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Published at 17th of August 2018 05:49:57 PM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Intimidation

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Da Shang Dynasty, full of wealth and prosperity .

Today, the sky is clear, the sun brings about a warmth, sunlight sprinkles from the deep blue sky, as it sheds glimmer on the golden glazed tiles of the palace, reflecting the dazzling light .

A fierce figure hurried through the white jade corridor, the figure reflected in the dazzling sun as the person moved along .

Inside the hall, the woman sits in the camphor chair, her white jade hands gently wipes the sword, the sword front is cold and glaring, reflecting a pair of sharp phoenix eyes .

The door was slammed at the right time, after a faint response, ‘Cang’ the long sword returns to its sheath .

Fei Se slowly approached, placing the tray on the table, and bowed: “Daren, the official robes are ready, please try it on!”

Daren: How one would address an official

GeShu Wu Luan’s long fingers gently stroke the fabric, the texture is smooth, and the material is good quality, the Shang Palace really put their effort into it .

Right, they would not dare make a slip, would they dare not work to the best of their ability, after all, she is the first woman to be given such a position .

These honers caused her to be slightly embarrassed, three days ago, she was given an edict by Da Fei, followed by the coronation . She knew Da Fei was doing this for her, but she has never cared about these false titles, but she has to accept that with this important identity, in the future, there will be better chances to serve the Da Fei well!

Da Fei: Equivalent to empress in this particular dynasty
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In her heart, she sees Da Fei not only as her master but also her closest kin, she is grateful to her in addition to respect, 11 years ago, if she did not rescue herself from the black hunters, she is afraid she might have already been a person that murders for a living!

At that time, she did not know much about her identity . She only knew that she was a Turkic aristocrat . When she first entered Dongdu, she just saved her . Later on, she invited a teacher to teach her reading and martial arts, even arranging a place to accommodate her . Since then, they have not seen for eight years, but she will send someone to give a gift every festival . Until three years ago, the palace was selecting female servants, she sent people to tell them, she would join the selection, she did this to fully understand the identity of her benefactor . Who was a descendant of the Turkic royal family – GeShu Cheng, who was also the most favored consort of the country’s monarch, Hao Yue furen .

furen: equivalent to madam or lady

After entering the palace, she is the servant to Da Fei in front of everyone, but in private, she keeps the inner palace’s hostilities in check .

The connection between them is not known to outsiders .

The woman’s movement could not be seen for some time, one could see that her face was without a ripple . She was calm, no one could see through her mood, her eyes were fixed upon the embroidery on the official robes . The embroidery pattern was one of a cloud, with the crane at the bottom, creating a calming illusion .

“Daren, is something wrong?”

Fei Se has been in Guang Cheng palace for a while and has worked for GeShu Wu Luan for more than half a year . She has always been cautious, for fear that she will make a slight mistake because in front of the woman in front of her makes her feel fear in addition to respect!

Yes, it is fear, the harem is not only a place where women the most powerful women are but also a place eats people without spitting up the bones, how many dead bones are not seen in the dark wells of the corners of the palace? How many people put their hands over their hearts and live in fear .

However, she, GeShu Wu Luan, only at the age of eighteen, she entered the palace in a short period of three years and repeatedly got promoted, from the lowest female servant to the first female official and then to the status if Jin Yi Hou, relying not only on luck! On one hand, she is Da Fei’s most trusted confidant, but the skills she has is even more amazing!

Thinking of this, Fei Se was secretly excited .

GeShu Wu Luan seemed to have snapped out of her daze, her heroic face had on a light smile, “Very good! Let’s put it aside, there are still a few hours from the banquet, it won’t be too late to try it later . ”

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In fact, Fei Se wanted to say that she can try it on now if it doesn’t fit, she can bring it back to the Shang Palace . Of course, these words can only be heard at the bottom of her heart . Because she knows that, no one dares to question GeShu Daren’s words .

In the end, Fei Se pouted and quietly retreats .

At a glimpse, the room was quiet, but there was a cold aura lingering on the woman’s plain cheeks .

Bao Yi Hall .

Here is the chess room where Da Jun built it for his younger son . When he came out of his mother’s womb, he was only fond of chess . Therefore, the Da Jun used gold to hire the master of the country’s unparalleled game —— Bai Hua, to teach Gongzi Su .

Da Jun: Equivalent to emperor

Speaking of this chess player, Bai Hua, although he is young in age, he is very sophisticated in chess .

At this time, the man in light clothes sat on the rattan chair, with the two-color chess pieces on the chessboard in front of him were covered with cloth, they were in a battle with each other, he pointed his finger as white jade stone was placed down, neither of them willing to give in .

The good-looking long eyebrows are slightly tangled, his eyes showed traces of tiredness .

“Mister Bai, it is very exciting, a person can be so fierce playing chess!” A cold voice cut through the silence, the man was really surprised, the elbow could not help but tremble, knocking into the board and ruin a good game .

“It’s a pity!” GeShu Wu Luan said with a sigh, as she walked slowly .

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Bai Hua looked up in horror at the woman, her eyes fell on his handsome face, her mouth was drawn with a smile, he quickly got up and greeted her “Greetings, GeShu Daren!”

GeShu Wu Luan waved her hand and said: “Mister Bai, the number of rituals has always been comprehensive, but I dare not accept it . ”

This sentence really makes Bai Hua feel strange, he really does not have the courage, if it were not for her superb lightness skills, walking so quietly, he would not have gotten embarrassed . This is nothing, the most important thing is that the woman who is being appreciative is holding on to his weaknesses, and it really makes him unable to keep pace .

“Ben guan feels curious, withing Mister Bai’s daringness, it possible to make a request for an imperial edict marriage? Moreover, the objective of marriage is —— me!” GeShu Wu Luan deliberately emphasized the word ‘me’, to remind him of her power .

Ben guan: How officials refer to themselves, it means this official

Speaking of this trouble of marriage, it was half a month ago, when Da Jun smiled and mentioned this marriage, she almost lost her mind, later, she learned that this marriage was actually purposed by Bai Hua . The nameless anger had broken out . Fortunately, Hao Yue Furen, the current Da Fei, meddled and postponed it for a while, but this did not completely extinguish her anger . One must know that it is just a postponement and reconsideration . With Da Jun’s appreciation of this guy, how can it be difficult for him to get married? At that time, even if Da Fei no longer pushes the resistance, they can’t beat the face of the monarch, so will be difficult to do it in the future . It is better to let him know and retreat .

The phoenix eyes glided across the messy board, and the line of sight slowly moved up, and finally fell to the man’s eyes .

The cold and sharp eyes made Bai Hua dare not look at it . He swallowed the saliva and hurriedly diverted his eyes “This can’t can’t be measured by one’s courage!”

“Oh? Is it?” The woman raised her heroic looking eyebrows .

Bai Hua did not make a sound, just nodded his head to answer .

“So, why do you want to marry me? In ben guan’s opinion, we have only seen each other a few times, we can’t completely say that we’re strangers, we have not really spoken before, not to mention marriage?” GeShu Wu Luan’s eyes did not leave the man, her eyes scanned the man’s face for any traces that would give away .

She understands that there are many people in the court and harem who oppose Da Fei gaining that position when the monarch insists on doing it, he can only secretly move, intending to move quietly!

She is Da Fei’s confidant, if they want to take Da Fei down, they must start with her, first to marry him, then gradually separate her and Da Fei, then get rid of them one by one, this scheme would gradually lead to the downfall of Da Fei’s power .

The man in front of her, on the outside, he is a teacher to Gongzi Su, but in secretly, he has a personal relationship with Da Si, and he is not the first to take the lead in opposing Da Fei . One can imagine the conspiracy behind it .

These details were known as early as when Da Jun announced the appointment of Bai Hua into the palace, she had always been clear on what she wanted to do, she would serve Da Fei, and Gongzi Su to the best of her abilities .

However, she has already seen the extent of Da Fei’s power, she didn’t understand why Da Fei would want this person to teach Gongzi Su, if she had previously guarded against him, there would not be this trouble of marriage .

In the end, she still can’t grasp what Da Fei is thinking .

However, their planning is probably wrong . It is not a wise move to start from her . Although Bai Hua is good at chess, he is not good at controlling the game, if the chess piece is chosen correctly, then this is a good game, but if the wrong move is made, he will lose everything!

The man never dared to look back at the woman’s eyes, but slowly replied, and the tone seemed to bring a hint of affection, “To me, for some people it only takes a glance to have that person deeply imprinted in the heart, and be unable to forget them . ”

GeShu Wu Luan gave a cold smile, “Some people? Ah!” Not only was she unable to find the clues of conspiracy from his face, but his words and tone provoke a layer of anger, is she too unsettled or is he is in too deep?

“Yes, there are some people, it happens once in a lifetime, and that one time decides the fate for the rest of their lives!” Bai Hua replied in a warm voice . After the voice fell for a long time, he looked up at the woman in front of him, he saw her angry glare and the frustration on her face .

This room is so boring that GeShu Wu Luan is so sullen, no longer thinking about it and wasting her words, the arrogance in her eyes looks at the man, “But you are not engraved in my heart, let alone my eyes . It seems that you are destined to ‘regret for life’! Mister should put your mind on wholeheartedly teaching Gongzi Su, think less about dreams, and things you can’t touch, and be careful when your dreams become nightmares!”

“I won’t give up until I marry Daren!”

The excited man’s voice came from behind, forcing GeShu Wu Luan who was walking out the door to slow down, but she never looked back, only giving him the view of her indifferent back and her cold words .

“Very — good! Ben guan will have you ‘smile’ as you let go!”

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