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Chapter 537

"Yaro!" Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama screaming in rage, as they had believed that they could have stopped Zhang Yang from killing Ichiban Sake . Their confidence level was hammered hard as they were proven wrong! The delay of Ichiban Sake’s demise wasn’t due to the fact that the two of them posed any threat to Zhang Yang in their transformed states, it was actually because Zhang Yang was not in the mood to kill him yet!

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Just look at it . The guardian was wiped out so easily! Just a single strike had already sent him to his demise, without the need to throw another strike at him!

Meanwhile, as these two were doing their best trying to get at Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang had lost about 700,000 HP . Their damage output could already be considered to be extremely high, as 700,000 damage was already a decent value . However, that amount of damage meant little to the Maximum HP of Zhang Yang that reached up to 5,000,000 HP! Such a ratio would really push a person to the brink of madness, especially for players who were confident of their own skill and power to begin with!

As Rockovich had suddenly lost his main aggro target, he immediately switched his attention towards the DPS players and the Healers . The General swung his heavy hammer across the players before him and sent a bunch of players flying in the opposite direction as he roared, "You uncivilized savages! Is it really that fun to be hiding behind your Tankers while using your ranged attacks on me? Very well, let me show you what real fun is!"

He slightly bent his knees, and suddenly leaped into the air with his strong and powerful body, followed by a superhero landing among the army of DPS players and the Healers . Next moment, Rockovich was swinging his war hammer about, crushing all the players before him . The army of players descended into chaos, as none of them were able to hold their ground against the powerful boss! Every single blow created a shockwave effect . Therefore, players with insufficient strength could only be blown away by the shockwaves of Rockovich's hammer .

Furthermore, at the current stage of the game, who would actually have enough attribute points to boost their Strength to the level of a Mythical Tier boss?

Rockovich swung in hammer in a twirling arc, killing a large number of players around him!

--- with their Tankers gone, the boss was no longer being shepherded around like a cow, he was now a hungry wolf that had just been let into a herd of sheep . That’s the end of the story . The players were being slaughtered by the boss like a bunch of harmless sheep!

Zhang Yang was laughing out loud as he joined in to support the boss . The two of them worked together, Rockovich and his terrifying hammer, and Zhang Yang with his [Heaven Shaker] that spun like a tornado in the middle of the battlefield! {Horizontal Sweep}, {Blast Wave} . {Thunder Strike} were struck out repeatedly as Zhang Yang caused massive casualties to the Japan army! Under the support of his {God of War Transformation}, Zhang Yang could already hit so much harder than the boss! His normal attack had already reached up to a total of 100,000 damage, and his Skills could already reach up to at least a total damage to 200,000 damage! Even an Ethereal Tier boss would respect that power .

Rockovich had a surprised look on his face as he said, "No wonder the Queen speaks highly of you! I wouldn’t have believed that you are so powerful if I haven’t just witnessed it with my own eyes! But from what I’ve seen, this strength is not your base level . It seems to be some sort of magical power that brings out the inner power within your core, and it’s highly unstable!"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "It’s true, I can’t keep this form for long, but it’s enough to kill these ‘uncivilized savages’!"

"Haha!" Rockovich laughed as well, and his eyes turned sharp and intimidating as he shouted, "You idiotic uncivilized savages! How dare you launch an assault on the great White Jade Empire! How dare you assault the expedition army of Queen Serena! I hereby declare that all you uncivilized savages must die!"

All Japanese players were so angry to hear Rockovich’s words that their veins were beginning to pop! Being called ‘uncivilized savages’ while being unable to physically refute that statement surely made it seem as if they were admitting to that very fact!

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The feeling was just great!

Looking at all the furious, disgusted face, Zhang Yang could not help but to laugh out loud . Then, he flapped his wings and began to swing his weapon around once again . All the non-Tanker Class players were instantly killed . Even if the players are Tanker Class, Zhang Yang would only have to activate his {Horizontal Sweep}, {Destructive Smash}, {Frost Strike}!

With Zhang Yang working together with Rockovich, the number of those Japanese players was reducing steeply! Meanwhile, the seemingly endless NPC army continued gushing out from the entrance of the Castle! What were their chances of breaching the walls now?

The current numbers on both sides --- Attacker: Sakura no Nagare Mae, number of players: 25,239; Defender: Lone Desert Smoke, number of players: 1!

This was just 10 minutes after the Territory Conquest had began, and Sakura no Nagare had already lost about 5,000 players! If they continue to lose their numbers at this rate, they might even be wiped out in an hour! There’s no need to even wait until the end of the Territory Conquest! Amaou Kuyoshi was close to blowing up! He quickly sent another fresh party over to keep Rockovich occupied . Well, they could not just let the boss roam freely around their own army and cause havoc!

The fact did remain, however, that they were all helpless against Zhang Yang, the super killer!

Logically speaking, players were not bosses, they would basically get affected by all sorts of Skills! With about 100 players, if each of them takes turns using a Status Restriction Skill on a target, they could keep the target immobilized there, perpetually . The target would be their toy!

Unfortunately for them, players with [Inheritances] were an existence transcends all others, mostly due to their resistances against Status Restriction Skills --- quite a small number of players had managed to acquire an [Inheritance] for themselves in each of the regions . Although there were still no signs of Class S, Class A, and Class B [Inheritance] in other regions, there was already quite a number of players with Class C [Inheritances], which was enough for them to {Transform} . The professional players have encountered some of such players, so normally, players with [Inheritances] would have over 90% rate of resistance towards the Status Restriction Skills of the players without [Inheritances]!

When the players with [Inheritances] activate their {Inheritance Transformations}, they would almost have a 100% rate of resistance against the Status Restriction Skills of players without an [Inheritance]!

The total HP of Zhang Yang after he ‘transformed’ was just too high for the Japanese players to fathom! Plus, his Defense and Magic Defense were both terrifyingly high . There was no way for the Japanese players to even take him down via focus fire! Now that they realized they could not even use their Status Restriction Skills on Zhang Yang in an attempt to restrict his movement, they could only let Zhang Yang slay them at will, as Zhang Yang broke their heads open like fresh watermelons!

"Tsukaenai Obakadomo!" Amaou Kuyoshi could not longer keep his vulgar words back, he was really disappointed with Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama as they had failed to stop Zhang Yang . They were basically useless! They had claimed that things would become far easier, upon the activation of their [Inheritances], even going as far as to say that they would triumph over tens of thousands of enemies!

"Musashi Ousama, Shuro Ousama! Forget about Zhan Yu, and focus on making a break for the castle interior!" Amaou Kuyoshi made a crucial decision, based on the most logical sense .

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Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama felt ashamed as the two of them had only managed to tail Zhang Yang’s ass around like two idiots, even after they had activated their {Inheritance Transformations} . There was no better way to shame them both! The two of them quickly communicated with their pets and charged towards the entrance of the castle . They began to activate their ‘Inheritance Skills’ on the army of NPCs to unleash their anger and frustration .

Although the two of them had been led around by Zhang Yang like two idiots, they were still able to demonstrate the power of Class C {Transformations} to their compatriots .

Musashi Ousama activated the greatest skill in his arsenal - courtesy of his [Whirlwind Inheritance] . He transformed into a whirlwind, sending the NPCs around him flying in an insane turbulence! Every single NPC that went flying received about 20,000 damage . Their landings were not soft either . If they did not have any effects on them that slowed down their descents, they would have to receive another damage that could go up to 10,000 damage, from the fall alone!

Normal NPCs would be instantly killed after they get sucked into the {Whirlwind} that Musashi Ousama had just activated . Even the elite Tier NPCs were losing their will to fight after being sucked into the {Whirlwind}!

Meanwhile, Shuro Ousama had turned himself into a white skeleton that was about 7 meters tall . Every single NPCs that he killed while he was in his skeleton form had turned into a skeleton soldier . These skeleton soldiers turned around and supported him in attacking their former comrades! Well, that had the potential of becoming a really broken skill, depending on the duration of those skeletons .

Zhang Yang observed the battle from afar and the could not help but sigh . {Inheritance Transformations} really changes the game . Even C Class {Transformations} turned players into insanely powerful beings!

Of course, those ‘forms’ of Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama did not last long . Every type of {Inheritance Transformation} would gain 1 point of ‘Energy Point’ in every 10 seconds . The ‘transformations’ of Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama would definitely need ‘Energy Points’ to support them using their ‘Inheritance Skills’ . When their ‘Energy Points’ run out, their Skills would end as well . Furthermore, the cooldown period for their ‘Inheritance Skills’ were extremely long .

Those Skills were just like the {Vampiric Blood Drain} of the [Vampire Inheritance] .

1 EP would be gained in every 10 seconds . The battle had raged on for tens of minutes, and Zhang Yang had already gained enough EP point to fully fill up his Energy Bar . Without wasting any time, Zhang Yang went out with the 100 EP on hand, ready to unleash hell upon the Japanese players!

With a powerful flap of his wings, Zhang Yang flew straight towards the entrance of Winst Castle and activated his first destructive Skill . Instantly, a stream of golden light surged outwards!

{God of War’s Crushing Strike}!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

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Instantly, a tremor spread across the ground, as countless beams of golden light broke out from the surface of the ground . The light formed into the shapes of arrows as they began to hurtle further up the sky! Every single target within the attack range received a damage of ‘-32,110!’!

Zhang Yang huffed coldly as he waited for his 1-second Global Cool Down period to pass . After that, he raised his left hand and activated another {God of War’s Crushing Strike}!

Again! And again!

The purpose of waiting for his EP bar to reach 100 EP was to allow him to spam his {God of War’s Crushing Strike} 34 times in a row, without giving his targets any chance to recollect themselves! Furthermore, his {God of War’s Crushing Strike} inflicts Chaos Damage that doesn’t get affected by Defense or Magic Resistance . Any non-Tanker would have to return to their Main Cities after about 3 hits from Zhang Yang!

{Horizontal Sweep}! {Blast Wave}! {Thunder Strike}!

Zhang Yang did not only use {God of War’s Crushing Strike} . He also activated his other Skills . His {Horizontal Sweep} reached up to about 200,000 damage without triggering a Critical Damage . So Zhang Yang did not see the reason why he should waste the availability of his other powerful Skills!






Under the oppressive assaults of the boss and Zhang Yang, the players from Sakura no Nagare Mae were being slaughtered!

This is really bad!

Quite a number of Japanese players were actually aware of their situation! They started feeling uneasy as they saw the endless swarm of NPCs gushing out from the entrance of the castle . Meanwhile, they had been informed that the Aerial Troops sent into the City Hall earlier on had all been annihilated . According to the rumors they heard, the Aerial Troops had been taken out by a large number of [Mechanical Servants], Castle Guards and a Dragonhawk!

Unable to march forwards as their Assault troop had been wiped out entirely, and having two insanely powerful beings cutting off their escape route, how should they proceed with the Territory Conquest then?

Did they even have the choice of retreating, now?

Even if there was a mountain of swords and a sea of flames before them, the Japanese players had no choice but to close their eyes and jump in! Or else, they would definitely be scolded and cursed upon by many other furious Japanese players, shoving red-hot sticks down their *sses . 30,000 players had failed to take down a Territory that is only defended by one player? That will definitely become the joke of the century!

The Japanese players had no choice but to charge towards their demise!

Bottles of [Potion] were taken, one after another, the moment they could take them . It was as if these Japanese players were on steroids and viagrasm having just gotten rid of their long-standing impotence, charging forward with their ‘second brothers’ in high spirits as they attempt to launch a last ditch attack! At such a moment, none of them would still want to save any money, their dignity were much more important! They would definitely be blamed for their defeat when they are back in their own countries!

Although only their spirits were boosted up, with that high spirit, the Japanese players managed to improve their strength and performance in pushing forward! They actually pushed the NPCs back, and were on the verge of breaching the entrance of the castle!

Zhang Yang let out a loud roar as he flew down from the sky . Then, he descended right before the entrance like a god descending from the heavens .

As Zhang Yang had been slaughtering up the Japanese players to such great effect, the Japanese players were intimidated for a moment when they saw Zhang Yang standing in front of the entrance! However, they only halted for a brief moment before they regained their senses and continued to push forward . "Kill!" These players shouted one while charging at Zhang Yang .