MIMI - Chapter 16

Published at 26th of September 2019 02:46:58 PM

Chapter 16

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The following day Mimi had told Jean to schedule an appointment with Lun Corporation notifying them that they would set Lee Odo with their CEO to discuss business .

Currently sitting in the lobby of the main building ANDRAS, Jean and Alec sit anxiously in their chairs as they wait for the teenage girl's arrival .

She had previously texted the two of them saying she'd be late and to hold the meeting until her arrival .

Tapping his foot anxiously on the floor, Alec for the first time felt nervous .

The owner of Lun Corporation and a few other investors arrived thirty minutes earlier than the scheduled time and were now waiting for Andras's arrival .

He stares at his watch with a sigh .

The meeting would happen in the next five minutes .

If she were to make him wait out any longer, they would inevitably lose their contract, running Mimi's business into an epic downfall .

"Where is she? Does she realize how important this is?" Alec said with concern .

"I'm sure she's having everything planned out," Jean reassuringly says .

Although, in truth, Jean herself didn't acquire utmost confidence in how things would turn out .

The only thing she could do was trust in Mimi, her boss who helped her shine to be the best assistant and help support her son .

By all means, that was exactly what she was going to do . Trust in her boss .

"Well, if she doesn't arrive in the next minute, we're screwed," Alec sighs .

"My, my! Big brother, have a little faith in me once in a while!"

Just as he was beginning to clear out all hope, the sound of Mimi's familiar voice rang out .

Both stood from their seats to turn around to see Mimi and ask where she was but the words got caught in their throats when they examine the young girl's appearance .

Why . . . why did she look like that?!

Dressed in a black Italian tailored suit and a pair of Bostonian shoes, the young teenager in front of them had their smooth hair combed back neatly appearing almost too handsomely as it was revealing their jade-like clear skin .

With two green eyes piercing right through them with a shade of purple hidden beneath them, they blinked innocently at the two adults in from of them .

"Well, what do you think?" Mimi smiles attractively at the two . "Don't I just look dropped dead sexy that you could faint?"

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If it weren't for her feminine voice, Alec and Jean wouldn't be able to tell that the person right in front of them was Mimi but a young, teenage boy .

Her face was completely unfamiliar!

With a bit of makeup and shadowing, Mimi's features changed drastically . Her once soft and smooth jaw now appeared sharper and more masculine .

There was a slight sexy youthful shine in her eyes that made them wonder if this undoubtedly was the young girl they knew .

"Y-you . . . how?!" Alec stuttered .

"Oh, don't worry big brother! It's only just makeup, see?" Mimi said wiping off a bit of makeup on her face . "I'm also wearing contacts since my eyes are so noticeable!"

"Ms . Mimi, are you going to the meeting dressed like that?" Jean asks with a more composed appearance than Alec .

Mimi smiles while nodding her head . Alec squints his eyes, still examining Mimi's altered male look .

He couldn't help but think she looked a little more attractive than him, and he was an actual man!

"But you still look too young? Why change your appearance if you're still going in as your general age?" Alec raises a questioning eyebrow .

Sighing, Mimi shakes her head at her brothers clouded brain . He clearly didn't grasp how society worked .

"Dear brother . Have you been so dense as to have forgotten how the world is?" Mimi said . "This is a world where it's ruled by heartless rich men, age to them does not matter if you're a young successful businessman . However, a young woman entering the business she'd be shunned . "

As Mimi explains the harsh reality of society, Alec's eyes widen before pitifully looking at Mimi .

Seeing her brother's mournful eyes directed towards her, Mimi couldn't help but unintentionally feel annoyed .

The corner of her mouth twitches before she flicks her foolish brother's forehead .

"Quit pitying me over something that can be fixed easily," Mimi frowns . "Just because that's how society is today, doesn't mean it won't change later . After all, that's what beautiful women like me are here for!"

Jean gazed gently towards the young girl before her . She truly was satisfied to have Mimi as a boss .

She was unique and consistently effective towards everything, despite her sarcastic and teasing personality .

However, after hearing her words with the girl's male disguise and addressing herself a "beautiful woman" Jean couldn't help but find the moment out of place .

"Now come on, we don't want to keep Mr . Odo waiting any longer," Mimi gestures her head towards Jean to follow her . "Wait for me Mr . Hirogori until I finish!"

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With that, the two figures walk away leaving Alec alone in the lobby with workers passing by who from the beginning noticed the young golden-haired man and the handsome young brunette next to him .

The two were simply too gorgeous! Like a heavenly painting that came to life before their very eyes!

From the news and media, they had noticed Alec as one of the Hirogori sons . However, the young boy next to him with a masculine yet youthful appearance was unrecognizable .

Employees seeing him walk away with Jean, who they knew as their bosses personal assistant, began to question his identity .

Who was this mysterious young man?

. . . .

Tapping his foot impatiently on the hardwood floor, Lee Odo's patience begins to run thin . He along with many elite managers wait for the man named Andras to arrive .

He truly had the guts to make them wait an hour for him?!

Despite being the ones to invest so much money in his company he had acted as if he was of higher authority by appearing late!

The rest of the men in the room all had a bitter displeased facial expression as they had patiently waited for the man to show up, but he never came .

Just when Lee Odo planned to leave, the large office doors open .

All men craned their necks to catch a glimpse of the face and owner of the successful company that rose sales so quickly .

However, what they didn't expect was an attractive young man looking no older than fifteen to walk in .

With a mild indifferent expression and straight posture, the handsome boy walks towards a black leather chair with his assistant behind him .

Leaning back in his chair, piercing pale green eyes gaze back at the men before him .

The room was completely silent . The young boy handsomely raises a brow questioning their expressions .

"Shall we begin?" Mimi's surprisingly deep voice stunned the men out of their trance .

"What the hell is this? Is this some kind of joke?" One of the men angrily voices everyone's thoughts .

"Oh? Mind explaining how you witness this as a joke?" The young boy arches his brow .

"You little bastard! This is obviously a joke since your boss sent you in as his replacement!" He scoffs .

"That's right! Do you take us men for fools?"

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"Not just that but as a simple replacement you had the nerve to make us wait!"

As the men continued shouting their complaints even going as far as to call her a bastard, Mimi stares indifferently at their words .

Lee Odo silently watches the scene unfold before him as he observes the young boys behavior .

He had to admit, he didn't like waiting to add to the unexpected appearance of the boy before him, he felt slightly agitated .

But seeing how he was unaffected by the men's words and merely observing them voice their anger he questioned his next move .

"Are you gentlemen done?" Mimi lazily asks .

Startled, the men stare at Mimi their anger slowly rising even further . Before they could refute any further, Mimi turns her gaze towards Jean .

Recognizing the meaning of her gesture Jean reaches into the bag in her hand to retrieve a tan folder .

Transferring it to the "young boy", Mimi takes it into her hands as she overlooks it reading the contents, a sly smile breaking onto her face before closing it hiding the contents inside .

All men curiously eye the folder in the boy's hand wondering what was inside for him to show such an expression .

"If I remember correctly, I scheduled this meeting to start at exactly three o'clock," The young boy points towards the clock on the pale walls . "Seeing how it just turned three o'one, I can say we've now wasted one minute of my precious time . "

From Mimi's insufficient amount of words, she reminded them they were the ones who took it upon themselves to arrive earlier than the initial time .

Lee Odo, a man with gray silver hair and creased face, narrowing his coal color eyes at the young boy .

Knowing that his words were completely true and that they were the ones at fault the group of once raging men shut their mouths tight, but a few were still reluctant to let this slide .

"That may be true, but do you honestly expect us to believe a young boy like yourself is Andras?" A middle-aged man in a blue suit sneers .

Mimi raises her lips seductively while staring at the group of men . Even with her male appearance, they wouldn't allow her off easy .

"My, my, I didn't think age mattered to any of you . Just because of my age you think I can't be successful?" Mimi chuckles with her deep youthful voice . "How many of you associate with young businessmen, who before rose to fame established their businesses from scratch at a young age?"

Once again, all men became silent .

If they were to deny her words they'd undoubtedly be pathetic excuses of businessmen who didn't know their superiors and their accomplishments .

Majority of the greats started off at a young age and still remain rising .

What made the young boy who claimed to be Andras any different?

However, that still didn't prove him to be the real deal .

"Back to the point of this meeting," Mimi said already guessing what was on their minds but decided to disregard it . "Since I'm already here, why don't I show you a new concept?"

Mimi opens the folder in her hand before handing it to Jean to pass around to the men .

Each receiving a document in hand, all the men present including Mr . Odo eyes widen .

The document in their hand included a system that involved creating two new websites and increasing their warehouse workers so shipments would go faster and more reliable transportation .

"Do any of you wish to comment?" Mimi said holding a laugh .

Lee Odo looks up from the document in his hand . From the very beginning, the man remained silent .

Feeling his gaze on her, Mimi turns towards the old man, staring at him with a grin .

He could tell the young boy was amused by their reactions .

Before anyone could comment, Lee Odo bursts out into fits of laughter .

All the men stare at him completely taken aback by his reaction .

He . . . he was laughing?

Even Mimi herself was completely shocked by his reaction . From what she's heard about Lee Odo was that he was a formal stern old man .

Who knew he could laugh so easily?

"You're a clever young man," Lee Odo chuckles . "I admit defeat . Whether you're genuinely Andras or not, I won't disband the contract . "

"M-Mr . Odo," The middle-aged man begins speaking but is soon cut off by the old man .

"End of discussion," Lee Odo said coldly, before turning his gaze back towards Mimi . "We'll be guaranteed to stay in touch . I hope to see more of your plans in the future . "

Smiling, Mimi hums in approval . The group of men along with Mimi and Jean walk out of the room .

After shaking hands with the men, and receiving a few rough pats on the back Mimi watches their departing figures .

Walking back into the conference room, Mimi shuts the door before releasing a long sigh .

"Ms . Mimi, are you alright?" Jean asks worriedly to look at the cross-dressed teenager .

"Jeanie!" Mimi whines, her gentle voice breaking out . "I'm just a kid! Yet I have to deal with such boring adult matters!"

Jean blinks her eyes rapidly . One minute she calls herself a woman the next she says she's just a kid . This girl really was unusual .