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Published at 17th of August 2018 05:49:57 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Frivolous

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The crescent moon crossed the treetops and slowly rose to the sky . The twinkling stars densely covered the satin-like night sky, emitting a faint glow .

The palace’s Yu Lin army was stationed outside the Forbidden Palace, the female guards were responsible for inspecting the inner palace, they were well organized .

At this time, in the palace, the lanterns decorated were full of color, it was a beautiful and extraordinary sight .

There were tens of thousands of servants in the palace, the officials arrived with their families to the Yu Jing Royal Garden, to congratulate the monarch for giving Da Fei such a position .

This dynasty is different from other countries, since its founding, the emperor has been honored as Da Jun, and the overseer of the six inner palaces would be called Da Fei, equivalent to the empress, the holder of the Phoenix seal . Under Da Fei is the rank of the three great Furens, after that is Chang shi, Yu shi, Yu Nu, Jing e ruo gan, the last is Chong yi, the position is slightly higher than palace ladies, even though she is a woman of the emperor, her status is not as good as a female official in the palace .

The monarch of the dynasty has the surname Yin, given name Jin Rui, he has passed his middle age, the harem would not be considered full, with only a few dozen people, he only has two sons and two daughters, the successor of the throne has not been decided yet, it was only today that he officially crowned his Da Fei .

Prior to this, there were only two Furens in the harem who were qualified for the title, one is Yin Furen, who has been in the palace for the longest time and has the deepest qualifications, but unfortunately, she has not given birth to a son; The other, Hao Yue Furen, who is the current Da Fei, she has a son, his name is Su, he is just eight years old and adorable, he is also the apple of Da Jun’s eyes .

Although Hao Yue Furen’s qualifications to be the overseer of the six palaces is very high, many people oppose it, in their eyes, she is a descendant of Turkic barbarians, who do not know proper rituals, a demoness who confuses the monarch into promoting a female official, one with great ambition!

As of now, how many officials are sincerely congratulating?

After worshipping the ancestors, going to the Yu Pavilion, awarding the phoenix seal, the book, and worshipping, after a series of lengthy and complicated rituals, the palace banquet is about to begin, the civil and military officials are seated .

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The coronation ceremony tonight is quite grand, it is an unprecedented event!

However, it does not conform to the rules of the royal family, that ceremonies should have been held in the daytime, but Da Fei said, ‘they can’t see the power and influence of the palace, and the six palaces, who is going to stop me, the night is good! The night is ben gong’s favorite time, ben gong has decided to hold it at night, this way it will be glamorous!’

Seeing the women of the inner palace, along with the two princesses have arrived .

Standing below, GeShu Wu Luan looked at the woman in the Phoenix robe, the woman looked dignified, their line of sight meets, she nodded and left the Royal Garden .

The cool breeze flowed through her robes, bringing with it the pleasing scent of falling flowers .

GeShu Wu Luan walked to the beautiful scenery, she sharply looked around, as if looking for someone .

At this time, a lazy and soothing male voice came, “Hey! Is this not the famous GeShu Daren? You are leisurely strolling, you really have time to look at the scenery here!”

The person has not arrived, yet his voice arrived first, one can guess by listening to the sound, the person coming will be a handsome man with a breathtaking face .

Sure enough, when the moonlight drizzles onto the man’s face, it reflected a beautiful and handsome face, his blue-green robes were very eye-catching beneath the moonlight .

He walked slowly, those peach blossom eyes were full of spring waves, he could have drawn out a person’s soul if they were not careful .

“Your Highness!” GeShu Wu Luan was indifferent, although she was humble, there is no sign of respect in the tone .

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She usually didn’t pay attention to the eldest prince, speaking of this prince, his given name is Lang, at a young age, his mother died, although he is the eldest, he is arrogant, scornful, and sweeps away the face of the royal family . The most important thing is that he has always hated Da Fei, treating her as the enemy .

After the ceremony, she wanted to pass by, however, the man blocked her way, “Eh! Don’t rush to leave!”

Finished speaking, he walked closer to her, he pretended to sway, nearly falling, as he swayed, his pair of hands were about to hit her chest, GeShu Wu Luan was like a whirlwind, she looked at the man who grabbed onto thin air, and falls to the ground like a pile of dog feces!

“Hey! You caused this prince to fall, you did this on purpose!” The man fell to the ground, screaming ‘Xiao — hun’, sounding like a beast that was in the middle of making love .

GeShu Wu Luan and has no intention of listening to his accusations of entanglement, she touches the sword on her waist with the fingertips as if counting the cold lines on the hilt, “Your Highness is very clear on who is deliberate! This lowly official has something to do, and cannot accompany your highness to fool around!”

“You think that this prince is willing to play with you? This prince saw that you are not dressed as neither a man nor woman, I was curious and wanted to test your body to see if you are an eunuch in disguise!” The man supports his head with one hand, leisurely laying on the ground as if he was in his own bedroom of silks .

He raised his long eyebrows, his lips smirked, his eyes staring at the woman’s dress, moving all over her body until they finally fixed on her chest .

Tonight, she was dressed in an official’s attire, which was the set that was brought by Fei Se, with the dark-embroidered silver crane, in the clouds, the style leans toward men’s wear . There is no complicated wide-sleeved or long belt, the narrow shoulders are vertical . The cloud belt will make the waist seem slim and sleek, it is very neat to wear, the posture is both tall and symmetrical, paired with the long sword worn around the waist, it gives off an aura that was dangerous to bother .

She is the first and only female official of the entire palace, given permission to bring a sword into the palace so it could be said that her power can be considered equivalent to that of a general’s!

Her is a long hair that is beautiful like a waterfall . At this moment, it is being held up by simple hairpin through high a plate on the top of the head . A sturdy silver plaque is firmly fixed, without a hair out of place, revealing a pointed egg like face . The phoenix eyes are truly beautiful, the eyebrows are long and sharp, with the nose like jade, the lips are like a peony, and the skin, although could not be considered white as snow, it is delicate and firm . In general, she could not be considered to be a beauty that could cause cities to fall, but she is still a delicate beauty .

The exquisite facial features, matched with the official robes, with the inner and outer beauty, she exudes an indescribable charm .

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Being used to her wearing women’s clothing, now that she is dressed like this, the surprise is overwhelming, what happened to him? It’s not that he’s never seen a woman crossdress before, just why does it look so amazing on her? And this person is the dog of his mortal enemy, it must be that the moonlight tonight is so beautiful, so it also beautifies the people as well .

As the saying goes, under the moon, even a female pig will become DiaoChen .

Diaochen: one of the four beauties of ancient China

When the man is too imaginary, GeShu Wu Luan really wants to punch out his front teeth, if she is touched by the test, she might as drink a cup of wine without restraints!

Idiom, equivalent to killing oneself with tofu

Now, she has some important matters on hand and has no time to fight with him . A cool breeze passed, and the woman was already far away by now .

“Hey! GeShu Wu Luan, don’t go, hurry up and return this instant for this prince, damn woman, eunuch…” What only remained the man’s angry voice, which drifted in the air, like the fragrance .

For a whole half-day, no one saw the figure of the Gongzi Su, he dared to be absent on such an important event, it seems that the result of the daren’s extreme favor of the children caused them to be willful!

While GeShu Wu Luan was in thought, thinking of where Gongzi Su might be at this moment, the sound of a few footsteps came into the ear, and in a short time, a figure rushed to her side .

“Luan, sister Luan…” The boy’s breathless voice came, it was sweet full of honey, the voice is pleasing to the ears .

He was born with great feelings for humanity, his appearance is a combination of the advantages of the monarch and Da Fei it is described as a handsome appearance, like that of a painting .

Although he is young, he is much taller than most of his peers .

“Hey, you are too ignorant, today is the big day of your mother consort’s coronation, why are you here now, where have you been for this half a day?” Although GeShu Wu Luan’s words are strict, her eyes were soft, every time looking at his pair of big innocent eyes, she feels like she was being tempered by steel .

“Don’t be angry! Last night Xiao Xia zi and I were catching crickets, this is not the case today, I blame the damn palace people, they can’t bear to disturb my rest, this caused me to miss mother consort’s coronation ceremony . ” At this time, Gongzi Su took another breath, it’s just that his face is a little pale, it seems that he really didn’t sleep well .

The sound of silk and string is gradually coming to the ear, the woman has helped the boy wear the clothes, urging him: “Okay, let’s go! The banquet has already begun, remember to say a few good words in a while, don’t let your mother consort lose face in front of everyone!”

“Oh, I know!” Gongzi Su replied in response, taking her hand without restraint and leaving .

Such an unsatisfactory pull made GeShu Wu Luan withdraw her hand, but she was pulled more tightly, eventually, she sighed helplessly and could only let him continue pulling her .

The quiet moonlight elongated the two people’s shadows, and their voices would sound from time to time .

“Sister Luan, your official uniform is so mighty ah!”

“Oh! Is it? This is sewed according to your mother consort’s instructions, you must know that she has always been so ingenious, she always has all kinds of novel ideas, as if they never belonged to this era ……”

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