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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:25:14 AM

Chapter 103

Even as Li Shaoling spoke, Ji Weixi’s eyes were magnifying his handsome face, and he soon drowned all of her gulping .

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Everyone’s eyes were inevitably caught and left dumbfounded .

The warm sun shone upon them, reflecting her dainty passiveness and his large, arched frame, and domineering .

There were so many eyes around them that Ji Weixi wanted a hole she could slip into very badly .

It was so embarrassing!

This accursed man had skin so thick it could give the earth’s crust a run for its money!

Then, he growled as he pulled away, “I’ll keep kissing you if you say that again . ”

He’s even threatening her now .

Red faced, Ji Weixi glared at him in embarrassment and rage . “You’re moving out tonight!”

Li Shaoling lifted a brow . “No, I won’t . ”

He threw a provoking look, as if saying ‘I won’t do as I’m told, and what are you going to do about that?’

Whoever could have made him so arrogant?

She was going to lock every door when she reached home tonight . She would see how he comes in then!

But seemingly seeing through her thoughts, Li Shaoling smiled, his eyes twinkling . “I have gotten someone to change your locks . The doors now only open by fingerprint, and you can’t get in without mine . ”

‘Wow, is this a world ruled by the mafia?’

“You…” Ji Weixi’s chest was heaving, but she only managed utter a word after glaring at him for what felt like half a day . “Scoundrel!”

Li Shaoling’s smile broadened as he watched her slip away .

He knew it . Women are the cutest creatures on the planet .

Although that only applies to Ji Weixi .


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When Ji Weixi was about to cross the road, she suddenly heard violent gasping for breath, with each gasping louder than the other .

It felt like someone’s throat was being torn out .

Ji Weixi quickly turned around to find Su Yang leaning on a wall, fists clenched as he heaved sharply .

His eyes were tightened and bloodshot, while his usually pale face was now bright red . Veins were bulging over his neck and his lips were turning blue .

He looked like he was suffering so much pain that he was going to die .

“Mister Su!” Ji Weixi ran to him, but was unsure what she should do .


Su Yang turned his back to her as if reluctant to let her see him in such a wretched state, but abruptly dropped to one knee .

Soon, he was wheezing from his throat .

Left in disbelief, Ji Weixi tried to help him up . “Y—you have asthma?”

Su Yang could not reply in his utter anguish .

Ji Weixi turned and told Li Shaoling, “Get your car, he needs the hospital!”

Li Shaoling’s eyes lowered towards her arm touching Su Yang’s, and said without a hint of emotion, “It’s fine if he dies . ”

He was her man, and yet she never even showed any concern .

On the other hand, she just met that manwhore days ago, and she’s already fussing all over him!

In fact, mister manwhore should just die right away!

Ji Weixi, beside herself in anxiety roared, “Hurry up! He’ll die!”

When she had been overseas, she had encountered a boy suffering an asthma episode without his meds .

She had been bewildered then too, and the boy was barely breathing when the ambulance eventually arrived, and he did not make it .

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It was a moment Ji Weixi regretted the most, and she did not want such a tragedy to happen again .

However, Li Shaoling stayed motionless .

Nice . She is shouting at him for another man .

Ji Weixi, almost in tears “He’ll die! Li Shaoling, are you turning away a dying man!?”

Li Shaoling kept his eyes fixed on her . “All I know is you’re mine . ”

He was upset that she had touched him .

Ji Weixi stamped her feet, but suddenly inspired in the moment, she stood on tip-toe and gave him a soft kiss—as gently as a dragonfly poking on water .

“Send him to the hospital, please?”

She looked at him pleadingly .

Li Shaoling’s body distinctly stiffened . That was the first time she did that voluntarily .

And it was for another man .

Well, there would be a second time after a first . It seems that she must be educated about volunteering from now on .

Hence, despite feeling upset, Li Shaoling listened to her and sent Su Yang to the hospital .

After watching the man being wheeled into the ER, Ji Weixi sat sprawled on a bench as if drained out of every bit of energy she had .

“My ignorance got an asthmatic boy killed when I was overseas,” she murmured softly . “I’m a mother and I know the feeling of losing a child . That’s why how you behaved today is unacceptable, Li Shaoling . ”

Then, looking up at him with red circles around her eyes, she said, “I’m ignoring you from now on . ”

Li Shaoling was enraged immediately . “You dare?”

“See if I dare if Su Yang dies . ” Ji Weixi glared back at her provokingly .

Nice . Very nice . She was going to ignore him because of that manwhore .

The coldness in Li Shaoling’s eyes was like a frightening storm .

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Even if Ji Weixi would always challenge the limits of his patience, the way he flipped out and could ignore all relationships kept her fearing him .

That was the first time she found him frightening .

That horrific possessiveness of his, not even allowing any other man to touch her .

He saw Su Yang as his enemy, and therefore he was willing to watch him die .

He was simply crazy .

The ER doors opened then . Unconscious, wearing an oxygen mask and his lips still blue, Su Yang was wheeled to another ward .

Ji Weixi quickly approached, and the doctors told her that he was now no longer in danger .

At the same time, the mobile phone which had been in Su Yang’s pocket rang .

Ji Weixi answered . It was his assistant, and she told him about his admittance to the hospital .

The assistant rushed to the scene in half an hour .


He sat beside Su Yang’s bed—a fully adult man, his eyes going red .

“Maestro, I should have kept following you!”

Then, he stood up and bowed at Ji Weixi . “Thank you for saving his life!”

Rather embarrassed to accept the gratitude, she said, “You don’t have to thank me… but may I ask about Mister Su’s asthma…”

Ji Weixi trailed off, regretting to have asked .

The assistant sighed . “He’s born with it and it’s quite serious . He would bring his medicine along with him wherever he goes to perform, and I would always follow him in fear that something happens . When he wasn’t around at lunch, I was so worried . But he’s fine thanks to you!”

Ji Weixi pursed her lips but did not smile, because she did not feel proud that she had saved Su Yang .


Later, both Ji Weixi and Li Shaoling left the hospital together and returned to the office .

The journey was silent—neither of them spoke .

In the tower, Ji Weixi pressed the button and entered the elevator .

Li Shaoling did not follow, since he had a personal elevator .

Be that as it may, when a small gap was left between the elevator doors a pair of hands suddenly reached in, and the elevators parted once again .

Li Shaoling entered .

Behind him, the people who were going to enter paused .

As the elevators closed, Li Shaoling fixed his eyes on her and pressed every button to every floor without looking .

Ji Weixi suddenly remembered that crazed killers used that method too .

As she felt a chill down her spine, Li Shaoling grabbed her chin and spoke coldly, “Is that pale face so important to you?”

“I would have helped even if it was someone else,” Ji Weixi replied with composure .

She would never stand idle in a corner and watch because it was a living being .

And that included cats and dogs .

As the elevator reached the next floor, the people waiting outside were about to squeeze their way inside when the doors opened, but stopped in fright once they saw Li Shaoling’s back .

When Ji Weixi tried to flee, he pressed the button and closed the doors .

The elevator began to move again .

Ji Weixi was at once annoyed and helpless . “What do you really want?”

The elevator hence kept climbing and stopping on every floor, with Li Shaoling closing the doors on every stop .

Every worker would pause, afraid to enter when they saw Li Shaoling hold Ji Weixi in a kabedon . Their faces were very close, radiating a ridiculous sense of vagueness .

All of them had a bold thought then .

Were those two doing the deed in the elevator?

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