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Published at 5th of April 2019 09:30:32 AM

Chapter 21

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"There is no need to trouble 2nd prince . Her residence is just upfront", Li Xi Rui rejected the offer . She didn't want him to be tangled further than they already are .

"Perhaps the friend miss Li mentioned is Miss Lu?", Long Jie is not in a hurry to let Li Xi Rui go .

"It is 2nd prince . Then, this miss ex . . c . . ", before Li xi Rui can excused herself, Long Jie interrupted .

"Ah, it is a coincidence! This prince also am going to visit Minister Lu . Ten let us go on our way", Long Jie smile at Li Xi Rui and from the corner of his eye, he could see she clenched her fist .

It took a while to calm her nerve . 'Fine! It's better to be accompanied by a general than blindly forcing herself to the unknown . She just want to take a look and not making herself get killed anyway' . Side by side, they walk together to the Lu residence . Because they're too close, Li Xi Rui could smell that sandalwood fragrance Long Jie rarely used .

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'Couldn't this 2nd prince walk a bit further away from me? Our shoulders nearly touched', she is too conscious of him . That smell make her remembers their 'deeds' . Unconsciously, heat started to rise on her face .

'Ah . . she also could make that kind of face', Long Jie could see her blushed . He could feel his heart fluttering . He could see all her facial features from a slit at the side of her veil . Slowly they walked to the Lu residence .

When they are showed in the Lu residence, the first to arrive at the receiving room is the weakly constitution Miss Lu . She is the only unmarried daughter of Minister Lu . His elder daughter has entered the palace a few years ago .

At first Miss Lu just want to see Li Xi Rui and her intention of visiting her . Afterall, it has been 5 years since her last visit . They had been best friend in childhood and often played with each other . But after Miss Lu fell sick and bedridden, Li Xi Rui couldn't meet her as the disease could be infected . During the year she was bedridden, there were too many rumors about Li Xi Rui that Miss Lu started to believe it . It is worsened when Li Xi Rui didn't visit her when she recovered .

But now looking at the couple in front of her, she is dumbfounded . Isn't Xi Rui is not in a good term with the 2nd prince? Is the rumors afterall just a rumor? Being bored for these 5 years, the stars of the rumors is in front of her . So just like that, her instinct to gossips awaken and wanted to probe further .

"Lu Xin Yin greet your highness 2nd prince and Miss Li", she arranged her words . But before she continue her speech, her father come panting .

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"Second Prince, this minister ask for forgiveness to let you wait in the receiving room . Please punish this minister", he nearly kowtow .

"There is no need for such formalities minister Lu . It's not an very important matter . I just come to visit", Long Jie watched the shivering minister in front of him .

'If its not an important matter, then why would a prince like him visiting this old minister?', minister Lu is not close with the princes . Glancing at his daughter, he give a sign for his daughter to take Li Xi Rui away .

Understanding her father's sign, Lu Xin Yin gently pulled Li Xi Rui away . She also is in need of some gossips . Taking her to her quarters, they sit at a round wooden table .

"Li Xi Rui! Tell this miss why you didn't visit her these passed few years?", when they are alone, Lu Xin yin transformed to the former her and treated Li Xi Rui as she used to .

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"You look healthier Xin Yin . Forgive me for being a bad friend", Li Xi Rui sincerely asked for forgiveness .

"This miss could overlook your past conduct, if . . . . and only if, you tell me what is the relationship between you and 2nd prince", Lu Xin Yin sat herself nearer and hang onto Li Xi Rui's arm .

"It was just a coincidence . We met in front of your house", Li Xi Rui denied any relationship between her and Long Jie .

"Ceh . . . that was not fun", Lu Xin Yin tsked unlady-likely . Li Xi Rui almost forgot her personality . She is glad Lu Xin Yin hadn't change .

"I'm glad you haven't change at all . I'm truly sorry for not visiting sooner . I was afraid you wouldn't want to become my friend anymore after all the bad rumors spread", Li Xi Rui decided to just be honest .

"Humph! That means you didn't fully know me yet! Whatever rumors can be dispelled if you just tell me the truth . But I am glad you are okay . After all, you had been obsessed with the crown prince since long ago", Lu Xin yin is relieved her friend is okay . She thought she will go berserk . Li Xi Rui's attitude is no better than hers .

"It certainly was hard but love couldn't be forced . I learned the hard way", Li Xi Rui smile wryly .

Hugging her friend, Lu Xin Yin said, "Xi Rui, you deserved someone better . No need to degrade yourself for a man's attention . You are the most talented person I know so there will be plenty of men out there even women!" .

Laughing, Li Xi Rui couldn't help but playfully reprimand her friend, "You, I didn't swing that way!" . She didn't tell Lu Xin Yin her plan to remained single for the rest of her life .

"Well, if you don't care about other men, then how about the man near you?", Lu Xin Yin continue . "2nd prince seems like a good catch . You should see the way he looks at you" .

Blushing, Li Xi Rui denied, "No, we are not in a good term . I didn't know him that well" .

"That could be changed!", Lu Xin Yin saw her friend is being reluctant, so she ceased her teasing . But in her mind, she already devised a plan to pushed them together .

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