Mercenary System - Chapter 8

Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:32:42 PM

Chapter 8

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After sailing in his boat for 5 days, Razlov could finally see the silhouette of civilization . From what he could see from the size of the port, it seems to be a town . He immediately change the direction of the boat towards the town .

Razlov let out a sigh of relief seeing the town, since he is almost out of food . During his time travel after he left the island, his first 2 days has been relaxing . Since from the previous Razlov traveled for 3 days until he reach the island . He still continued his relaxing journey on the 3rd day, but a whole day has past and he still could not see even a single thing or a boat in the horizon . On the 4th day he started to panic since he could still not see anything and the food and water he prepared is already in his last day; he only prepared food that would last for 4 days . Since the previous Razlov on traveled for 3 days, he din't prepare food that will last 10 days or more, he only prepare what he thinks is the appropriate for his travel . Luckily, on the morning of the 5th day travel he saw a fishing boat, after asking for direction he finally arrive at the port town of Sanloris .

He arrive at Sanloris already time for lunch . Glancing around the port, he could see ships made out of wood ranging from big trade ships to small fishing boats . He could see many busy people walking around, trading, working, bartering and buying products; arriving at the conclusion that this is a thriving port .

Stepping onto the port, Razlov notice that people keep staring at him . Listening to their conversation he finally understood that its due to his outfit .

Razlov looks like he will be going to service with his full combat uniform . ( from Earth's perspective)

From his navy combat uniform with matching cap and aviator sunglasses, Kevlar vest, water bottle and pouch bag on his belt and a holster with a desert eagle in it except for his rifle; really looking like he's going to service .

Some people look at him weirdly while some females has blush and smile on their face . Even though he's outfit is weird for their perspective that does not hide that he looks cool and dashing with his outfit .

He nods and smile at the people who's staring at him as he walk out of the port . Females couldn't help but avert their eyes from seeing him smile and look again as he disappear on the crowd .

"Who was that handsome man?"

"I don't know, does anyone know him?"

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"Even though he looks weird it looks really good to him, making him cool and handsome"

Even though he is already far, he could still the hear the discussion of the crowd . Razlov continued his way out of the port .

The first thing he did was to find an Inn to eat and sleep, since he din't get to sleep during his travel from the island to Sanloris . After asking around, he was lead to an Inn near the port called 'Flying Fish Inn' .

The Inn is big, it is a 2 storey building with the 1st floor as a pub and 2nd is rooms . Looking around the 1st floor, he could see many people drinking in the pub and could see a middle age woman in the counter .

Razlov walk to the counter and ask .

"How much is the room for one person?"

The middle age woman smile at him and said .

"For 1 night is 1 silver coin with meal and 5 silver coins if your going to stay for a week with free meals"

"Then I will rent a room for a month and can you prepare a meal for me . "

"The meal will be serve in 10 minutes and thank you for choosing our Inn"said the woman with a smile

"Your welcome" said Razlov with also a smile while he keep looking at the woman

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Taking out a gold coin that he prepared, giving it to the woman and get his change to look for a table . Finding an empty table, he sit there and waited for his meal .

After eating his fill, Razlov return to the counter to ask the woman where is the mercenary guild in town . After knowing the direction, he ask for the keys of his room and went to his room to sleep .




3 days had pass .

During these 3 days, Razlov had been walking around that town to familiarized himself . From what he learn during his walk in the town, Sanloris is a medium size town and also the center of trade in the territory of viscount Garbel . He also got some information regarding the time period of this world and its names for it . This world's time period is almost just like earth except for month since its 35 days a month .

Its like this .

1 minute is 60 seconds

1 hour is 60 minutes

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1 day is 24 hours

1 week is 7 days

1 month is 5 week/35 days

1 year is 12 months/420 days

3 Months of Skidra= Spring season/ Skidra- God of the Sky and War

3 Months of Ferina= Summer season/ Ferina- Goddess of the Sun and Beauty

3 Months of Mondo= Autumn season/ Mondo- God of the Earth and Knowledge

3 Months of Nisia= Winter season/ Nisia- Goddess of the Moon and Love

Razlov almost spend his days out in the street to gather information that will be broaden his knowledge regarding this world .

During his walk in the town, people keep staring at him with different look . But after 3 days of walking around the town, they already got used to how I look but the females keep staring at me with a smile on their face .

Its already late in the night when he got back at the Inn . There are only 2 persons left in the pub and are already getting ready to leave its almost time to close the Inn .

"Razlov, were you walking around the town again?"

The person who called him was Selina . She is the owner and sometimes receptionist of the Inn, She has a daughter that help her out . Selina is already a widow because her husband died in an accident at the port when her daughter was only 3 years old . Good thing though, that before her husband died the couple already manage to buy an Inn as their business .

Razlov just smile at Selina's question .

"Razlov, have you already eaten a meal if not, there's still leftover in the kitchen" Ask Selina

"Yes, please give me one . I'm already hungry"

Selina went to the kitchen and brings back a bowl of stew,2 piece of bread and a cup of ale .

"Here's your meal . So how's your day?" ask Selina while serving the food

"Same usual" said Razlov

"What do you think of this town Razlov?" Selina ask

"Well, I think its a peaceful town and has a good ambiance to it"

"Then I hope you enjoy your stay in the town" Selina said

"Thank you"