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Published at 17th of January 2021 02:40:06 PM

Chapter 192: 192

Huo Jinyan was socialising with his friends when Huo Xiang called him . He left the private room to answer the phone and said, “Uh huh . We changed the locks recently . Why? What are you doing at home this time?”

This time? Did he need to seek an appointment before coming over?

Was this not Huo Xiang’s home too?

Huo Xiang frowned quizzically . Although he found it odd, he did not take it to heart since he was a simple man . He merely said, “I’m going to move back temporarily . ”

Huo Jinyan got a little frustrated and asked him with a frown . “Don’t you have your own place? Our apartment is so small . It’s hard to fit so many people inside . ”


Huo Xiang was stunned . A look of bewilderment surfaced on his face . Their apartment might not be a villa, but it was a duplex with over 400 square meters of space . How could it be considered small?

“Enough . I’m busy and can’t talk right now . Bye,” said Huo Jinyan before hanging up quickly .

He didn’t give his youngest son the chance to speak any further .

All his sons refused to stay over when they used to beg them, but here they were, wanting to move back .

Too bad, he was not interested in having them around anymore .



Huo Jinyan sneered . Then he put on a smile before walking back to the private room .

After his father hung up on him, Huo Xiang stood frozen in front of the door . He was unable to wrap his mind around the conversation for a long time .

Why did his father sound as though he was unhappy to have him back home?

Huo Xiang scratched his head . He lowered his eyes and glanced at the luggage bag by his side . For the first time in his life, he felt as though his family had abandoned him .

Huo Yao almost thought she had gone into the wrong building when she saw Huo Xiang squatting at the door, looking helpless and forsaken .


“Brother Xiang… Why didn’t you go inside?” asked Huo Yao when she reached him .

Huo Xiang raised his head when he heard his little sister’s voice . He pushed his cap up and tried to stand up . However, he was numb from squatting, so he used the doorframe for support but still failed to get up .

Huo Yao leaned down to help him up slowly . She massaged his muscles and reckoned that he must have squatted here for over two hours, judging from how stiff his muscles were .

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“I don’t have the new keys,” said Huo Xiang awkwardly and accidentally kicked the luggage bag . His ears had turned a little red with embarrassment .

“Erm… Isn’t the maid at home?” asked Huo Yao perplexedly . The maid usually would have come over to make dinner by this time .

Huo Yao contemplated for a few seconds before replying to her . “Maybe she’s not working today . ”

Huo Yao shrugged her shoulders and said, “Yeah, maybe she’s not working today . ”

She retrieved the keys from her bag and opened the door in no time . Her eyes landed on the luggage bag next to Huo Xiang’s feet, and she picked it up before walking into the apartment .

Huo Xiang watched as his little sister picked up the luggage bag effortless and was speechless, “…”


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He had a nagging feeling that he was missing something here .

Nonetheless, Huo Xiang walked in and closed the door behind him .

“Brother Xiang, is your room the first room on the left?” asked Huo Yao on her way up to the second floor .

Huo Xiang looked into his little sister’s eyes and nodded automatically .

He finally realized what had been bothering him all this time . His lips parted, wanting to tell his little sister he could carry his bag himself . But before he managed to speak up, she had already gone up swiftly with his things .

Huo Xiang was dumbstruck, “…”

He was a man, so it felt really awkward to see his thin and weak little sister carrying his heavy luggage .