MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1080

Published at 13th of June 2020 06:15:07 AM

Chapter 1080: 1080

According to the system’s settings, after they go offline, their avatar would still be there . Even if they force quit, they would not be able to stop Purity from dragging them all the way to the harbour of another city .

Hence, it would make no sense for them to go offline now .

 It was different for Mu Zixian though, it would take about half an hour to get from one main city to another, and that amount of time was sufficient for Mu Zixian to get offline and ask Wang Yu for help .

 Only Wang Yu could defeat these guys, because only kung fu could match kung fu .

 Mu Zixian was not a stubborn person and went offline after nodding her head .


 As someone who learned martial arts, Wang Yu had to eat many small meals a day to keep up with his nutrition, so he had to get some food after going offline . Hence normally, Mu Zixian would have prepared food for him by the time he got out of the game .

 Seeing that Mu Zixian was still in the game, Wang Yu did not disturb her but instead went out of the house .

 Purity and her men were quick with their actions, it took them just a little more than ten minutes to catch them from the moment Wang Yu left the game . Mu Zixian left the game and wanted to ask Wang Yu to go back into the game to help, but realised that he was not at home .

 That was not the saddest part, the saddest part was that Wang Yu did not have a habit of bringing his phone out .


 Realising that Wang Yu was not at home, Mu Zixian’s expression changed .

 “Where did he go at this hour? He didn’ t even tell me . Is he seeing someone outside?”

“Little Nuo went offline early today too…”

 “Could it be the both of them? I don’t think so… why not! All men are up to no good!”

 It was proven that women did not have logic when they were anxious . Mu Zixian was a woman too, so when she did not see her husband at home, her mind went haywire and Quan Zhen Sect’s urgent matter was long forgotten .

 Yang Nuo and Wang Yu had a thing before her and together with Li Yujie’s harassment recently, Mu Zixian could not help but feel insecure .

 Right when she was about to head out to check on Wang Yu, the doorbell rang and Wang Yu walked in with a plastic bag .

 Seeing Wang Yu reach home, Mu Zixian dashed towards him angrily and questioned, “Where did you go to at this hour! Are you seeing other women?”


 After hearing what Mu Zixian said, Wang Yu was confused .

 “What are you talking about? Rubbish…” Wang Yu replied with a confused expression .

 Mu Zixian shouted angrily, “What do you mean by what did I mean! What time is it now and you just came back?!”

“I…” Wang Yu raised his bad and continued, “I went to buy food…”

 “Is that so?” Mu Zixian saw his bag and asked with some suspicion .

 Wang Yu was defeated and said, “What do you think I could do then? You can ask the shop owner of the restaurant… I bought my food from him but he did not want the money . ”

 “Oh?” Mu Zixian looked at the box of food again and saw the logo of the restaurant then nodded, “Okay, I will give you the benefit of the doubt . I will forgive you after I hear your apology…”

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 This is women!!! If you manage to find a girlfriend in the future, you have to listen to Old Bull’s teaching and never reason with women .

 “Forgive…?” Wang Yu was confused and did not know what he did wrong .

 Of course, the epitome of a wife lover in Quan Zhen Sect, Spring Halo once said: A real man has to take responsibility . When your wife said you are wrong, you are wrong . You should not talk back .

 Wang Yu remembered those words and apologised to Mu Zixian .

 “Good boy, let’s eat…”

 Mu Zixian smiled and took over the container and served it on a plate and the both of them ate supper happily together .

“Anyways, you quit the game pretty late today…” Wang Yu asked while eating .

 “Yeah… I was busy with my shop,” Mu Zixian answered .

 “Are you done?”

Mu Zixian thought for a while and replied, “I think so, but I feel that I forgot about something . ”

 Wang Yu replied, “Then forget it . Just eat first . ”

“Okay… by the way, I think the food is quite salty today . ”

“Really? Eat more buns then . ”

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 Meanwhile, in the game, Fearless and the rest were already covered in tears .

 Spring Halo looked at the time, twenty minutes had passed and the aircraft was reaching the harbour . He asked Fearless softly, “Fearless, do you think we can trust Sister Bull?”

 “This… I can’t be sure…”

Fearless was actually panicking in his heart . How much trouble was it to go offline and call for someone? It had been twenty whole minutes and they were not back yet . Did the electricity break down?

No matter how smart Fearless was, he was still single and never would he imagine that Mu ZIxian actually forgot about all of them .

 They could only think of logical reasons as to why was Wang Yu still not here .

“Hmph!” Boson sneered, “I said that women can’t be relied on!”

 “Shit…” Ming Du said hopelessly, “I think these b*stards will kill us continuously at the resurrection point until we reach level 0 and then rape our equipment off us . ”

“I don’t think so… Resurrection points are safe zones . How can they kill people there?” Frost Blade questioned .

 Ming Du replied angrily, “Aren’t there resurrection points that are not safe zones?”


 Everybody got enlightened suddenly .

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 Meanwhile, a soft voice could be heard, “Yes, the resurrection point of the guild’s encampment are not safe zones . If you give me ten thousand gold coins each, I will save you . ”

“Little Chicky? Why didn’t you get caught?”

 After hearing that voice, everybody looked in that direction and saw someone in a cape .

 “F*ck!” After hearing what everyone said, the man in the cape said, “Man, you guys can recognise me even when I disguised myself like that?”

Everyone replied, “Of course, Quan Zhen Sect’s way of talking could be smelt even without the help of the wind! Why are you here? Delivering happiness?”

 Vainglory spoke with rage, “Bullshit, I am here to save you guys of course! Give me money now, if not you will become a whiteboard when you reach the guild’s encampment venue!”

 “Save us??” Ming Du said, “By yourself?”

 “Why? You are still looking down on me after getting yourself in this position?” Vainglory raged .

 “Psh!” Ming Du said with insult, “Forget it… Don’t mess yourself with adult matters . It’s not worth it . ”

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