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Published at 4th of September 2018 09:51:49 PM

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Provocation

Under the beauty of the night, the palace banquet continues .

However, on such a good night, there will be an evil goblin wanting to put a stop to such beauty .

The reason is, the eldest prince had downed too much wine, he held back a female servant, wanting her to accompany him in having a drink .

Normally, the palace ladies could not wait to make such contact with the eldest prince, being doused in the fragrant scent of favor . However, at the moment, under the eyes of the monarch who would dare to do anything more? The female servant panicked, pushing him away .

One side pushing and the other side pulling, the people could not help but swear, the end result is the anger of a monarch .

“You beast! Impudence!” Da Jun snorted coldly, all the officials stopped their whispers, the palace music stopped, the dancers stopped and retreated, and all eyes fluttered to prince Lang, who became the focus of all attention .

The female servant broke away from the prince’s grip and trembled kneeling on the ground .

The monarch was angry, the wine cup in his hand heavily smashed against the table, causing the wine to spill out like a large wave, on his face was a clear depiction of anger .

“Your majesty, please don’t be angry! Today is the banquet, the prince is very happy and drank a few extra cups, unfortunately, the wine is too strong…” Prince Lang’s personal eunuch hurriedly explained .

However, his words did nothing to calm the monarch, instead, the anger got worse, “Happy? Guaren sees that he’s excited over his head! As a servant, your master is misbehaving, are you a dead object? Come, drag this eunuch and give him fifty paddles!”

Guaren: How the emperor of this particular dynasty refers to himself, you may have heard of this term in earlier periods of ancient China, later on, it evolved to Zhen

With one order, the eunuch’s legs were already soft, as he was dragged out by the palace guards . With this punishment, he will inevitably be left half dead, it would be strange if he wasn’t scared .

Everyone knows that although the eunuch was the prince’s personal eunuch, but he can easily be replaced . The monarch is killing the chicken to warn the monkey . After all, they are biological father and son . Even if he is angry, he will not be able to bear punishing his own child .

Prince Lang grinned, as his eyes fell to Da Fei who was sitting next to the monarch’s side when their gazes met, Da Fei’s expression was calm and composed, his eyes were full of disdain and laziness, “Father monarch, can your anger ease? On this ‘auspicious banquet’, this child just following with the atmosphere, it’s just playing…”

He hadn’t finished speaking, before there was a cold reply, “How dare you! Retreat to your quarters!”

Prince Lang threw away the wine cup in his hand, making a smashing sound, “Boring!” after smashing the cup, he walked toward Gongzi Su’s side, asking with a smirk: “This banquet is so boring, imperial brother’s palace is a lot more fun, do you want to have fun with your brother?”

Gongzi Su’s face was like a delicate flower carved from jade, his eyes went to his mother who was sitting on the stage, before he shook his head, watching Prince Lang sway away . ”

Speaking of the two brothers, although not born from the same mother, and the eldest prince is the enemy of Gongzi Su’s mother . Gongzi Su and prince Lang are not at all alienated, but in fact, they are quite close .

GeShu Wu Luan looked at Prince Lang’s figure as he drifted away, the frown on her lips became deeper .

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Yan Qisha looked at the woman’s gaze, he raised his eyebrows then picked up a crystal grape, and put it into his mouth .

Today’s coronation ceremony, Da Si said that he was unwell to turn down going to the banquet, Da Jun was unhappy with his heart . Now, with the actions of the eldest prince, he was even more unhappy: “Why did Mister Bai not arrived yet, Guaren is still waiting for his finale!” This is the announcement signaling that the banquet is coming to an end .

Da Si is a priest/ conductor of rituals

When Da Jun looked around, he did not see Bai Hua’s figure, and his face could not help but get darker .

As the monarch’s Da Fei, she was very understanding, “Chen qie only know that Mister Bai’s chess skills are exquisite, not only that, he is also proficient with the qin . I would like to hear it myself, invite him here!” Her red lips were glossy, added on with her exotic face, she was full of charm .

Chen qie: How a female addresses herself toward a person of higher status; Similar to ‘your servant’

The messenger quickly rushed to send the message .

At this time, the supervisor Tie sitting under the head suddenly got bowing with both his hands: “Chen qi greets the monarch, I’ve heard of that GeShu daren has been well praised for her unique sword method and is known to be a heroine amongst women, why not let Jin Yi Hou offer a sword dance, to let the ministers and others open their eyes!”

After the idea was brought up there were sneers directed at GeShu Wu Luan . As soon as this was said, the male officials and female servants were all stunned, filled with disdain, contempt, and ridicule, … but they all agreed to agree, obviously waiting for a good show .

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At this time, GeShu Wu Luan’s heart was cold . This Tie Li made it clear that he couldn’t coexist with her, so arbitrarily provocative, at the banquet, he vigorously encouraged her to do a sword dance, who would like to watch this ‘play’? He is going to completely ruin this banquet!

She looked up at Da Fei, only to see her eyebrows scrunched up, her red lips that were closed together showed to be extremely tense, and even if it was not smooth, she would always be so strong .

In the three years of entering the palace, the most she saw was the forbearance and tolerance of Da Fei . The most profound understanding was tolerance!

In her mind, she always remembers the words that Da Fei said: When I first saw you, I knew that we were the same people, destined to be more tired than other women, and there was a smile in the harem but there were no tears, pretending to be happy but not showing sadness, just because it is the most realistic and coldest place in the world . Those who are fragile will only make you smashed and ruined here… From now on, I will give you, my GeShu surname, I hope this surname will bring you the toughness of my ancient Turk!

Since then, the surname of the GeShu has been accompanying by her as she walked the palace .

She thought that Tie Li’s suggestion would lead to the unhappiness of the monarch . Who knew that the monarch’s face would look like the eldest prince, his face was full of interest, “Tie Li’s words have provoked Guaren’s interest . However, beloved consort, Luan’er is one of your people, and today is your big day, you make the decision!”

What he said was to push the decision to someone else, but it was unacceptable .

However, Da Fei smiled and replied: “Chen qie agrees . ”

Just as the voice fell, one can see Tie Li break into a grin .

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Making eye contact with Da Fei, GeShu Wu Luan stood up, and lightly walked toward the stage in the middle of the banquet .

In his seat, Yan Qisha straightens his body . His handsome face reveals an inscrutable smile, his thin lips open and close, as he says to himself: “Ge—Shu—Wu—Luan!”

He said it slow, deliberately taking the name apart and savoring it . The aftertaste, his deep and bright voice is full of intrigue .

GeShu Wu Luan did not agree with the music, she whispered to the court musician, before she turned back to the dance floor to stand in a heroic position, the fingertips are at the sword’s wing, the longsword sliding from the scabbard, back to the wrist like a dragon playing in the water, her backhand already catches the hilt, the sword full of strength, and is heroic and domineering .

Gongzi Su is sitting in his seat, his handsome face is full of worship, he is dazed staring at the woman’s figure for a moment .

At this time, the court musician is playing 《Wild goose bamboo rock》, the beginning of the atmosphere is full of exotic winds, the meaning of the song, is as long as the millennium is still strong, then one can be the wind going east and west as they please!

The music makes the people present stunned . Tie Li’s face is ugly . She was obviously using the song to slap him in the face .

Looking at Tie Li’s face filled with dark lines, GeShu Wu Luan smiled, she turned her hand back, leaning forward, as the sword twirled as if it wanted to dance .

Suddenly, a flustered and noisy footstep came from one side of the banquet . It was anxious and fast . For a moment, the people who went to escort Bai Hua’s rush down to the stage, there was a sound of horror that shocked the audience, including GeShu Wu Luan .

“Your majesty! Not, not good! Someone died…”

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