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Published at 4th of September 2018 09:51:45 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Grand Banquet

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The night banquet has already begun, and the palace music is playing .

In the Royal Garden, where the scenery is unique, the officials attending the banquet are seated in an orderly manner, while the wines and delicacies are served one by one .

For a moment, the jade plates were served, the wine was poured into the jade cups, the music was beautiful, the scenery was unique!

Upon coming to the royal garden, GeShu Wu Luan had no time to withdraw the hand that was pulled by the boy, she quietly said: “Second prince, your seat is there . ”

She pointed to a seat next to the high platform, her sight just fell to the seat next to the seat, only to see that the eldest prince was already there at this time, his previous clothes of the blue-green robes has been replaced, with a white brocade robes, on such a good day, only he dares to be so arrogant, he is demonstrating to Da Fei!

White was worn to a funeral, it clashes with celebrations/ weddings

At this time, the prince noticed the woman’s gaze, he arrogantly raised his eyebrows, hanging a few lazy smiles on his face, his slender figure leans back into the chair .

GeShu Wu Luan replied to him with coldness, she urged Gongzi Su to sit down, then turned to walk toward her seat .

As the Jin Yi Hou, her identity should have a place . Before she insisted on staying by Da Fei’s side, but she said: ‘Your identity is now different, there are court ladies by ben gong’s side, those everyday chores are made for others, you just need to be your Jin Yi Hou!’

Jin Yi Hou: Equivalent to marquis Jin Yi

As long as Da Fei says it, she will listen .

The seats are only a few steps away from here . She walks in a man’s way, there are a few shallow arguments from time to time . It is the family of some officials .

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“Have you seen? She is the famous GeShu Daren, being a woman like her, it is really ‘light to your ancestors’ grave’!” It was the voice of the wife of Gu Situ, when she said that she did not forget to smack her lips, the charming face is still full of contempt .

“You envy her? Let her be your daughter!” Another official’s wife said .

“I can’t afford it, we are a literary family for many generations, how can we accommodate a monster like her that is not male nor female!”

“Where there is the master, the servant will not be different, only that woman on the high platform can train such a person . ”

“Ai! It’s not ‘everything’!”

“Ha ha ha…”

They are screaming at the music, and they are unscrupulous . Don’t they know that people who practice martial arts have a very good hearing ability? These words have already been heard by GeShu Wu Luan .

GeShu Wu Luan gave a cold smile, her face showed no changes, as she continued walking, and sat down in her seat .

She just sat down, when there was a disdainful sentence coming from next to her: “A demon! Disgusting appetite! Yan Qisha exchange seats with ben zuo, otherwise I will not be able to stomach eating!”

Ben zuo: How someone of position would refer to themselves, it literally translates to ‘this seat’

The person who spoke is the supervisor of the prison —— Supervisor Tie Li, he took advantage of the power, and his eyes were always looking high, leaving no one in his sight .

GeShu Wu Luan is not a fool, of course, knowing that this is directed at her, her anger is ignited by inch by inch, “You…”

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It is enough to have the head against her, yet this little supervisor also dares to put a front against her . He deserves to die! However, when the words are on hanging at the edge of her lips, they are swallowed back down, for a moment’s revenge, she would not destroy Da Fei’s day of celebration! There will be a time in the future when she will give a good lesson to Tie Li .

Supervisor Tie snorted coldly, he stood up and slid his sleeves and walked toward the partition .

GeShu Wu Luan slowly pressed down the fire, she slowly stretched out the palm into a fist, and picked up a good cup of wine with her fingers, then leaned it into the lips to take a light drink, the wine poured into her throat, it was a fine wine, clear with hints of sweetness . The suffocation in her chest lessened .

Suddenly, a magnetic low-pitched voice passed through her eardrum, which she was unable to bear, “Bei Zhi has not yet congratulated daren for your promotion, please!”

Bei Zhi: How a lower ranking official refers to themselves

In the embarrassment, a thick official’s attire fell into her sight, its length was as long and unrestrained, with the jade ornament standing out .

The moonlight is like a drizzle, as it lightly sprinkled down, reflecting a dreadfully beautiful face . How could there possibly be such a carefully carved look?

Slim, sword-like eye eyebrows, his pupils were like deep blue ice, with a high nose, those thin lips were like a line, that hung a touch of a misty smile like the wind, its laughter was not as a smile, full of illusion, faintly revealing a sense of playfulness, giving off a feeling of intrigue .

His facial features are like engravings, with a clear outline and resemblance to a sculpture . The overall appearance is extraordinary, only the face is slightly pale, no, it is a type of sickly pale, a color that human skin should not be, but it does not affect his beauty! On the contrary, it gives his a kind of elegant and melancholy feeling .

His hair was simple, he was wearing a black and golden official’s hat, everything seemed extraordinarily simple, yet neat .

When it comes to enchanting, it was not only his appearance but his silvery hair like snow, yes, silver, he had silver hair, silver eyebrows, and silver eyelashes!

The young face is white and snowy, it was such a singularity that she can’t help but sigh that the world’s creation is so magical .

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The man’s elegant light-sleeved dress was slowly resting, such a simple movement, but people can not help but feel inexplicable, she saw his long finger grasp the wine cup, slowly approaching GeShu Wu Luan, his pair of eyes is narrow as a deep pool that hides the radiant light .

GeShu Wu Luan lightly touched him, but his expression did not show the slightest fluctuation .

She knows very little details about the person in front of her . She has secretly investigated which officials he personally comes into contact, but the news she receives is what outsiders know!

His origin can not be described as poor, he is an orphan without a father nor mother, or relatives, this is very similar to her, before the age of 19 is unknown, he relied on being a guard of the rich to make a living, and then he worked as an ordinary bounty hunter . After three years of employment, he became famous for his sinister murder case . Later, he was recommended to the supervision camp by the Jingji magistrate to join the supervisory camp . In just one year, he solved several cases, getting promoted to vice-supervisor . His real name was Yan Qisha . However, the Dongdu people gave him another nickname —— silver ghosts! This name has already overshadowed his real name!

Seeing that the woman had never raised a glass, she only glanced at him indifferently, Yan Qisha gave a sigh: “It seems bei zhi’s hand is numb and broken, daren won’t give me any face .

He raised his hand just to drink himself, but he heard the woman’s sudden voice . “Vice supervisor Yan has some exaggeration, so how can the ‘iron wrist’ be broken? Ben guan gives you a toast!” The sound stops, and the wine is drunk .

She has nothing to do with him, one belongs in the inner palace, the other to the court . However, since the coronation, with the inner palace and court, it is inevitable that some people deliberately approached her, the reason for that, she knows well, It’s nothing more than a slap in the face or a misconduct . , while he, never belonged to the former!

The man smiled as if he listened to her heartstrings, followed by wine on the lips .

“She is really shameless, she is already being given an edict for marriage, and she is going to seduce the enchanting seven, dispeakble!”

Yan Qisha’s name: Yan is the surname, Qi means seven, Sha means kill

Yan Qisha had the delicate wine at the entrance of his throat ready to swallow, but because of such a sentence almost spat it out .

The sound, a few steps away, is a golden branch lady, now proudly showing off the jade hairpin in her head, when she saw the man looking towards her, she acted shy .

The secretive woman on the side frowned, pulling at the sleeves of the petite woman, “Lower your voice, be careful of her hearing!”

However, she was able to avoid a reminder of her words . This has already made its way to the ears of GeShu Wu Luan, but she is expressionless, only sipping the wine . Defamation, was like a fleeting wind going into one ear and out the other, unable to make its way to her heart .

The flirting woman glanced at the woman who was sitting and sipping the wine, she continued unrelenting: “What are you afraid of, my father is the taifu of the eldest prince, she is only a slave, what can she do to me?”

Taifu: Grand teacher, the eldest prince’s teacher, it’s a position

“She is now Jin Yi Hou!”

“The higher the glory, the more unworthy she is, she is nothing but an ant who admires the canary!” After she finished speaking, she did not forget to throw Yan Qisha a flirting look .

“Daren is not angry?” Yan Qisha hooked his lips as he looked over to GeShu Wu Luan and asked .

The woman did not even cast him a glance, she shallowly said, “Anger? What does it matter? Should I have cut out her tongue, or accused her of the crime of insulting an official? I’m afraid that the prison of your supervisory camp will be full!”

She was angry, anyone spoken to that way will be angry . She is no exception . However, she has heard it more than a hundred times . She has already endured it . If it really comes true, she will not have to do anything else!

The man’s eyes are smiling, his beautiful face is more glamorous than the blue moon in the night: “Daren is interesting!”

After hearing this, GeShu Wu Luan no longer spoke, but just looked up at Gongzi Su who was kneeling on the high platform, congratulating Da Fei .

For a long time, Yan Qisha and raised an eyebrow and asked: “What does daren think of bei zhi’s nickname?”

Suddenly this sentence makes GeShu Wu Luan unable to think: “What?”

She found that the man glanced at the direction of the girl, and immediately the words ‘the enchanting seven’ appears in her mind, she touched her lips, “Ah, it matches well!”

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