MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1239

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Chapter 1239: 1239

Chapter 1239: Two Non-Mainstream Archers

After the ten minutes break ended, everyone returned to their gaming cabins .

In the second round, Team A Murder Of Crows chose the map .

Everyone, including Wang Yu, recognised God of Death’s Left Hand’s strength .

Therefore, the Quan Zhen Sect chose a smaller map — The Arena — to restrict God of Death’s Left Hand’s ability to display his strength to the fullest .

The Arena was not considered big or small and was in fact one of the more balanced maps in for most jobs . It was extremely suitable for solo fights, which was why there was a high chance that squads would choose this map for professional competition .

Following the random selection of the white light, Team A Murder Of Crows got lucky as Yang Nuo was sent to The Arena .

The spectators couldn’t help but sigh for the opponent .

At this stage, everyone already knew that Team A Murder Of Crows had three invincible axes .

First Bull, Second Evil and Third Clear Snow .

Ever since the start of the competition, these three players had never lost a single match and their abilities were far beyond everyone’s imagination . They were the three main players of Team A Murder Of Crows .

Everyone had to mourn for Kingdom of Hell given the fact that one of the three axes were chosen in the very first match .

It seemed like the second round of competition was going to be taken care of by this lady herself .

When Yang Nuo was chosen, the Quan Zhen Sect players were incredibly excited . They couldn’t believe that the Kingdom of Hell had such rotten luck to step on ‘snow’ in the very first match .

Just when everyone was busy getting excited, the player from Kingdom of Hell was also chosen . It was Kingdom of Hell’s team leader, God of Death’s Left Hand .


The spectators burst into cheers when they saw Yang Nuo’s opponent .

Yang Nuo was a close-combat Archer while God of Death’s Left Hand was a power Archer . These two non-mainstreams Archers were currently the two most trendy Archers in the game .

Everyone had been discussing enthusiastically which was the better type of Archer . Now that there was a chance to find that out, everyone was naturally excited .


The moment God of Death’s Left Hand was sent up, Wang Yu furrowed his brows, “This is going to be a tough match!”

Vainglory smiled, “Uncle Bull, it seems like you’ve had too much to drink? You realise you have Sister Snow up there, right?”

“Scram, scram, scram!” Wang Yu pushed Vainglory to the side, “Kids better not interrupt when adults are speaking . Just watch the match carefully!”

Wang Yu was extremely clear of Yang Nuo’s abilities and he had also just exchanged blows with God of Death’s Left Hand . At this moment, Wang Yu was considered the one with the greatest authority to speak .

Hearing what Wang Yu said, Fearless was also slightly surprised, “No way! Is God of Death’s Left Hand that strong?”

“In terms of coordination and movements, Little Yang has the advantage!” Wang Yu continued, “However, the current problem is not about coordination but restraint . That Left Hand guy is not easy to deal with . ”

“Really?” Everyone was slightly skeptical as they didn’t believe Yang Nuo would lose .

While everyone was still in deep discussion, the match had begun .

Yang Nuo had seen how God of Death’s Left Hand fought . She knew about his incredible Archery skills and she knew that there was probably no one in the game who could match him for long-distance fights . Therefore, she knew that she needed to make use of her close-combat abilities to defeat him .

The moment the competition began, Yang Nuo charged right towards God of Death’s Left Hand .

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God of Death’s Left Hand also knew how strong Yang Nuo’s close-combat abilities were . Even so, he didn’t panic when he saw Yang Nuo charging towards him .

Regardless, a close-combat Archer was still an Archer .

He placed the arrow on his bow and took in a deep breath!


God of Death’s Left Hand’s arrow flew right towards Yang Nuo .

Yang Nuo dodged the arrow easily as she raised and let out a shot right in front of God of Death’s Left Hand .

God of Death’s Left Hand smiled faintly as his left hand held onto his bow while he right hand grabbed a bunch of thick arrows to throw it out horizontally .


Yang Nuo’s bow and arrow was knocked off as God of Death’s Left Hand’s arrows arrived in front of Yang Nuo like a carbine .

Yang Nuo twisted her body as she dodged God of Death’s Left Hand’s attack . She grabbed her bow back as she shot an arrow towards God of Death’s Left Hand’s chin .

God of Death’s Left Hand was inflexible during his attack so it was too late for him to dodge the arrow . Hence, he suffered the blow of Yang Nuo’s arrow on his chin as he immediately placed an arrow on his bow and released it!


The arrow flew towards Yang Nuo’s chest .

Just when the arrow was about to pierce through Yang Nuo’s chest, she moved forward instead of retreating . She did a forward roll to dodge the arrow and arrived right at the foot of God of Death’s Left Hand .

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Following which, Yang Nuo stood up abruptly as she used her other hand to grab an arrow to stab God of Death’s Left Hand in the eye .

The most important aspect of an Archer was his field of view . The moment God of Death’s Left Hand’s eyes were wasted, Yang Nuo would have won half the battle .

However, God of Death’s Left Hand was also not someone with no battle sense . This fella already knew her plan when he saw that she rolled towards his feet . Therefore, God of Death’s Left Hand instinctively covered his eyes with his hands .


Yang Nuo’s arrow pierced right through God of Death’s Left Hand’s palm as God of Death’s Left Hand used his left hand to drag Yang Nuo towards him .


The moment Yang Nuo was grabbed by God of Death’s Left Hand, Wang Yu sighed .

This fella was simply too powerful in that sense that even Wang Yu almost suffered at his hands, let alone a weak and helpless Yang Nuo .

Indeed, Yang Nuo came to a frightening realisation when she tried to break free of his grip using skills .

She realised that God of Death’s Left Hand wouldn’t budge regardless of how she struggled .

God of Death’s Left Hand was naturally not going to give chance to a vicious woman who tried to use an arrow to stab his eyes .

He grabbed Yang Nuo by the neck and swung her in the air before smashing her onto the ground .

The strength and power put into that move were incredible .

Spectators watching this scene could even feel Yang Nuo’s pain .

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After smashing Yang Nuo to the ground, God of Death’s Left Hand quickly used his right foot to step on Yang Nuo . He shot out an arrow towards Yang Nuo .


Yang Nuo was shot right in the head… The thick arrow pierced through Yang Nuo’s head and went deep into the ground . The trembling arrow indicated God of Death’s Left Hand’s immense strength and power .

Everyone felt icy cold air behind their heads when they witnessed a scene like this .


Yang Nuo’s health was never high from the start so this fatal shot was enough to turn her into white light and send her back to the squad .

“NND, f*ck!”

After returning to the squad, Yang Nuo couldn’t help but complain, “F*ck this dog power Archer! I will remember him!”

“Tsk tsk tsk…”

Everyone shook their heads .

Being remembered in this manner by a woman… Nobody knew if God of Death’s Left Hand should be happy or sad .

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