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Mighty Female Official - Chapter Prologue

Published at 17th of August 2018 05:49:57 PM

Chapter Prologue


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In the summer night, thunder and lightning, accompanied with heavy rains, the branches swayed wildly in the storm, with the attitude of a tiger baring its fangs and claws to withstand the violent winds and pouring rain .

There was a cold house in the barren mountains, with dim lights, there was a little figure curled up against the wall, with her shoulders quivering as she wrapped her arms around her knees, the loud sound of thunder burst, causing her to shake even more . The delicate face was hidden beneath her messy hair, her body was wrapped in dirty clothes .

A shadow blocked the light as it stood in front of the girl . It was like a mountain, bringing a sense of oppression . “Get up, and practice!” The violent roar called out, followed by a lash of the whip to her upper body .

With a ‘Pa’, her clothes were torn and the skin broken .

She felt the pain from her bones, the girl clenched her teeth and prevented the tears from spilling from her eyes . She picked up the sword at her feet, slowly standing on her feet . Because the sword was too heavy, she could barely lift it, causing her body to sway . The sword was very large and was normally used by adults, it wasn’t suitable for a seven-year-old child .

“Stand your body up straight, lift the sword up high, stab!” The scar-faced man yelled his big palm smashed the rabbit tied with the rope under the beam of the house, slamming it hard . The little rabbit immediately started the to act like a ‘swing ‘ .

This scar-faced man is known for his savagery, he is the trainer of the assassins in the dark side of the jianghu . This place is one of the many strongholds for the cultivation of assassins, at this moment, there are only two of them in the house, one hunter and the other a division master, each with their own strengths .

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Moreover, the people trained in the dark side of the jianghu are different from others, they only accept the business of murder and plundering . Most of what they do is evil, wherever they go, causing public outrage .

The girl struggled with the hilt and looked at the innocent bunny in front of her eyes . Her heart was sore and bitter, clenching her teeth, moistening her throat, she gave a stab, the warm blood gushed out, splashing onto her face and her body, one, two, three times… she stabbed, then came a pain from the whip .

She didn’t know how many rabbits she had to kill before this ended, nor did she know what this training was being done, night and day was for!

‘Bang’ the door was kicked open, the wind rushed in, several men dressed in black robes came in . The rain from their clothes fell to the ground . They were all solemn and cold, each step was fierce . With a look, one would know that their martial arts are good, they are well trained, and after entering the house, they stand on both sides of the door .

Then came in a woman dressed in purple robes, she was tall and slender, graceful, wearing a veil bamboo hat on her head made of white gauze, the purple clothes are very durable, holding an oil paper umbrella, her subordinates retreat to the side .

The scar-faced man seeing this couldn’t help but get angry: “Who are you? Get out of lao zhi’s sight, or don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Take them down!’ The crisp female voice is very pleasant and cold .

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Under the command, several black dressed men surrounded the scar-faced man, the smell of murder began to permeate the air, the flashing of swords, the lights flickering,  in just one round, the scar-faced man was already outnumbered and has been dragged out the door .

“Don’t be afraid!” The woman slowly approached the girl hiding in the corner, her voice was soft and comforting, those jade-like hands reached out from the white gauze, revealing a delicate exotic beauty .

The girl looked at the woman’s eyes, her heart couldn’t help but warm up . She smiled softly, her face was unusually beautiful, and her childish voice was very pleasant, “”I am not afraid, I know that you will not hurt me, will you bring me away from here? I don’t want to get whipped!”

Looking at her eager eyes, the woman’s eyes showed a distressed heart, her eyes turned and fell to the clothes that were soaked with blood, and her jade-like hands could not help but gently touch those wounds .

The girl’s painful facial features contorted, her face pale, “Hiss!”

The woman frowned and asked softly: “Is it painful?”

“Un!” She admitted .

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“Then why do you not cry?”The woman curiously looked at her stubborn face and asked .

“It’s useless to cry, the pain won’t lessen, and it will only provoke the scar face, in exchange for more whip, and more injuries!” Her answer was obviously unexpected to the woman . She did not expect that such a small child could say such calm and mature words .

The woman’s eyes reveal full appreciation and ask: “What is your name?”

“I don’t have a name, scar-faced usually calls me little ghost, I also secretly call him ugly ghost!” The girl answered very simply, not forgetting to ridicule him .

The woman who was teased by her was also smiling, “Haha…” Then, she slowly put away her smile, her face was a little strange, she continued: “How can you have no name? All people in the world will have a name . ”

The girl squinted and shook her head . It’s not that she didn’t have a name, but she couldn’t remember it . Her background, her name, her family, she couldn’t remember it . She only remembered that she was in this house when she opened her eyes . In this house, every day, she will be forced to practice martial arts every day feels like a year!

The woman no longer asked, “Follow me!”

“Okay!” There was no hesitation for a moment, and the voice was like a pearl .

“Are you not afraid that I will be a bad person?” The woman questioned .

“How bad can it be? It is better than getting punished, besides, I… have no place to go! Once she leaves here, she would be alone, how would she be able to survive with her age?

She was the first time she saw such a bright child . She couldn’t help but nod her head . “Wu Luan is your name, remember it?”

无鸾: Wú luán; innocent

The girl smiled happily as if she liked the new name very much, and the two words seemed to be engraved into her heart, “Wu Luan remembers!”

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