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Published at 13th of September 2018 02:17:06 AM

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: A Murder

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She had always known, Da Fei’s coronation was destined to create a storm!

This is not, seeing the feast is about to end, the result is actually a murder case, this good banquet is like a man of the night, it was the most splendid time, yet it was the most open!

Listening to the eunuch’s report, it was the chess master Bai Hua who was murdered . GeShu Wu Luan was stunned, she had gone to see him before the banquet, reminding him not to turn dreams into nightmares . Unexpectedly, she was on point, an ominous premonition instantly came to mind!

At the moment, the night banquet took to an end, and the officials took their family and hurriedly left the palace . Only official Tie Li and Yan Qisha stayed to investigate the scene .

The inner palace head guard sent a team of guards to protect the palace, intending to escort the monarch back to the palace, but how can Da Jun quell his anger, “Guaren wants to see, who is so courageous, daring to be commit murder under the feet of the emperor, lead the way!”

That was how, Da Jun, Da Fei, Gongzi Su, Tie Li, Yan Qisha, and GeShu Wu Luan, the palace guards served with a number servants followed along . The group came to the scene of the murder .

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In the Bao Yi hall, a thick bloody smell rushed to their senses, with the faint glow of the dark red of the hall, under the light of the palace lanterns, it was an extremely horrible scene .

The chess master Bai Hua was lying peacefully in the blood, and there was a deep sword wound to his heart . The blush was dyed on his clothes . His stiff arms hanged on his side, and the two palms spread out freely . Obviously, after a long time of death, his eyes were opened, the blood that had solidified stuck to the corner of the small opening, there was an arc on the corner of his mouth if one took a glimpse .

Not far from his side, a sharp-edged blade lay silently upon the ground .

Upon seeing this scene, Gongzi Su screams and plunges into the arms of GeShu Wu Luan, his head just reached her chest, with the force of his head hitting her chest, she could not help but feel pain, letting a grunt sound .

When GeShu Wu Luan made a sound, she was stiff, and then afterward her face became slightly red, gently pushing away a distance between the two, she was slightly frowning, enduring the pain in her chest, she looked around, the attention of everyone in front of them was placed on the ground . On the corpse, only Yan Qisha’s gaze swept to her side, seeing him standing around her chest . The demonic face gave her a smile .

At this sight, her eyes condensed in an instant, they gradually sharpened, drawing back the line of sight, caressing the child’s shoulder, she whispered: “If your Highness is afraid, your sister will send you back to your palace, is that good?”

Before coming, Da Jun wanted to send him back to his palace . After all, he was a child . He should not see this bloody scene . However, he did agree, not wanting to follow . He could understand, Bai Hua is his teacher after all . Although the time teaching him is still short, but in a span of three months, the child can regard him as a respectable teacher .

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Gongzi Su screamed and shivered, his handsome little face was very pale, he was really scared when he wanted to come . However, he bit his lip and shook his head reluctantly .

At this time, the monarch suddenly said: “Did anything out of the ordinary happen?”

From his iron face, one could tell he was extremely angry at this moment, Da Fei patted the back of his hand, to soothe his anger .

One could see Tie Li enter the hall, and carefully examined the corpse before, he kneeled before the emperor: “Your majesty, after examining, I learned that the fatal wound of the chess master is a long sword . From the time of the killing to now is about two hours now! Chen just scanned the temple for a week and found several palace windows closed . Inside the reverse, there is no side door in this hall, there is only one exit, so the murderer can only sneak out from the front door of the hall . As long as it is found out who has entered this palace, it is not difficult to find out the murderer! Again, there is no scene . I found the traces of the fight . From the palms and facial expressions that he expressed, it is obvious that he was not expecting this . Even if he did, then was too late to struggle, before he was killed a sword . This shows that the chess master knows his murderer, even more —— familiar with!”

As supervisor Tie reports the results of the investigation with detail, explaining in detail the opinions he has scrutinized . His voice gradually fades into the eyes of GeShu Wu Luan .

GeShu Wu Luan is angry at the moment, her entire body exudes a cold aura, and her eyes are like a cold knife cutting through the bone .

There is something in his words, that was clearly spearheaded to her, Tie Li is doing everything in front of her, not willing to shut up unless she dies!

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Although she was angry, her face was as calm as ever .

How can someone as clever as Da Fei not understand Tie Li’s meaning, she only looks towards GeShu Wu Luan, giving her a gaze full of consolation .

Da Jun did not care about Tie Li, but only coldly yelled: “Come, bring the patrolman who guards the hall . ”

The attendant left, after a while, a patrolman came forward . When he was about to salute, he saw the monarch raise his hand and interrupted . “Who had come to the Bao Yi Hall before Mister Bai’s death?”

Because Bai Hua is a foreign minister, he cannot stay in the inner palace . He will leave it gets late, he would teach Gongzi Su in chess on odd days . Today is an even day . He would not enter the palace, but he is not good at it . Yes, today is the banquet, the monarch commanded the hundreds of officials to gather in the palace, of course, Bai Hua is also invited, but would expect that he will end up going to the yellow springs!

Yellow Springs: Underworld

“Replying to the monarch, the whole palace is busy with the banquet for Da Fei, and the majority of the palace and the female servants have transferred to the Royal Garden . It is a little looser than usual, so I have not noticed that there are others here, except…” Speaking of he abruptly stopped here, the patrolman glanced slightly at GeShu Wu Luan, seeing her chilling gaze he hurriedly lowered his eyes .

Da Jun gave him a look and said: “Go on!”

“About two hours ago, when this lowly official inspected the female servant’s palace, nearing the shift changes, I saw GeShu daren rushing out of the hall . ”

As soon as this was said, a dirty basin of water was undoubtedly poured onto GeShu Wu Luan, and her suspicion was infinitely magnified . When the time came, the whole scene was quiet that the sound of needles falling could be heard . The eyes of the people slowly drifted toward GeShu Wu Luan unrestrained .

Yes, the patrolman saw her departure, it coincided with her time going to find Bai Hua . The reason why she chose to come to him before the banquet was because she was afraid he would mention the marriage again at the banquet . At that time, even if Da Fei once again pushed the resistance, she was afraid that the monarch will not give her any face, so she wants to scare him and let him dispel all thoughts!

However, how unpredictable the world is that she has just left her with forefoot, and he has been killed behind her . Is there such a coincidence in the world? Why did the murderer not strike early, not strike late, but chose to kill after she had met with him? The timing was right on point, what is the hidden truth behind it?

Note: Female servants = Female guard

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