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Published at 5th of April 2019 09:30:31 AM

Chapter 22

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"Then, Minister Lu, this prince hope you could bear it in mind what I've just told you", Long Jie advised the minister .

"Yes 2nd prince, this minister understand", Minister Lu is a bit shaken up from what 2nd prince told him . 'Would they really come? It has been several years without any movement on their part', he thought . He has been living in fear the first year he received the threat and after 2 more years, he had thought they stopped their threats .

"If there is something minister Lu want to tell this prince, say it now", Long Jie sensed Minister Lu have something concealed . He doesn't care what it is or what will happened to this old minister . After all he already warned him . Now, it all depends on him . He could request protection from Long Jie or could protect himself .

After some thinking in his part, Minister Lu decide to trust his life to this 2nd prince . So he tell him everything .

"So that's how it is . I'm going to offer you my protection, but you need to cooperate and do what this prince tell you to do . Is that okay with minister Lu?", Long Jie's tone is not allowing a room for negotiations . Since this case is going to involve his future in law, he decided to be involved .

Nodding his head, Minister Lu agreed . His family's life is important .

Looking to the pavement leading to the front door of the mansion, Long Jie keep glancing to that direction . After he saw that familiar silhouette, he bid minister Lu farewell . With his long legs, he strides forward .

"Miss Li, what a coincidence . This prince is also on the way back to the centre . Then, let's go together", Long Jie nonchalantly invited himself to tag along with Li Xi Rui .

"No . . it's o . . k . . . ", Li Xi Rui wanted to decline but Lu Xin Yin interrupted, "That would be the best 2nd prince . It's already this late and my friend shouldn't walk by herself" . Now, Li xi Rui really is mad at herself . 'Why didn't she just bring a carriage? Now she is stuck with the 2nd prince' . Reluctantly, Li Xi Rui just nodding . What can she do?

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Satisfied with Miss Lu's action, Long Jie decided to shield his future consort's friend's family . Bidding farewell to Miss Lu, Li Xi Rui and Long Jie walk side by side . Because it is not early anymore, there is less people walking on the street . But when there is people, they would pretend to not notice Miss Li and 2nd prince .

"It looks like the rumor is true . Miss Li and 2nd prince really have something going on", the people whispered . Long Jie could hear their voice, so he smile with satisfaction . 'Good', he thought .

Without saying anything to each other, they seems to be in harmony further worsened the rumor mongers . From 'they're in relationship' to 'they've been waiting for the engagement to be dissolved before announcing their feeling with each other' . Whatever it is, Long Jie is just happy to be involved in a rumor with her .

"If it's not too much trouble, would miss Li accompany this prince to the Lotus Garden . I left my carriage near that place and it would be convenient for Miss Li to take it rather than walking", Long Jie politely persuade Li Xi Rui .

Looking at the handsome face in front of her, she didn't detect any lies, so she agreed .

The Lotus Garden is still as magical as she remembers . At the vast expanse of trees, lake and flowers, it's like it come out of a painting . Lifting up her veil, Li Xi Rui doesn't want anything to obstruct her view .

Satisfied with himself, he excuse himself to make arrangements for Li xi Rui .

"2nd prince can just rest assured . This miss will wait for your highness here", Li Xi Rui promised him . Her evaluation of Long Jie is much favourable than the past . Maybe it's not bad to be acquaintance with him? As long as it is not crossing the limit . 'Though, it seems we already crossed that line a while ago', she nearly slapped herself of thinking about that again .

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Watching Long Jie's back getting further away, she unconsciously smile . Being friend is not so bad . She also knew how the 2nd prince's personality works . And being in his good grace is better than being his enemy .

Suddenly she saw something up on the tree . 'A man?, she thought .


Sitting up on the tree there is a man as beautiful as a deity . With his dark as the night black robe, his pale skin almost seems translucent . His unbound white hair shining under the sunset reflecting the orange glow . When the wind blowing, the hair floats in that direction . On the front of his forehead there is a crescent moon shaped jewel emitting different colour spectrum . This painting like scenery is so surreal Li Xi Rui couldn't help but stop to admire the view in front of her .

Suddenly the man open his eyes and look at her direction . Putting on his usual smile, "Miss Li, we meet again . I see, the same pair of eyes but different view of the world" .

Li Xi Rui composed herself, "Have we met before? Forgive this miss as I seem to forget that occasion" . Xiao Xi is fidgeting behind Li Xi Rui, 'miss, when did you befriend a deity like man?' .

"Ah . . . forgive this young master . Our encounter is not in this lifetime but perhaps in the previous life?", Rui Sheng's answer seems like a question but Li Xi Rui grasps what he meant . She and him are reincarnated . Li Xi Rui had thought if there will be someone who reincarnated or might be transmigrated? Is that possible? From where? She doesn't know, but after her experience, she believes in mystical things . So she is not surprised when Rui Sheng confirmed her speculation .

'How I hate these pair of eyes . How I wish I could gauge them out and keep it!'

'Ah! It's that man!', Li Xi Rui remembered the threat he once uttered . "You are not allowed to take my eyes even if you hated them", she try very hard to speak with a calm tone .

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"Oooo . . . that pair of eyes and this pair of eyes are very different, that the value dropped after a lifetime", Rui Sheng speak the usual Rui Sheng's way . He doesn't care if no one understand .

'Why does Xiao Xi doesn't understand a thing the miss and this deity are speaking about?', Xiao Xi thought . Is she that dumb?

"It's good if it's no longer the point of your interest . Do tell this miss why did young master wanted them previously?", Li Xi Rui never have this question answered . She met this guy once and he straight away wanted to gauge her eyes .

"Ah, the eyes that is so clear, it reflected the innocence of the way of the world . The eyes that have not seen how cruel the world can be . But it's no longer that way is it?", Rui Sheng smiled and talks melancholy .

To that, Li Xi Rui doesn't have any retorts . She herself knew she changed after seeing the cruel way of the world . She is not as naive as to think that is the maximum extent that people can behaved . Seeing a little of the evil world, its enough for her to kill herself . So she doesn't plan to see the other half of that world afraid of changing herself further .

"That may be so", Li Xi Rui looked afar . She has changed . She doesn't want much in this lifetime, she just want to live with her family .

"The fate is not for us to decide", Rui Sheng add .

'Does it mean she might have not changed a thing? But nonetheless, she still have to try her best', Li Xi Rui thought .

"Sheng? What are you doing here?", Long Jie come looking for Li Xi Rui .

"Jie, I'm just looking at the pair of eyes you hated so much before", Rui said before leaping down to the ground . Somehow the image of Rui Sheng touching the dirty ground is wrong .

'This deity like presence shouldn't touched the ground', Xiao Xi randomly thought .

Long Jie looked at Li Xi Rui, 'I have never hated you . I've just mistaken my feeling of jealousy as hatred' . But he doesn't dare to utter that sentence . It's too early he thought .

'So, this deity like man wanted my eyes because this 2nd prince hated them? Are they that closed? In the end, it's this guy faults!', Li Xi Rui wanted to lashed out at Long Jie .

Rui Sheng looked at the man and woman in front of him and smile . 'Oh . . . the parallel line of thinking', he is amused .

*cough* "Miss Li, let me introduce you to my cousin, Rui Sheng", Long Jie never intended to lie to Li Xi Rui . He had never introduced Rui Sheng as his cousin to hide his identity . It is what his imperial father had wanted . Never would in a million years, would he realized, he just dug his own grave . Li Xi Rui had confirmed Long Jie hated her and wanted to torture her . The good feeling she felt had washed away .

"Geeting Young Master Rui Sheng . Then I bid 2nd prince and young master farewell", hastily she goes away with Xiao Xi on tow .

Long Jie freeze in his spot . 'Why did Li Xi Rui suddenly running away? Is she misunderstood something? he looked at the retreating back .

"Jie, all debt must be paid in full!", Rui Sheng is amused . It seems like Li Xi Rui has misunderstood . 'Ah . . . Jie, it seems like you still have a long way to go' .

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