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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:25:16 AM

Chapter 101

Ji Weixi was startled to find Tian Miaomiao’s face red and swollen at work the next day .

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Even if Tian Miaomiao looked rather masculine, she remained a girl of delicate skin and tender flesh .

Now, her face was purple-blue while her eyes were red and swollen, as if she was a completely different person .

Ji Weixi hurried to her and checked on her injuries . “What happened? Who hit you?”

Tian Miaomiao chuckled, but it tugged at her wound and she winced in the pain . “I’m fine…”

Ji Weixi’s eyes turned cold . “Tell me, who hit you!”

They must have gotten tired of living, bullying her people .

“Oh, it’s fine…” Tian Miaomiao mustered a smile although her eyes remained evasive . “I went out to get some food last night, and got hit by a drunkard . ”

“Really?” Ji Weixi narrowed her eyes, staring at her judgmentally .

“Of course . Would I lie to you?”

After Ji Weixi got to his feet and left, the little one came to Tian Miaomiao, clenched his tiny fists and grunted . “Anyone who bullies Miaomiao is ugly!”

She stared at him . “You bully me too . ”

He quickly put his hands on his hips . “Other than me, Daddy and Mommy, anyone who bullies you is ugly!”

The brat really never forgets about defending his parents .

As Tian Miaomiao kept up with them with a twitching mouth, she asked, “Hey, why are you going?”

Ji Weixi frowned . “To call the cops, of course . You are quite badly beaten . ”

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“Who would you report?” Tian Miaomiao said, pulling her back . “There are many people loitering around at night, and I didn’t even see that guy’s face—they would never find him . Moreover, I gave him a good kick in the nuts and he’s probably not using it from now on . All I got is just some flesh wound . ”

Ji Weixi felt hurt looking at the parts of her face that were purple here and blue there .

“Alright, get to work . It’s not like I’m disfigured… hehe . ” Tian Miaomiao stuffed her into her seat, before returning to her own seat and pretended to work .

The headaches from her hangover almost killed her when she got off the bed .

She felt so faint and light-headed that her head felt like it was splitting . Nothing came out when she tried to vomit and her stomach was in burning agony, whereas her entire being felt afloat and without a center of gravity .

Thank goodness she made it in time to buy some hangover remedy at the pharmacy that she was now better .


There were colors flashing just beneath her eyes as she tried to remember the man who saved her .

Was it a handsome or an ugly?

Must be handsome, given that voice…

The only thing she remembered was that he wore shades .

Tian Miaomiao clutched her own head then, depressed .

Was she really so unlucky with good-looking men?!

The world is so huge and men-wearing-shades innumerable . Where should she even start looking!

Finding a pained look on her face, Ji Weixi quickly asked, “Are you alright, Miaomiao? I’ll take you to the hospital . ”

“No, I’m fine!” Tian Miaomiao quickly smiled .

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Ji Weixi sighed and warned her, “Don’t go at night alone, you hear me? It’s so dangerous for you to live all by yourself… maybe you should move back…”

“N-no!” Tian Miaomiao quickly refused, waving her off . “How could I bother you and President Li!”

Moreover, Li Shaoling had told her in private when she moved out that all that awaits was death if she dared to return .

The little one nodded too . “That’s right . You can’t come back, or you will affect my sister’s looks . Daddy said that nobody must disturb when he does it with Mommy… And since I’m so handsome, my sister mustn’t be ugly . ”

“You stay quiet!” Ji Weixi blushed, her rage meter against Li Shaoling rising .

Duping a child just because he was an adult…

She realized then that Li Shaoling is a first-rate liar .


It was almost lunchtime when Tian Miaomiao leaned back on her chair and stretched . “By the way, Xixi, are you going for the company dinner tonight?”

Working, Ji Weixi paused for a moment, twirling her pen as she thought about it .

“Of course,” she replied .

Didn’t Qiao Ai said that there were many in the company prejudiced against her? She would see for herself who they were .

It was good for her own understanding too, since she had made waves when she arrived at CBS . There would certainly be those wanting to have a good look at her, and she is only too happy to oblige .

Tian Miaomiao promptly sprung up as if she had chicken-blood therapy . “Wonderful! I’m going too… I want to check out CBS for handsome men!”

The little one blinked . “What about me?”

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Both women turned to him at the same time . “You stay home!”

“I wouldn’t go even if you brought me along,” The little one deliberately breathed a long sigh . “Women . Always so troublesome . ”


Kid, should you be saying that?


When noon arrived, Tian Miaomiao said that she was on a diet and didn’t want to eat, whereas the little one had a meal earlier at nine since he was hungry .

Having no appetite, Ji Weixi simply found a café and took a window seat, at the furthest end of the corridor .

She ordered a cup of milk tea, and finding herself bored, started to flip through the news on her phone .

It was about star celebrity Lin Xiaoman, who appeared to have some issue with her wardrobe .

Ji Weixi felt her heart thump for a bit, but when she was about to keep reading…

“Miss Ji?” A voice that could only belong to a man suddenly spoke over her head .

She looked up to find a pair of amber eyes and a messy head silver hair .

It was Su Yang .

“Mister Su?” Ji Weixi stood up in surprise; she did not expect to meet him here .

He was wearing a simple white short-sleeve shirt, paired with jeans and converse shoes .

However, he still had no bright side to him despite that match of clothes, and looked as depressing as ever .

He was quite infectious .

Su Yang looked around and smiled . “I’m afraid there’s no other seat now . May I sit here?”

“Of course . ” Ji Weixi nodded .

The truth was that she would have refused if it was any other man .

On the other hand, Ji Weixi had a mysterious familiarity despite this being their third meeting .

She wanted to ask if they were acquainted before, but kept quiet since it would be too awkward to actually put that into words .

After both of them sat down, Su Yang crossed his long fingers on the table .

“Do you work around here?” He asked lightly .

“Yes,” Ji Weixi nodded, hesitating a moment before asking, “You are here for…?”

“I have a performance here later . Come visit if you’re free . ” Su Yang smiled breezily .

A silence ensued, leaving the air awkward .

The waiter arrived and put the ordered milk tea in front of Ji Weixi . She took a sip, before her gaze met Su Yang’s sharp look .

She was almost scorched then, and quickly took out some tissues to clean herself .

“What is it?”

Su Yang lowered his gaze, a mysterious look flashing beneath his eyes before he smiled . “I just feel that you resemble an old friend of mine . ”

“Old friend?”

“Yes . ” Su Yang then looked outside the window, his gaze becoming distant . “I have been looking for her for years… I thought she was dead . ”

He then paused and turned to look at Ji Weixi, his voice becoming quiet .

His melancholic air seemed to thickened then, exuding a sadness that could not be hidden .

“I eventually found her, but… she could no longer be mine . ”

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