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MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1081

Published at 14th of June 2020 05:35:07 AM

Chapter 1081: 1081

“Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” Vainglory scolded as he moved towards the crowd .

 Just then, Fearless suddenly spoke, “Kid, enough with the mess . We are on an airship . Whatever you are doing is useless . If you want to save us, the least you could do is find a place we can escape to . ”

 Indeed, an airship was not a big space . Even if Vainglory saved everyone, what could they do? Under such circumstances, unless the guards forcefully threw them off, players could not leave the airship but the guards did not listen to them .

 If Quan Zhen Sect wanted to use their flying advantage to escape, they minimally had to find a more open space or else, even if they could untie the ropes, they would be caught again .

 “Then… What should I do? We need to save Mrs . Bull at least… Or else, I would be killed by Uncle Bull!” Vainglory spoke as he glanced at Mu Zixian, then puzzledly said, “Hm, why isn’t Mrs Bull saying anything?”

 Fearless was in thought for a while then expressionlessly looked at Vainglory and said, “She went offline to look for Old Bull…”

 “F*ck! Do you think Uncle Bull will kill us after coming online?” Vainglory heard him and his heart skipped a beat .

 Everyone teared up and said, “I actually wish Old Bull would kill us . Based on the situation, Old Bull and his wife probably forgot about us . ”

 “Phew, luckily . ” Vainglory wiped his sweat .

 “How could you say this!” Everyone was enraged .

 “Haha! I mean, I can take up this small task of saving you guys,” Vainglory quickly said .

 Everyone, “…”

 Just as everyone expected, Mu Zixian really forgot their request of favour this time .

 Just as everyone recalled that Li Xue and a few of them also stayed with them, the ladies had already gone offline .

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 Obviously, the ladies were more wary of their looks so sleeping and waking up early were their basic lifestyle .

 After a few minutes, the airship began descending from a tall height . As the airship slowly landed, everyone saw the destination’s scenery clearly .

 “Damn, isn’t this Sky Dragon City?”

 Seeing the surrounding scenery, everyone finally knew where they were brought to . At the same time, they also understood the real motive behind Purity and the rest for catching them .

 Damn, Sky Dragon City only had two enemies . If Apocalypse wanted to find trouble, he would not pick such a time, and also did not have the money . Hence, the mastermind behind these guys could be no one other than Feng Yun Realm .

 Sigh, money could indeed make the world go round . He could even find seven of such rare kung fu experts .

 “Oh? Seems like you recognise this place?” Thirteen heard them and turned to ask with a smile .

 “Hehe!” Fearless laughed and said, “Who won’t recognise the well-known Sky Dragon City . Anyways, you guys aren’t onto us for no reason, right?”

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“Of course not!” Thirteen said casually, “Someone is paying us to deal with Quan Zhen Sect . ”

 “No wonder!” Fearless let out a big sigh and said, “Tell me who it is and I’ll pay you double the amount to slaughter them, deal?”

 “Sure!” Thirteen said without thought, “However, I place great importance on honourability . Since I’ve promised the other person, I have to complete the job . How about I deal with you guys first then kill Feng Yun Realm? Haha . ”

 “F*ck! This b*stard! If he wasn’t that ugly, I think he can join us in Quan Zhen Sect . ”

 Looking at Thirteen’s scheming face, Quan Zhen Sect felt a sense of mutual appreciation .

 “F*ck!” Fearless yelled internally before saying on the guild chat, “Indeed, it is Feng Yun Realm . This isn’t going to be easy . ”

 “Damn, this *sshole is really tough to get rid of . ” Everyone began clasping their fists at the thought of Feng Yun Realm being their opponent . These guys were gangsters with no fear, causing them to feel quite hopeless .

 Of course, everyone was not afraid of Feng Yun Realm . They were just afraid of his status as Sky Dragon’s City Lord .

 It was challenging enough since this lad had seven subordinates who knew kung fu . In addition to his authority to command the guards, even if Wang Yu was around, it would not be easy to save everyone as, after all, the guards were above the rules .

 “Damn it, we in Quan Zhen Sect have been heroes . Are we going to die in the hands of this wealthy second generationer? How unfair!!”

 Just as Quan Zhen Sect were sighing in melancholy, the airship finally landed and Purity walked to Mu Zixian, pulling her onto his shoulder and said, “To prevent more trouble, blindfold them!”

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 As he spoke, Purity took out a tattered black cloth and tied it to cover Mu Zixian’s eyes while the others also followed suit, blindfolding Fearless and the rest .

 Although these guys caught Quan Zhen Sect with the aim to lure Wang Yu to Sky Dragon City, they also had a quest to continuously slaughter Quan Zhen Sect . So if Wang Yu came too soon, he would definitely mess things up .

 When it came to tasks, they had to do them one by one . Since they would have to meet him sooner or later, they were in no rush .

 After Purity blindfolded their eyes, everyone began to panic .

 Seems like Vainglory was right . Feng Yun Realm and his people were looking for a guild headquarters to slowly kill them and collect the equipment they drop .

 Since quite a few guilds with headquarters had left Sky Dragon City, based on Feng Yun Realm’s wealth and status as its City Lord, it was easy for him to buy a guild headquarters in a more remote location .

 After all, when players were of a lower level than the required level of the equipment, the equipment would definitely be dropped… This time around, Quan Zhen Sect was going to be sent back to the pre-liberation days .

 “How, what do we do?”

 Those who were calmer like Fearless and Spring Halo were still getting on but Ming Du was at the brink of a breakdown .

 It was no longer like before . In the past, everyone used the mouse to play games and so, there was only one way to take revenge on their opponent – relentlessly chase after them and kill . No matter how Quan Zhen Sect died, they were only killed a few times by other people .

 Then again, based on Quan Zhen Sect’s perverted members’ temper, once they died, they would go offline, not giving their opponents another chance to kill them .

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 Unlike now, everyone was tied up like dumplings and were rotating to be thrown into the resurrection points…

This was something they had never come across before .

 Seeing how his pals were on the brink of them, Vainglory felt worried too and was not in the mood for jokes . He clasped his fists and shouted, “Damn, why don’t we go all out with them? Save as many as we can! At most, we will die together!”

 “Great brother! We won’t forget you! Leave, remember to burn hell notes for us!” Seeing how loyal Vainglory was, Ming Du was so touched that he began to spout rubbish .

 “Alright, enough with the rubbish!”

 Just then, Fearless calmly said, “Young man, don’t be rash! In this situation, who should you save first?”


 After hearing him, Vainglory instantly kept quiet .

 Who to save first was not a question as simple as a multiple choice question . Considering the current situation, it was another question of who to save first if both his mother and wife fall into the sea .

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