MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1097

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Chapter 1097: 1097

Regardless of who, to a certain extent, he would think of others based on his own opinion .

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 For example, some naive people could believe that there are no thieves on earth, and for people like Ratty and Feng Yun Realm, they instinctively thought that there was no idiot on earth who would sacrifice for nothing in return .

 Hence, when Fearless knew that Wang Yu wanted to get Nine Solitary Spears to enter Sky Dragon City by making use of the situation, Fearless sent Nine Solitary Spears a message, asking him to demand for the most .

If Nine Solitary Spears acted upright, he would be killed right at the city wall but with his greedy persona now, even a smart person like Ratty no longer had qualms and thought that Nine Solitary Spears came to extort them .

 Even though they knew Nine Solitary Spears really came to defend the city, Feng Yun Realm was still very upset and said, “Damn, even so, this b*stard is really treacherous! He is moving to become the assistant City Lord . ”

 Feng Yun Realm was rich but he was not generous . Although giving up just the administrative region was nothing compared to losing the entire city, he felt repelling that Nine Solitary Spears came and asked for the most important region of the main city .

 “Hehe!” Ratty laughed at his words, “Under such circumstances, the tens of thousands of Apocalypse players helping us to defend the city are deserving of the assistant City Lord role . Furthermore, don’t you have the final say ultimately?”


 Hearing what Ratty said, Feng Yun Realm gave a sly smile .

 Damn it . If they failed to defend the city, Sky Dragon City would be Twilight City’s but if they succeeded, Feng Yun Realm would call the shots .

 There was no outsiders presence so even if Feng Yun Realm denied the promises he made, no one would have the strength to take down Apocalypse by then .

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 “At this thought, Feng Yun Realm smiled and ordered, “Open the door, let Leader Solitary in . ”

 Upon Feng Yun Realm’s order, Sky Dragon City’s main door slowly opened .

 Nine Solitary Spears led his subordinates mightily into the city .

 After all of Apocalypse’s players entered the city, Sky Dragon City’s main door was closed once again . By then, Quan Zhen Sect’s players casually strolled to beneath the city wall .

 Seeing that there were so few Quan Zhen Sect members below, the players at the top of the city wall were shocked .

 Tsk, aside from state battles, city battles were the largest PVP group battles . Even if they did not have thousands of troops, they at least had to have more people than in a guild battle .

 However, with tens of thousands of people defending the city, their opponent was just a dozen people… This was no longer an issue of victory, it was a matter of respect for their opponent .

 Just as how everyone made plans to fight at the school gate, one side brought weapons and everyone they knew while the other side was just one person with a nail clipper . As this person’s opponent, it is obvious how they felt .

 What a b*stard act . It is a complete disrespect of such a solemn occasion!

 “Is Twilight City’s people here?”

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 Feng Yun Realm looked at the tens of thousands of comrades behind him then looked at the miserly few Quan Zhen Sect players at the bottom of the city wall as he asked with a frown .

 Twilight City was not far away so if they gathered everyone and came in an airship, they would be about here .

 Hearing Feng Yun Realm’s question, Fearless questioned instead, “Twilight City’s people? Why bother them so late into the night . Let’s not wait for them, they won’t come . ”

 It was unthinkable that these few of them were here to attack the city . After Feng Yun Realm heard them, he instantly laughed out loud, “Oh? Twilight City’s people aren’t coming? Haha, so what now? You want to attack the city with so few people?”

 “Hehe! You think this is too few…” Fearless smiled widely and said, “To deal with just you guys, this is more than enough . My advice for you is to quickly open the door and surrender before you guys lose XP and drop levels…”

 “F*ck you! Send arrows to kill these b*stards!”

 Fearless was definitely deserving of a beat up . With such a mouth, he could make anyone lose control and beat him up . This talent was wasted on him being a Priest, he should be a Guardian .

 Feng Yun Realm had just been beaten up by Quan Zhen Sect so he was still fuming mad . At this point, he was too lazy to argue with Fearless . Before Fearless finished speaking, Feng Yun Realm gave an order to his subordinates .

 Heavenly Alliance’s mercenaries received the order and began preparing their bows and arrows, while the rest gathered their spells, aiming at Quan Zhen Sect’s people below the city wall .

 At the same time, Nine Solitary Spears also took out his weapons and yelled at Heavenly Alliance’s players, “Brothers, go!” He then added in his guild chat, “Kill Heavenly Alliance’s players!”

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 Apocalypse’s players received the order and were full of questions .

 Although they did not know what Nine Solitary Spears was up to, times had changed so they definitely had to abide by their leader’s orders .


 As a result, Apocalypse’s players roared until the ground shook as they raised the weapons in their hands to charge over .

 Feng Yun Realm thought Apocalypse’s players wanted to steal the limelight so he turned and shouted, “Leader Solitary, it’s just these few people . We don’t need to trouble your brothers…”

 However, just then, a light flashed across and Apocalypse’s players pounced, banged or chopped over, if not, they would send magic spells and arrows over, right onto Heavenly Alliance’s players .

 Heavenly Alliance’s mercenaries had stronger PVP skills than normal players but Apocalypse was such a big guild so it was not easy to tackle them .

 Furthermore, Heavenly Alliance’s players were attacking Quan Zhen Sect who were at the bottom of the wall and had no defence against the enemy from behind . Moreover, Apocalypse had ten times more people than they had .

 In just one round, countless mercenaries of Heavenly Alliance were slaughtered, badly injured and thrown down the city wall .

 Looking at this situation, the pitiful Feng Yun Realm was completely stunned . He never thought that Nine Solitary Spears would lead his subordinates to rebel against him at this timing .

 He was still thinking of denying the administrative region issue after everything was over, betraying Nine Solitary Spears . However, he did not expect Nine Solitary Spears to be more aggressive by directly ending him .

 It did not feel good being cheated by someone .

 The more secret motives he had against others, the more a person like Feng Yun Realm could not accept being cheated by someone else .

After coming back to his senses, Feng Yun Realm went mad . He ragingly pointed at and scolded Nine Solitary Spears, “Nine Spears b*stard! Are you crazy… Do you know what you are doing! Don’t think of surviving in Sky Dragon City ever again!”

 Dealing with Feng Yun Realm’s scolding, Nine Solitary Spears remained expressionless and stayed silent . He lowered his head and charged towards Feng Yun Realm . He lifted his long spear and launched a level 40 big move, [Piercing Gust] .

 A green ray of light with unformidable destructive abilities swiped the few people in front of Feng Yun Realm into a series of white lights, and soon, reached in front of Feng Yun Realm .

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