MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1083

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Chapter 1083: Chapter 1083 - Feng Yun Realm’s Old Hideout

Chapter 1083: Feng Yun Realm’s Old Hideout

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Purity and the rest were still on their way to the destination while Fearless and the rest had their eyes blindfolded so they could not see their surroundings .

Hence, they had to wait for Purity and the rest to bring them there before Vainglory who was following behind them, would know where Feng Yun Realm’s camp was .

For safety purposes, Feng Yun Realm picked quite a desolate place . After walking for around ten-odd minutes, everyone finally saw their unassuming guild headquarters .

Along both sides of the headquarters were shrub bushes and wild grass . The headquarters itself had a green colour scheme, filled with the feeling of forgiveness .

Without looking in detail, normal people would not even realise that there were buildings there .

At the entrance, there were four to five players who were easily recognisable as Feng Yun Realm’s hired subordinates which he hired from Freedom City .

Those mercenaries were not top-tier experts but were not weak either . Now that they were Feng Yun Realm’s doormen, it was obvious that he had too much money with nowhere to spend .

Amongst Feng Yun Realm’s people, only Twelve Celestial Bodies and Feng Yun Realm himself had seen Purity and these guys . The rest did not know them at all .

Seeing Purity leading a team towards the guild headquarters, the mercenaries at the door turned wary .

Purity’s seven-man team was very unique . Each of them was carrying a player, making them look suspicious so it was reasonable for the mercenaries to be wary . Moreover, if it was their own people, they could just enter by using a teleportation formation so since they came to the entrance, they had to be outsiders .

Seeing everyone come nearer, the mercenaries took out their weapons and got into a formation to block the entrance . One of the Warriors amongst them pointed at Purity and shouted, “Who are you? This is a private guild headquarters, leave now…”

However, before he finished speaking, he blacked out and in the next instant, Purity appeared in front of him .

The Warrior was shocked, wanting to step back to create a greater distance but it seemed like Purity knew what was on his mind, quickly stepping on the Warrior’s feet .

Smile, raise arms!

“Pa pa pa pa pa!”

Before that Warrior realised what had happened, he received a few tight slaps on his face .

Not just the mercenaries, even the Pugilists behind Purity were stunned too and they broke out in sweat .

Damn, a woman with early menopause could be so overbearing . This mercenary was unlucky to have offended this crazy woman .

“Damn! How dare you?” That Warrior was slapped several times for no reason so he was fuming mad and scolded . The mercenaries at the entrance lifted their weapons, wanting to attack Purity .

With their leader under attack, Nian Liuyun and the rest naturally did not sit and watch . A few of them charged up and in a few moves, pressed the four mercenaries onto the ground .

Purity stepped on that Warrior and with no change of expression, she said, “Feng Yun Realm really lacks manners . I used so much energy to catch all these people and yet he dares to get his people to stop me! Ask him to scram here!”

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The Warrior heard what Purity said and realised instantly that these were their own people so he quickly sent a message to Feng Yun Realm .

Quickly, Feng Yun Realm brought people out of the headquarters . Seeing Purity and the rest carrying Quan Zhen Sect’s players on their backs, Feng Yun Realm was first shocked then hurriedly walked over . With an apologetic expression, he humbly said, “Sister Purity, my apologies… I forgot to inform them . ”

“Hmph!” Purity scorned and ignored Feng Yun Realm, taking huge strides as she walked into the guild headquarters .

The mercenaries at the entrance were still lost over what happened… Especially that Warrior who was slapped by Purity, he was extremely puzzled . Seeing how Feng Yun Realm acted like a puppy, he knew that he took the slaps for nothing .

However, after Purity and the rest kicked such a big fuss at the door, Fearless knew that they had arrived . In the group chat, Fearless asked Vainglory, “Little Chick, where are we now?”

“At…” Upon receiving Fearless’ notification, Vainglory stunned for a while and said, “I don’t know…”

“F*ck!” Hearing what Vainglory said, he was instantly angered, “What do I need you for?”

Together in wealth and trouble but at such a critical time, no one could be counted on… He had reminded Vainglory to follow behind them and memorise the journey but this lad did not know where they were . This left Fearless heartbroken .

“I… I…” Vainglory felt wronged and said, “At first, I could remember but once we entered the Lost Forest, I got lost…”

Right, Fearless recalled, like Wang Yu, Vainglory did not have a good sense of direction . Especially in a place like a forest which did not have displayed coordinates, he immediately did not even know where north, south, east, west were .

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It was already commendable that Vainglory did not get lost himself in Sky Dragon City, an unfamiliar place .

“F*ck, Little Chick, you’re so useless! What should we do now?” Ming Du asked panickedly .

“I don’t know too…” Fearless sent the helpless emoticon with both arms spread apart, showing that he was hopeless too .


Just then, Spring Halo gave a cold laughter, “You bunch of losers… At this important moment, you guys still need to depend on me . ”

“Oh? Spring Brother, you know where we are?” Everyone was shocked .

“Of course . ” Spring Halo said calmly, “From just now, I counted those guys’ footsteps . ”

“Footsteps count? What use does that have?” Vainglory asked puzzledly .

Spring Halo stayed silent for a while and sent a bunch of calculation methods on the chat’s notification page .

“What’s all this?” Ming Du and Vainglory were two blur idiots .

Spring Halo explained, “Based on what we know about their battle situation, their speed of movement is around X metres per second . After leaving the port, we moved left for 11 minutes 24 seconds, then turned right and moved for 9 minutes 36 seconds . So based on these calculations…”

“Speak like a human! To the main point!” After hearing so much, everyone roughly understood what Spring Halo meant so they stopped him from reciting a long thesis .

“Erm…” Spring Halo paused for a while and said, “Our current location 3264 metres to the left of the port then turn right and head straight for 2748 . 63 metres, rounding up to 2749 metres . Understood?”

“Holy sh*t…”

Seeing what Spring Halo derived at, Quan Zhen Sect were all surprised . With some suspicion, they asked, “Are you for real?”

Damn, after being blindfolded for so long, it was scary to hear that he could so accurately calculate his current location . Although they knew how smart Spring Halo was, they still had some hesitation .

In the face of everyone’s suspicion, Spring Halo did not explain himself . He just mentioned, “Do you guys choose to believe me or Little Chick?”


Everyone was speechless for a while and with no other words, Fearless directly copied Spring Halo’s results and sent it to Nine Solitary Spears .

What a joke, children and women were known to be great at talking but unreliable at doing things so Fearless did not dare to trust Vainglory .

After receiving Fearless’ information, Nine Solitary Spears paused for a while before replying, “Ok, I know where you guys are . It is quite far . Hang in there . ”

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