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Chapter 608

"A poison master!" Zhang Yang let out a sigh .

"Silly Yu, can you do it without your {God of War Transformation}?" Han Ying Xue was worried once again .

Yesterday, they went to challenge the final boss of Wei Yan Er’s Inheritance quest . By the end of it, they were crushed into meat pies . Therefore, Zhang Yang could not activate his {God of War Transformation} as it was still under cooldown .

"Can’t I or can I?" Zhang Yang wagged his finger at Han Ying Xue, then he said, "Never say that to a man!"

"Then let’s do it! This is a Level 120 Mythical Tier boss . We should be able to equip his loot!"

The big bosses on every map in the Chaos Realm would drop equipment with Special attributes that would remove 20 levels from the Required Level . Judging from that angle, this goblin boss should drop equipment that players can already equip upon reaching Level 100 . Now that most of the mainstream players had reached Level 110, they would be looking for Level 130 Mythical Tier equipment instead .

However, the number of Mythical Tier bosses was very limited in the entire game . It would be a very fortunate thing if the players could even encounter a Level 120 Mythical boss .

Zhang Yang waved his [Sword of Purging Devourer] around to loosen up his shoulders . Then he said, "Alright, let’s move! Hopefully, we can make it for lunch!"

He charged towards Sosh with large paces . However, the aggro range of a Mythical Tier boss was extremely vast . Zhang Yang only took a few steps forward before the boss detected his presence . Sosh stopped with what he was doing immediately and turned his head towards Zhang Yang . He stared at Zhang Yang in surprise and screamed for aid, "Guards --- Guards ---"

After shouting for the guards a couple of times, he realized that no one was coming . The boss could not help but roar out in anger . He knew that he would have to battle Zhang Yang all alone . So, he charged at Zhang Yang with his two short and skinny legs . The boss then threw a {Shadow Glue Bomb} at Zhang Yang while he was still far away . Sosh managed to cause ‘-35,528!’ damage to Zhang Yang and made Zhang Yang vomit for a period of time .

"Hahaha! Become my mining slaves and I shall spare your lives!" the boss continued to charge towards Zhang Yang with large steps . Suddenly, a huge long wrench appeared right in Sosh’s hand and he swung the wrench at Zhang Yang with no hesitation at all .

Zhang Yang quickly activated his {Warrior’s Will} to get rid of the Vomit Effect . He raised his shield high up and activated his {Block} . Upon blocking the attack, he also swung his sword and caused about 30,000 damage to the boss at the same instant . Without wasting any time, he quickly threw {Cripple Defense} on the boss in an attempt to reduce the Defense of the boss .

Wei Yan Er activated her {Charge} and clashed head-on with the boss . Then, she began to whirl her axe, causing pain and misery to the boss . She also prioritized on throwing 5 layers of {Cripple Defense} on the boss in order to cooperate with Zhang Yang in attempt to bring down the Defense of the boss by 50% .

After that, Wei Yan Er gulped down a bottle of [Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] and stacked up 20% of the {Cripple Defense} effect . She could ignore up to 70% of the boss’s Defense!

Normal Tier monsters and elite Tier monsters only had about 1,000 Defense . Zhang Yang would not waste his {Cripple Defense} on those monsters . Wei Yan Er was not dumb enough to waste her [Power Potion] on those monsters either . However, this was a boss battle . So, she had no reason to be stingy about using her potions anymore . The first bottle of potion she took was a potion that had the highest grade of Transmutation!

Zhang Yang could not help but to laugh, then he said, "You little brat! You didn’t care to save up the potion for me? You just took a bottle of potion with a Grade 10 Transmutation!"

Wei Yan Er was laughing back at Zhang Yang pleasantly, then she said, "I just wanted you to have more ‘passion’ in making the potions!"

"Mining slaves! All of you! Become my mining slaves!" The boss swung his wrench at Zhang Yang and hammered him over and over again as he screamed and roared aggressively .

Zhang Yang could not longer hold it any longer . He turned towards Han Ying Xue and said, "It should be alright for the little brat to become a mining slave . But you’ll have to undergo some breast reduction surgeries . Or else, you might not even be able to bend your body over!"

"F*ck you! I’m not a monster!" Han Ying Xue cupped her hands over her pair of round and prideful boobies . She stared down, "How can my body figure be so perfect!"

"Sis! Stop admiring yourself! You’re a called a ‘milk cow’ for a reason! That pair of boobies is going to become saggy! That’s called mastoptosis! You better listen to noob tank and go shrink them!" Wei Yan Er said with bad intentions .

"Haha!" Han Ying Xue laughed out loud and said, "If I really want to shrink them, would someone over there agree to it?"

Of course not!

Zhang Yang was telling himself ‘No,’ deep in his heart, quietly as he launched his assaults on the boss . Which man would prefer girls or women with small boobies? Can’t you see that most of the female stars were so famous just because they reveal a small part of the ‘career line’ between their badonkers? A few of them were famous even though their acting was terrible! It seemed that men would prefer larger boobies in the current world .

"Human! Now taste my great invention! It’s called {Gutter Oil}!" the boss suddenly roared . His body was like a water pump pumping out streams of dark liquids out as he sprayed them onto the area of 30-meter radius . The area became oily right after that .




Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were receiving damage from the {Gutter Oil} once every 3 seconds . However, because Felice and Thunderhawk were hovering in the air, they were not affected by the Skill at all .

"Hey! Where're your Battle Companions? Quickly summon them out and get this over with!" Zhang Yang quickly said .

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were both ‘enlightened,’ finally . So they summoned out their own Battle Companions and sent them to battle . The Battle Companion of Wei Yan Er, Maroqueta was devoted and brace . The moment she saw the little brat battling with the boss, she immediately loaded her bow and began to shoot at the boss as well . On the other hand, Messick that whiner ran up to Han Ying Xue and said, "My queen, I’ve missed you so much!"

"Get lost! Go get the enemy for me now!"

"My queen! Please punish me now!" Messick had developed a masochistic heart thanks to how often the woman smacked him around . He went straight down by the side of Han Ying Xue’s legs and hugged both her legs while pasting his face against the smooth and fair skin of the witch .

"You bastard! Let go of me!" Han Ying Xue started to step on Messick’s face and tried to push him away . However, the whiner seemed to be enjoying the moment . Everyone could not help but feel a chill up their spines .

"What the f*ck!" Zhang Yang needed to keep the boss in place, so he could not move at all . So he quickly commanded Felice and said, "Felice, give that wretched man a {Fire Missile}! He needs a reminder!"

"Yes, big brother!" Felice nodded and switched her target to the whiner . Without any warning, she launched a {Fire Missile} at the whiner .

"Aiyok!" the whiner’s butts were on fire as black smoke started to come out from it . He was in much pain that he jumped off the ground . Just before he could land back to the ground, Han Ying Xue gave a spinning side kick and kicked Messick straight into the boss battle area .

Unfortunately, this whiner would repeat the same thing over and over again whenever he is released from his Battle Companion Slot . Because of that, Han Ying Xue had never wished to let him out unless necessary .

The boss’s Skills were extremely disgusting . The {Shadow Glue Bomb} would make people vomit while the {Gutter Oil} would make people oily . Furthermore, upon getting afflicted with the {Gutter Oil}, they would receive damage once every 3 seconds and risk falling down at a 50% chance .

Every time the boss activates his {Gutter Oil}, Zhang Yang would kite the boss over to a ‘cleaner’ environment before continuing to attack him . His main aim was to reduce the healing pressure on Han Ying Xue . However, the process of doing so would cause him to keep falling . That really had him annoyed to the maximum!

"Hahaha! Just give up on struggling already! You’re not going to stand a chance against the great goblin!" Sosh was laughing out loud . He was wearing a pair of specially-made slippers that could prevent him from slipping and falling . So he would not be affected by the negative effects of his own {Gutter Oil}, "Just accept your fates and become my mining slaves!"

"I’ll mine your chicken *ss!" Zhang Yang swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] at the boss repeatedly in a very aggressive manner .

Fortunately, the boss only had two AoE attack Skills, which were {Shadow Glue Bomb} and {Gutter Oil} . It would be easy to handle the {Gutter Oil} as long as Zhang Yang kites the boss out of the oily and slippery area caused by the {Gutter Oil} . On the other hand, the {Shadow Glue Bomb} was a little disgusting . Once targeted by the boss, there would be no way of dodging the attack .

However, there were only a total of 7 targets for the boss to pick . 3 players, 3 Battle Companions and 1 pet . Only Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er and Messick were Melee combatants . So they were able to keep a certain distance between themselves to avoid being bombarded by the boss’s bombing attacks . At least they would not be ‘bombed’ by the boss altogether .

The healing capability of Han Ying Xue was definitely one of the top in the entire world . With her high Tier equipment and her outstanding reaction in combat, she had no problems at all supporting the HP bars of the entire party, including the Battle Companions and the pet .

As they were not restricted by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game this time round, the total damage that the party could deal to the boss would no longer be nerfed or weakened . As they now had [Armor Piercing Potions] at their disposal, the firepower of the party was almost double! They had already reduced the HP bar of the boss down to 10% in less than 7 minutes!

"You filthy mining slaves! You’ve provoked me! I’m angry!" Sosh began to roar in rage as the visible veins on his green skin all over his body began to emerge on the surface of his skin . His eyes turned completely red, and that made Sosh look terrifying!

The boss had entered his {Berserk} mode!

In just an instant, the boss received a tremendous boost to his Attack power . Sosh began to whirl his wrench about as if he had lost his mind! He kept smashing his wrench without holding back . Zhang Yang could only endure the pain that he was suffering under the smacking of the wrench .

"God damn you!" Zhang Yang waved his hand as he made a throwing gesture . He threw his {Glare of the Death God} onto the boss with the attempt to trigger the special effect of the Skill .

Puff! A dark skull began to form on top of the boss . The skull opened up its jaws as it was smiling wretchedly without making any sound .

"What the hell is this?" Sosh could feel that something was not right at the moment . He could feel a great danger ascending upon him!

However, it was too late for him to realize it . Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er and the others quickly grabbed the opportunity as they struck as many times as possible . The special effect of {Glare of the Death God} was triggered over and over again as the boss received a series of high damage values . ‘-360,000!’ damage values kept popping up on top of the boss!

{Killing Cleave}!


Zhang Yang went out with a {Killing Cleave} as his Rage Bar was full . He caused a damage much higher than what the special effect of {Glare of the Death God} could deal to the boss!

"Wow! Noob tank! Did you just hit the jackpot or something?" Wei Yan Er was alarmed about it .

Zhang Yang took a look at his battle log and smiled, "That was my Lucky Strike!"

Lucky Strike could deal 3 times the initial damage that one player could deal . Unfortunately, the Lucky Strike was not triggered when {Indiscriminate} was activated . Or else, Zhang Yang could have scored a Critical Hit and deal a damage that would be 6 times higher than his initial damage . That amount of damage could potentially reach up to a million!

During the effective time frame of the {Glare of the Death God}, Han Ying Xue had also picked a suitable moment and threw her {Putrefying Poison} onto the boss . Therefore, the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} could only trigger for 9 times before the boss let out a miserable cry and died --- the main reason was because Zhang Yang scored a Lucky Strike and caused a massive amount of damage to the boss in one go . The boss only had 10% HP left by that time, so it would naturally be impossible for the special effect of the Skill to trigger 10 times .

"Wakaka! This Blackheart campsite is now ours!" Wei Yan Er was content after killing all of the goblins on site . She was still stepping and kicking the dead body of Sosh . She seemed to still hate them, even though the goblins were all dead, "This is what you get for poisoning me! Take this! And this!"

Zhang Yang found a key among the loot that were dropped from the boss . Then he walked up to the cages and unlocked them . By doing so, he freed the villagers and let them be on their way back to their village .

"Little brat . Time to open up the dead body of the boss . Or else I’m going to take away your right on this! Stop wasting time already!"

Wei Yan Er finally came up to check on the loots in anger . In just a brief moment, she listed out the loot: a dark-blue cape, a pair of pinkish cloth boots, a dark-green helmet, and a Middle-tier Skill Stone .

The three of them were surprised by the fact that there were three pieces of Mythical Tier equipment!

They looked at the cape as a start .

[Destroyer’s Madness] (Mythical, Cape)

Vitality: +445

Strength: +210

Agility: +91

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 890 points .

Equip: Increases both damage and healing efficiency by 3 . 5%

Equip: Increases damage absorption by 179 points .

Equip: When you activate {Cripple Defense}, you can afflict the target with 2-layer effect .


Required Level: 120

Special: Required Level reduced by 20 levels .

Wei Yan Er shook her head and said, "Noob tank, the cape I’m currently wearing is already a Mythical Tier equipment . So you can have the good stuff for yourself this time!"

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and shoved the cape straight into his inventory . He would need to identify the equipment before he can equip it . Currently, his cape, chest plate, and necklace were still the Titan Armor Set equipment . He still had the Special Effect of the 3-piece Armor Set . He received 10,000 HP for that . However, if he wanted to switch the cape with this new one, then he would be losing the Special Effect of the 3-piece Armor Set . By then, he would need to switch away from his current necklace as soon as possible .

However, the [Titan Chest Plate] was still very ‘durable’ . The {Titan’s Shield} effect could absorb up to 300,000 damage, without any reduction . It was still a powerful effect at the current stage of the game! The only unfortunate thing was that the HP recovery effect of his {Shield Wall} would be reduced to ‘rubbish’ when he reaches Level 120 .

The next equipment was a pair of soft pinkish cloth boots .

[Exquisite Soft Boots] (Mythical, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +32

Vitality: +889

Intelligence: +181

Equip: Increases Maximum MP by 840 points .

Equip: Increases both damage and healing efficiency by 3 . 5%

Equip: Increases damage absorption by 358 points .


Required Level: 120

Special: Required Level reduced by 20 levels .

Among the three of them, Han Ying Xue was the only one who would need a Cloth Armor . So, she took it, naturally . However, the next thing the witch did was to shove the equipment at Zhang Yang without saying a word . Well, her meaning was clear: help her identify her [Exquisite Soft Boots] .

Well . . . she’s already his woman . . . so Zhang Yang had to bear the cost, of course .

The last piece of equipment appeared to be an exclusive equipment for the Battle Companions . It was a Leather Armor, so Wei Yan Er took it for her Battle Companion Maroqueta . However, this equipment did not have a reduction in the Required Level, so Wei Yan Er would only be able to let Maroqueta equip it after Maroqueta reaches Level 120 . In other words, the little brat would need to level herself up to Level 120 in order for her Battle Companion to reach Level 120 as well .

Zhang Yang had upgraded his {Vitality Aura} up to Level 7 . If he wishes to continue upgrading his {Vitality Aura}, he would have to acquire [High-tier Aura Stones] first . Therefore, this piece of [Middle-Tier Aura Stone] was given to Wei Yan Er . With that, her {Strength Aura} had been upgraded up to Level 7 . Now, she could increase the Strength of all party members on her party by 14% . It was considered a good power up .

Upon completing the quest, the three of them hustled back to the village to turn in the quest . The moment they stepped into the village, they were greeted by the villagers with great gratitude . Hundreds of villagers took up their positions in two rows on either side of the road and to welcome Zhang Yang and the ladies with open hands . They swarmed up to them to express their gratitude for saving their village . Some of the villagers were not originally from this village . They were captured and forced to work for the goblins long ago . Now, they have been freed from the mines .

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Saving the Villagers that were taken away . You have received a reward: 20,000,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have completed the Linking Quest for Secret Wonderland . You have received a reward: 2 Lucky Points!’

‘Ding! Because Alice has 3,198 HP remaining on her when you saved her, you can continue to stay in the Secret Wonderland for another 6 hours 23 minutes 48 seconds!’

A series of system notifications were heard again and again . However, they could not help but wonder, is staying here for a longer period of time considered as a reward as well?

"Heroes, you have annihilated the lunatics that have been causing trouble to the village . The food is clean again! So please, help yourselves! Enjoy all the food and gifts that the Gods have given us!" The villagers were busy getting the rocks and the leaves from trees . They also brought along the ‘water’ from the river and placed everything in front of Zhang Yang and the ladies .

These were edible food . There were deserts and meat all over the place . However, Wei Yan Er had suffered being poisoned after eating the food, and she did not dare to do it again . So she took a step back .

Zhang Yang was tempted . He picked up a piece of ‘tree leaf’ and chewed on it . Then he swallowed it down .

‘Ding! You have received 10,000 experience points!’

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