meltdown System’s ‘anticipation’ getting stronger when he entered the cave .

The cave was not spacious but there were plenty of black crystals, similar, if not the same, as the ones phase-2 zombies had in their heads . Chu Han nodded and started picking them up . Although they were not supreme treasures, he had nothing to lose .

He did not expect to find anything valuable in the phase-1 dimensional point but hundreds of phase-2 zombie crystals were priceless too .

Chu Han stopped when he picked up the crystal . There was a pure dark iron fragment stuck in his hand!

"Meltdown fragment detected! Would you like to upgrade the system?" The Meltdown System’s mechanical voice transmitted, and it sounded ‘livelier’ than usual .

Meltdown fragment?!

Chu Han was dazed . Chu Han suddenly thought he had stumbled upon a great secret and quickly made a decision, "Upgrade!"

Upgrading the Meltdown System should be the first piece of solving the puzzle . Not mention that after its upgrade it would bring in more benefits .


It was like Chu Han’s head exploded and the crystal he had carefully picked up, along the others, turned into dust simultaneously, then the whole place shook .

The monolith was destroyed and Chu Han crashed into a wall . He cursed at it angrily since each of crystal was equal to 5 points . There were hundreds of crystals that could help him break through phase-2 . But everything was gone!


He was kicked out of the dimensional point before coughing out the blood . Meanwhile, the monolith’s mechanical voice sounded, "The alternate dimension’s exploration has finished . Name? Age? Gender?"

Chu Han was dizzy while the Meltdown System left a series of deafening friction sounds . At that moment, he answered out of instinct .

"Chu Han, 20 years old . . . male!"

"Still with the same bullsh*t questions!" Even if he had been reborn, he still believed that the monolith was full of crap .

Asking if one was male or female? Was it blind?

While Chu Han suffered from the Meltdown System’s upgrading process and the monoliths f*cking question, everyone outside was shocked and agitated seeing the ranking list’s latest update .

Wen Qisheng’s team was packing up before the latest update happened . They were going to leave as soon as Bai Yun’er got out .

Suddenly, someone asked with a shaking voice, "Sh*t! S+?"

"What is S+?"

"Check the list! The phase-1 list!"

"There’s an update!"

"Who? S+?"

"There is a level higher than S?"

"What?" Chen Shaoye screamed and then he excitedly danced, "MY BOSS! It is my boss!"

Wen Qisheng who was not paying attention suddenly turned and looked back; it was like he got a stroke from the shock . Those underestimating Chu Han’s power were petrified . In the phase 1 list, huge golden words appeared . The information was shinier than Bai Yuner’s and the words were two times larger!

Name: Chu Han

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Ability: Evolutionary

Overall Assessment: S+

Ranking: No . 1

Chu Han took the first place as fast as a storm and shocked the masses . They thought that Bai Yuner’s score was the highest, but unexpectedly there was S+ above S?

Many people who despised Chu Han didn’t know where to hide . As for anyone underestimating him, they could only swallow their words bitterly . His attainment was exceptional, others could just dream about reaching S+!

At the moment, in the phase-1 list, Chu Han was first, Bai Yun’er second and Chen Shaoye third!

His name overshadowed everyone and kept getting brighter . The last update was direct and violent . The S+ score couldn’t be surpassed easily . Even Bai Yuner’s score, who terrified whomever knew about her background, was only ranked S .

Wen Qisheng’s face was redder than a tomato . He felt a sting pain in his heart and regretted not persuading Chu Han to stay with them . It would even be beneficial for Luo Xiaoxiao . He had utterly underestimated his talent, and he missed the chance of recruiting him .

It was so painful!

Zhan Yiming who passed the phase-2 test was shocked . Although he was second, his score was D . He was clear about the value of S+ . Even Bai Yuner who terrified Wen Lao was under Chu Han .

Acquiring the title of No . 1 in the list was no easy feat!

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