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Chapter 603

Even though Mellow Venom managed to take over as the tank against the boss, but the rate of reduction on the HP of the boss got even slower than before, without the support of the {Inheritance Transformations} of Zhang Yang and his gang of bros . Well, without the support of {Inheritance Transformations}, the total damage that they could deal on the boss reduced steeply .

Although the boss had taken all 10 of the {Glare of the Death God}’s Special Effects, the amount of HP the boss was still hanging around at 28% . The worst part of it was that no matter how hard they tried, the HP level of the boss was not moving at all . Everyone was feeling fatigued .

"I’m definitely not going to fight a boss with a Level Gap Suppression ever again!" Fatty Han had been repeating his words so many times that people have lost count of it .

"Then, just grind your level up as quickly as you can!" Zhang Yang told Fatty Han . He even hoped that Fatty Han would quickly get the Class quest and get a Phoenix Pet as soon as possible . However, Fatty Han must be Level 120 before he could do that .

"Sigh! Now that I have a home and a wife to take care of, I can’t just play the game the entire day! I need to accompany my wife! More importantly, I need to spare some effort on my waist to create my next generation and serve my country! Where can I get so much time to grind my level, then?" Fatty Han was being exaggerated .

"Then, just delete your account!"

"Hehe! I was just being emotional for one moment back there . Why are your reacting so much?"

The Defense of Mellow Venom had been boosted up by 10 times upon activating her {Pertrification Transformation} . That amount of Defense was 5 times higher than the Defense of Zhang Yang while he was in his {God of War Transformation} mode . However, the Attack of Mellow Venom was increased by 100% while she was in her {Pertrification Transformation} form . It was a measure of balancing the oppressiveness of the {Petrification Inheritance} . The increment was not the same as the players with Class B [Inheritance] where they would get a 200% boost on their attributes .

Unfortunately, Mellow Venom only had one Mythical Tier equipment currently, other than an entire set of Violet-Platinum Tier equipment . She did not have a shield which appeared to boost most of the Defense attribute of a player . So her basic Defense attribute was only 2,900 . Upon boosting it up by 10 %, she would only have as much as 29,000 Defense . Although that amount of Defense was a little higher than the Defense of Zhang Yang in his {God of War Transformation} form, but she would still be helpless when she is up against the oppressive power of the boss that had over millions of Damage attribute . The only attribute that would really minimize the damage she received would be the 20% Passive Damage Immunity that she had as a Guardian .

Furthermore, Class B {Inheritance Transformation} could only boost the Maximum HP of the player by 20 times . She could only increase her total amount of HP up to about 2,000,000 HP . Even though that amount of HP seemed to be abundant, that amount of HP would not hold for long if the boss keeps attacking her with 5-time Level Gap Suppression effects . The margin of error and the margin of safety that she had was far lower, compared to Zhang Yang .

Every single one of the Healer on the party was haunted by fear as they were fully focused on maintaining the HP level of Mellow Venom . A few Guardians were standing by to throw their {Sacrifice} on her in order to reduce as much stress on her as possible .

It was a necessary means because Mellow Venom could not heal like Zhang Yang always dose . The amount of HP she could recover upon activating her {Petrification Transformation} was not enough to cover for the amount of HP she was losing . Briefly after engaging with the boss, her Hp had dropped below 20% . That was the moment she urgently needed {Sacrifice} from the Guardians . Meanwhile, she had also activated her {Shield Wall} to slow down the rate of reduction on her HP . If she was lucky enough not to receive a damage that had 5-time Level Gap Suppression effect, the Tanker who uses {Sacrifice} on her, right after the 5-second gap would still be alive!

The battle proceeded on rough waters . Although the firepower of the party was quite limited and their number was decreasing constantly, they were not wiped out . They were still hanging on while working their *sses off to reduce the boss’s HP . Though the rate of HP reduced on the boss was excruciatingly slow, but they were making progress, at least .


Another hour had passed, the amount of the boss’s HP had finally dropped down to 20%!

Zhang Yang quickly threw another {Glare of the Death God} onto the boss --- resisted!

Everyone was hoping that Zhang Yang would pull out some sort of miracle . However, they were very disappointed when they saw the word ‘Resisted’ popping out on top of the boss . Fatty Han sneered at Zhang Yang as he said some nonsense, trying to ridicule Zhang Yang for his failed attempt . Zhang Yang could not help himself but think about sewing that fatso’s mouth up to shut him up for good .

Although the {Glare of the Death God} had been resisted, the remaining HP of the boss was below 20% at the moment . It was time to activate their ‘Killing Cleave’ Skills!

Zhang Yang immediately activated his {Indiscriminate}, closely followed by his {Killing Cleave} on the boss . He caused about 60,000 damage on the boss . That amount of damage hyped up the others the moment when they saw the damage value that popped out on top of the boss .

Without any pause in between, he continued to activate his {Horizontal Sweep} and {Destructive Smash} . When he ran out of Skills to use, Zhang Yang threw {Cripple Defense} onto the boss . With him being able to use a two-handed weapon, {Cripple Defense} could boost Zhang Yang’s basic damage up to a range of 15,256 - 17,528 . That amount of damage had exceeded the damage that 99% of the normal Tankers could deal!

Upon using his {Cripple Defense}, Zhang Yang was able to use his {Killing Cleave} 5 seconds earlier than before, Normally, Zhang Yang could only activate his {Killing Cleave} once every 20 seconds . Warrior Class players like Galileo and Mellow Venom could not help themselves but feel amazed when they realized that .

"Guildmaster, how can the cooldown for your {Killing Cleave} be only 20 seconds long?" the young Galileo could no longer resist as he asked .

"That’s because I acquired a Skill that enhances my {Cripple Defense}!" Zhang Yang posted the description for {Superior Cripple Defense} on the party chat for everyone to see .

"How strange . It’s called {Superior Cripple Defense} and yet it shortens the cooldown duration of {Killing Cleave}?" Fatty Han was shaking his head while he sighed .

Everyone was determined to ignore that wretched fatso as everyone knew that the fatso was the type of guy who would stir up trouble out of nothing . Trying to ‘entertain’ him would be like smashing your own head against the door until your skull breaks .

After a series of explosive attacks, the HP of the boss was beginning to reduce a little faster than before . However, that was only for a short moment . After all, there was a cooldown on each of the ‘Killing Cleave’ Skills . It would be impossible for them to use their Skills repeatedly without any pause .

Another one hour had passed, the {Pertrification Transformation} of Mellow Venom had expired . Endless Starlight immediately activated his {King Kong Transformation} as he transformed himself into a gigantic King Kong . He roared in anger like a King Kong, tapped his chest repeatedly like a King Kong, and charged towards the boss like a raging King Kong!

Upon seeing the appearance and behavior of Endless Starlight, the ladies were shocked and stunned at first . Then, they began to giggle as they could no longer hold their laughter in .

Endless Starlight could not help but feel conflicted with rage and sorrow at the same time . He tapped his chest repeatedly with his hands and roared like a King Kong again . Everyone laughed even harder .

Zhang Yang felt a twitch on his face . He recalled back in his previous life that many around him laughed as well upon seeing him turning into a King Kong . After all, this {King Kong Transformation} was a little f*cked up . It could actually turn a player into a real King Kong! If this King Kong was to try hooking up with a female King Kong in the jungle, surely it would a successful one!

Mellow Venom had no {Shadow of the Void} to remove herself from the aggro of boss . So the moment when her {Petrification Transformation} was over, she was smashed to jelly and turned into a stream of white light traveling back to the Graveyard . However, it did not bother her at all, since she had done her job . It would not mean much, as her {Inheritance Transformation} was over .

The {King Kong Transformation} was quite a powerful force . The hammer on his right hand and the shield on his left hand were fused into his body . Endless Starlight was having a good time throwing punches and kicks at the boss . He could even block the attacks of the boss with his left hand like he was wielding a shield . The melee battle between the boss and the King Kong Starlight looked very wild indeed . The frequent bloodshed had made the scene seem unusually brutal and bloody .

"King Kong Ohn Nom Nom!" Endless Starlight suddenly let out a roar as he suddenly leaped on the boss . While he was in midair, Starlight locked the throat of Hachilles with his legs and hugged the head of the boss with his two arms . The next thing he did was to open his mouth wide open and mounded the head of the boss .

"That brat!" Zhang Yang could no longer hold his urge to laugh as he burst into laughter and shook his head . That was the ultimate Skill that only the [King Kong Inheritance] could provide . It was called {Blood Feed} . It could suck 1% of the target’s HP in every second and recover the HP of the user by 5 the amount of HP being sucked . However, the amount of damage dealt to the target would not exceed 20,000 points . The Skill would only last for 10 seconds without any interruption .

That was the ultimate life-saving of the [King Kong Inheritance] . However, the fact that Starlight had named the Skill {King Kong Om Nom Nom} instead had caused Zhang Yang to become speechless over it .

However, the Skill was very effective! The HP bar of Endless Starlight was recovering at a rapid rate, while the boss had lost over 200,000 HP .

Though the [King Kong Inheritance] could not be compared to the [Petrification Inheritance] in term of Defense, it triumphed over the [Petrification Inheritance] in terms of Attack . Furthermore, the [Inheritance] itself also provided its owner a convenient life-saving Skill that made it a good Class B [Inheritance] .

However, a Defender only had 15% Physical Damage Immunity . Bosses with Level Gap Suppression effect such as Hachilles would have an extremely high amount of HP . So 5% difference in the Physical Damage Immune would be around 50,000HP . Therefore, the Healers were very stressed up . Snow Seeker had to send a few Guardians to the front line to stand by with their {Sacrifice} in order to stabilize the situation of the battle .

The cooldown of the {Glare of the Death God} was over once again . However, it was another failed attempt that let everyone down . The Skill was resisted by the boss once again!

"The boss still has 11% HP left . Judging from the total damage that we all can deal on the boss, we only managed to reduce about 8% to 9% HP of the boss . In an hour, we won’t have any players with {Inheritance Transformations} left to support us!" Snow Seeker was extremely concerned .

The Warriors could chain up their {Sacrifice} to form a continuous link life-saving Skill . However, it would require 12 Warriors that could ‘synchronize’ themselves in their performance on that task . Under the flurry of attacks by the boss, one split moment of delay between the activation of the Skills that would break the Skill link and cause the Tanker to be instantly killed . It was just too risky to rely on that strategy!

Zhang Yang nodded to express his agreement, then he said, "Let’s hope that the next {Glare of the Death God} will not be resisted!"


9%, 8%, 7% . . .

The HP of the boss was getting lesser in every passing second . However, the {King Kong Transformation} of Endless Starlight was nearing its end!

When the boss had only 3% HP left, Endless Starlight suddenly quivered, as his gigantic body began to shrink back to his humanoid form --- the duration of his {King Kong Transformation} was over!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Instantly, three {Sacrifice} were thrown onto Endless Starlight . However, only one of it was effective on him while the other 2 {Sacrifice} faded away with waste .

"You weaklings! Filthy humans! I will end you!" the eyes of Hachilles turned red as he was on the verge of being killed . The boss was so infuriated he had lost all of his senses as he roared thunderously while whirling his weapon around .

"Little Yang! Remember to wash your hands!" Fatty Han suddenly shouted and said something that annoyed everyone .

"F*ck off!" Zhang Yang took in a deep breath and threw the {Glare of the Death God} onto the boss .

Just when everyone was praying hard that the Skill would not be resisted, a dark skull which had a terrifying smile formed right on top of the boss .

It was a successful attempt!

The party was cheering in joy as they launched their final wave of assaults onto the boss . In only 1 second, they had triggered the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} 10 times! The boss could not even say anything before he was killed . He just collapsed onto the ground with a groan and died .

"Finally! We made it!"

The lady army was cheering in tears of joy as they hugged each other . Some of them even started kissing in excitement!

Fatty Han was feeling envious of what he saw before him . There was no one beside him at all for him to take advantage of . The ladies were hugging and cheering around in either pairs or groups . Only Endless Starlight was smiling at him like an idiot . A man smiling at you like an idiot? Fatty Han could not help but feel his anus tensing up . He quickly turned around and looked at other direction .

"Guild mater Zhan Yu ---" Perfumed Water pulled White Orchid, Mellow Venom and Thorny Rose along with her . They charged towards Zhang Yang and grabbed hold of Zhang Yang as each of them gave Zhang Yang a sweet kiss .

"Wu wu wu --- We’re all men and the way that we are being treated is so different!" Fatty Han filled his eyes and cheeks with tears as he squatted at a corner, drawing circles with his finger .

"Brother fatty, just remember that you still have me!" Endless Starlight was staring at Fatty Han with ‘love’ .

"F*ck off!"